Blasting your favourite tune while riding E-scooter is totally legal, but NOT COOL at all.

Cost of driving license: $1,564 – $2,643
Cost of buying a car: $88,543
Cost of tapping your EZ-link from Jurong East to Marina Bay 100 times: $163

An average Singaporean spends close to $100 every month on transport. Why not stretch every dollar spent on public transport by accumulating points and collecting rewards from there?

If you have friends who earn S$3,000 a month but somehow own cars. Chances are, they’re over-leveraged or… They sell cocaine for a living.

The guide to Chinese New Year car rental comparison 2018. So going to rent that Porsche 911 Carrera this Chinese New Year. Oh, wait! That turns out to be more than my monthly salary.

The story of how a S$19,370 car ends up getting sold for S$92,582 in Singapore.

What are you really paying for when you buy a car?

Do you usually Grab for short or long distance? Here is what’s best for you! Or best, don’t cab at all!

A comparison of petrol prices and best credit card discounts for 92-Octane, 95-Octane, 98-Octane and diesel in Singapore, updated for January 2019. Includes newly opened Sinopec!

With Uber’s departure in early 2018 and Go-Jek’s entry in late 2018, are we looking at the renewal of the war on prices again in the private car hire market? Read more to find out how my experience with Go-Jek’s prices versus Grab’s has been so far!

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