Is it worth it to tie yourself to one company with their subscription services?

The last few months have been eventful for the ride-hailing industry in Singapore. With Go-Jek’s release of its BETA app version, will it bring cheaper rides and better driver incentives, and how do they plan to go head on with Grab’s dominance in the market?

Sinopec will be opening 2 petrol station outlets here in Singapore. While we await their arrival, here’s a comprehensive comparison of petrol prices and the available credit card promotions.

The TADA Taxi app is now fully up and running. We take a look at how the TADA app compares to Grab and what are some concerns that may arise with their low fares, zero-commission business model.

The story of how a S$19,370 car ends up getting sold for S$92,582 in Singapore.

What are you really paying for when you buy a car?

The Undergraduate Concession Pass and Adult Monthly Travel Pass functions similarly, granting us unlimited travel on basic bus and train services. How far and often do you have to travel to make the $85 and $120 respectively worth it?

These mobile applications can help Singapore drivers save money. From parking apps to valet apps and apps that can help save money on insurance premium.

Singapore’s laws and regulations are known to be harsh, but here are some seemingly harmless or unusual traffic violations which you probably didn’t know you could be jailed for.

Commuters can look forward to old pricing mechanism by Grab before the merger, while Grab drivers have greater freedom to choose platforms.

In COE-laden Singapore, is renting or buying a car more worth it?

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