These mobile applications can help Singapore drivers save money. From parking apps to valet apps and apps that can help save money on insurance premium.

Singapore’s laws and regulations are known to be harsh, but here are some seemingly harmless or unusual traffic violations which you probably didn’t know you could be jailed for.

Commuters can look forward to old pricing mechanism by Grab before the merger, while Grab drivers have greater freedom to choose platforms.

In COE-laden Singapore, is renting or buying a car more worth it?

A comparison of the old and new GrabRewards system. Is it for better or for worse? How is each Grab membership tier, the member, Silver, Gold and Platinum member affected?

You’re probably overspending on your car. Here’s a list of the top mistakes car-owners in Singapore are making that cost them real dollars every day.

Which is really the best ride option for consumers in Singapore for to use? Let us compare these options and uncover the best ride deals for you!

Singapore is notorious for having expensive cars. With the average cost of cars hovering around S$106,000 in 2017, cars in Singapore are 4-5x more expensive than cars in the US or Korea. In fact, Singapore’s car price is the highest in the world. This poses an interesting question: is using ride-hailing services like Uber and Grab actually cheaper than […]

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