Yes. You read that right. #dontsaybojio

Going on an overseas exchange or overseas internship and can’t figure out what kind of insurance you need to get? We got you, fam.

Book your annual leave now!

Reach JB in 5 minutes AND skip the traffic jam? We show you how!

The compilation of promo codes you never thought you needed for your holiday!

Here’s a roundup of 2019 best travel deals from Singapore Airlines, KLM, Cathay Pacific and more. Not sure when to fly and when to book? Our simple infographic rounds up booking & flight periods so you can plan your trips in the year 2019.

How does the YouTrip card benefit you? We signed up for one and analysed the pros and cons of this mastercard prepaid mobile wallet.

Price is a big factor when Singaporeans choose between an Airbnb or a hotel. Amongst reasons like privacy, security and travelling in a big group, how should one decide for that perfect holiday?

Which money changers in Singapore who offer the best exchange rates? Also, which column to look at the money changer? Is it the buy or the sell column?

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