Planning for a long holiday this year? The Trans-Siberian expressway would be one of the more interesting trips you can take. After all, it IS the longest trip you can take on a single train (that is if you don’t intend on exploring every country you pass)!

Here’s a roundup of 2018 best travel deals from Singapore Airlines, Scoot & more. Not sure when to fly? Our simple infographic rounds up booking & flight periods so you can plan your trips in 2018.

Which are the mobile data options available when travelling?

Take a break from all the news on BITCOIN. Plan a getaway for less than S$600 this Christmas/ New Year and turn your phone off.

The idea of going cashless has become more prominent across different countries. But which credit cards are the best for certain types of expenses overseas?

If all our overseas trips worked like they do in movies, then we’d backpack through different countries in absolute luxury, with only the bare minimum of negative experiences like getting lost or getting a culture shock. Unfortunately, planning for a journey in real-life does not involve ten-second luggage packing and check-ins that take only a […]

Many of us look for trips that we can use to clear our left over leave. Here are a few destinations you can go to at affordable prices!

Always wanted to travel the world? This is one free way to do it, by collecting miles!

It’s that time again to start looking for cheap airline tickets. To the kiasu travelers out there, do you know these travel hacks that could save you money?

How much salary do you need to make this dream come true? As it turns out, quite a lot. In fact, 60% of the top 100 jobs in Singapore don’t pay enough for a person to be able to afford both a home and a car.

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