Weddings are tough. You’ve got a million and one things to consider when working through your plans. In this article, we cover arguably one of the toughest part of them all venues. Specifically, read on to find out what other alternative venues you can consider for your wedding day!

Would you give a $292 Ang Bao for your friend’s wedding?

Invited to your friend’s housewarming? Split the cost between a few friends for these pricey yet beautiful gifts that are under $50 per pax!

From getting married to buying a home together in Singapore, this comprehensive guide takes you through the things you should look out for.

SGBudgetBabe advises on how to start your investing journey, how to make your first million, and how to have your dream wedding!

For those who find significance in buying a diamond engagement ring, this would be a relevant article for you. Buying a Diamond is 90% Marketing.

With the Royal Wedding’s budget of about S$58 million, we found out how many typical and not-so-typical Singaporean’s wedding will we be able to fund with it!

If you are able to convince your partner to hold your wedding at a coffee shop, you can potentially save at least S$31,359.26!

If you like it then you should put a ring on it. 😉

It’s no secret that weddings are becoming rapidly more expensive by the day in Singapore. However, here are 5 tips for the ceremony of your dreams!

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