Value investing is just like shopping during a sale. You have to know what to buy and when to buy in order to get the best deals!

Did you know that only buying STI ETFs means that you’re only betting on the growth of Singapore’s market? And that might be a little myopic and undiversified? ?

Did you know that a Regular Shares Savings plan is one of the easiest, low-cost method to get started on saving and investing at the same time?

Asset allocation makes a big difference in your retirement plan. How many percents of your assets should be in more risky investments at the moment?

Tired of working till retirement age?
Building a dividend income portfolio is one of the many ways Singaporeans can achieve financial freedom before the prescribed retirement age. Here’s how much you need to achieve this amount of dividend yield.

This is NOT a scam. Really. Find out how compound interest can help you retire comfortably in your golden years.

A simple guide for you to understand the basics to the different investment products in the market and which product you can easily get started with.

Whoever told you that investment requires a huge capital has yet to read this article.
Here are some investment products which can get you started for below $1,000!

Most Singaporeans who are relatively new to investing are constantly asking for the product to invest in. Taking a step back and understanding, if you are saving or investing for your goal, can help you make a better decision.

Regular Shares Savings (RSS) Plan is the most convenient way to invest. Not only is it automated, it also requires a low start-up capital.

We answer some of Singaporeans’ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) with regards to RSS Plan.

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