With a loft HDB unit at Punggol Sapphire sold for $910,888, will we see a $1 million Punggol HDB flat soon?

Planning to upgrade from your HDB? Looking at new properties to invest in? These new condo launches might pique your interest.

Experts look into the crystal ball to give their outlook on the Singapore property market. What will happen to home prices and demand in the year 2019?

Thinking of investing in a condominium? Here’s a quick overview of the price change across the various regions, over the last 10 years.

There are property investing ads going around Facebook. They market the idea of owning properties with no money or cash down. Is It A Scam?

Fancy leading a comfortable, semi-retired life with just S$1,500 a month? All you have to do is look across the Causeway.

Here are the steps to buy a house within a year, from getting pre-approved for a mortgage, clearing debt, research and budget planning.

How does the residual tenure of a property affects the value of the property in Singapore?

HDB recently announced starting January 2019, HDB flat owners will be allowed to rent out their flats to non-Malaysian, non-citizen tenants for a maximum of 2 years.

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