PSA: Don’t top-up your Grab account in excess!

“Eh, I Libra you liao” while sending money via Whatsapp 😲

The majority of Singaporeans are covered under the Dependants’ Protection Scheme with little knowledge of what it is exactly. Find out more!


We debunk the myth that the CPF savings of your loved ones get transferred to your CPF account when they’re no longer with us, and explain why CPF Nomination is VERY important!

The odds are NEVER in your favour.

Eligible Singaporeans will be receiving their Merdeka Generation Package this June. Here’s a guide to what are some of the benefits, and who qualifies for it.

Based on a true story: ” My dad thought he was opening a bank account, but got sold a policy he doesn’t want. ”

How can we prevent our parents from falling victim to mis-selling? What can we do after they were sold a policy they do not want?

Earn $10 Grab Voucher for your contribution to the Seedly Community. Share your experience, help Singaporeans make smarter personal finance decisions.

The only guide you need on how to start your personal finance journey on the right track.

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