“Huh? CPF money can take out and invest one meh?” Yes you can, and it’s as simple as these 4 steps.

If you or any of your loved ones are on WeChat or Linkedin (that’s like the majority of Singaporeans), here’s one of the latest scam circulating in Singapore. Victims suffered trading losses of more than S$200,000.

Any Singaporean who grew up in the 80s and 90s would have embraced the good old days of cheaper affordable food and drinks. With a growing economy, things change!

The Singapore Prime Minister earns $2.2 Million a year (including bonuses) which is almost 2 times more than his counterpart in Hong Kong.

For most Singaporeans, Life and Money correlate early on in life, but diverge at a later stage with age.

What’s worse than running into a pay per entry public toilet when having diarrhoea? Running into one with only a $50 dollar note in your wallet.

GST Voucher 2019: “Give you chicken wing, take back the whole chicken.”

Well, at least there’s chicken wing!

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