Take note of those FAKE SG Bonus text messages!

We are frequently put into classes according to the schools we attended, our income and occupation. What can we do to get out of the rat race if we are from a “lower class”?

” My Mum Is In Her Final Stage of Cancer; My Dad Spent His Savings On MLM”
In a span of 2 months, he spent $6,200 on more than 70 bottles of “cancer-curing” MLM products.

All you need is 6 minutes to learn how to be an adult – The ultimate guide from graduation to adulting.

How much CAN you actually spend trying to curate a coveted instagrammable life on social media? A whole lot of money, as we found out.

I know Seedly is about achieving higher financial position at the end of the day. But I find that seeking more money, has and will be a scary trend. Many people talking about hardworking, resilience, debt free as soon as possible and taking multiple jobs.

Check for duplicated transactions on your PayLah!

First the blackout, then the train disruptions.
Were you caught in the series of unfortunate events that happened this week? 😤

The new thermal camera by NEA is so going to add on to the cost of smoking.

For 6 years, Samsung did not raise their prices but Apple did.

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