What is the cost after retirement? A Singaporean’s guide on the cost of holding a funeral, and what should we look out for before death?

Remember seeing World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and Singapore Heart Foundation’s charity roadshow at MRT stations?

” MAJULAH SINGAPURA’S Cost of Living la!” – random stranger at the coffee shop

In this article, we explore the possibility of dealing with water price hike and electric bills by parking money in the bank. Is it possible?

Guide for expats: If you are planning to work in Singapore, or a Singaporean looking to working in other parts of the world, this comparison can help you better manage your finances and expectations.

“Auntie, 3 more packets!”
Technically, should hawkers be charging us for extra chilli packets when we ‘take like free’?

Can you earn from buying an iPhone X overseas and selling it in Singapore?

Know of someone who gambles at either of our two casinos?

TL;DR – Lookout for this traps and the odds will never be in the gambler’s favour.

A Reflection On How Our Mindset Might Be Killing Traditional Businesses.

For the lower-middle class, if taking a pay raise meant no government subsidies and higher income tax, is making the extra money still worth it? 🤔

Singapore is a beautiful country to live but for those out there who think “what if?”, you might just be one step closer to migrating.

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