Any Singaporean who grew up in the 80s and 90s would have embraced the good old days of cheaper affordable food and drinks. With a growing economy, things change!

The Singapore Prime Minister earns $2.2 Million a year (including bonuses) which is almost 2 times more than his counterpart in Hong Kong.

What’s worse than running into a pay per entry public toilet when having diarrhoea? Running into one with only a $50 dollar note in your wallet.

GST Voucher 2019: “Give you chicken wing, take back the whole chicken.”

Well, at least there’s chicken wing!

“Eh, I Libra you liao” while sending money via Whatsapp 😲

Eligible Singaporeans will be receiving their Merdeka Generation Package this June. Here’s a guide to what are some of the benefits, and who qualifies for it.

Learn all about the rich in Singapore – knowledge you never knew you needed.

Budget 2019 is out. Plenty of benefits and promises were made but there are still some questions that linger. Find out what they are.

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