We compiled a little something that could serve as a useful reminder to everyone to keep track of your life as well as important dates that concern your finances.

Is your net worth above S$376,270? The importance of net worth should not be overlooked as components of it will eventually be used as your living expenses upon retiring.

I remember being greeted by Auntie with a concerned ” 吃了没有?” (Have you eaten?)  every morning in school, followed by “好好读书!” (Study hard!) said with a kind smile.

Due to the high cost of living in Singapore, life is constantly about planning ahead and working toward certain milestones. (Home, Marriage & Family)

If you are working in Singapore, you probably need to pay tax. It is now being avidly discussed in our community where most people are scrambling to get things together. Fret not! We designed this to be a really simple and essential guide for you to know what is most important for you. TL;DR: The basics […]

How do we know if we are spending excessively? Here are 4 signs to look out for, and if you are guilty of any of this, it is time to put that “new year, new me” into play.

Go on and put yourself to the test to determine how much extra time you should be spending in the year 2018 on Personal Finance.

About time we put our life on track for success in the year 2018 with these New Year Resolution. We included a guide by our Community members on how to make New Year Resolution Stick.

The origins of Seedly If you may have noticed, our startup’s name is Seedly. Many people often confuse us with being an agricultural or green startup. However, we have a slightly more unique spin to the origins of this story. “Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time […]

A personal confession “I did not feel financially ready when I graduated from Business School” That was how I felt as a working graduate personally after 25 years growing up in the Singaporean education system.  I realised this trend only as I was working on financial articles daily and interacting with my peers around me. […]

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