What is the cost after retirement? A Singaporean’s guide on the cost of holding a funeral, and what should we look out for before death?

” MAJULAH SINGAPURA’S Cost of Living la!” – random stranger at the coffee shop

In this article, we explore the possibility of dealing with water price hike and electric bills by parking money in the bank. Is it possible?

Some of Singaporean’s favourite finance blogs and things to take note of when reading the content online.

How can you protect yourself when you are holding a cheque? How do you ensure that deposits into the right account? Here are some tips to make ensure that the cheque is correctly credited to your account and to refrain others from encashing it out instead of you!

“Ah Girl ah! Don’t invest la! Later lose money!”

Getting the BEST financial product for yourself is similar to getting those pair of Nike Sneakers or that pair of jeans.
Here’s a list of tools to help you get the most suitable financial product in Singapore.

*This article contains NO SPOILER for the Avengers: Infinity War movie*

Filed for bankruptcy, sold off rights to popular characters, took a $525 million loan.
How did Marvel turn it around, and what personal finance can we adopt from here?

We compiled a little something that could serve as a useful reminder to everyone to keep track of your life as well as important dates that concern your finances.

Is your net worth above S$376,270? The importance of net worth should not be overlooked as components of it will eventually be used as your living expenses upon retiring.

I remember being greeted by Auntie with a concerned ” 吃了没有?” (Have you eaten?)  every morning in school, followed by “好好读书!” (Study hard!) said with a kind smile.

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