If you or any of your loved ones are on WeChat or Linkedin (that’s like the majority of Singaporeans), here’s one of the latest scam circulating in Singapore. Victims suffered trading losses of more than S$200,000.

” My Mum Is In Her Final Stage of Cancer; My Dad Spent His Savings On MLM”
In a span of 2 months, he spent $6,200 on more than 70 bottles of “cancer-curing” MLM products.

With renovation scams taking up a good percentage of complaints with CASE, it is important that Singaporeans avoid these interior desiners that are blacklisted.

Popular scams in Singapore to warn your loved ones about.

The internet has made it very easy for us to send money abroad these days. Just a few swipes or clicks on your smartphone or PC and you will be able to remit money to your family and friends living in a foreign country. It has been a long time since Singapore established itself as […]