Reading up on ways to clear your student loan is one thing. Being able to do so just bring your personal finance discipline to a whole new level.

Since 2015, Seedly’s mission has always been about helping our community make smarter financial decisions. Join us as we make this work on a larger scale by finding out the true best financial tools and mindset for fellow Singaporeans!

What do you invest in if you have managed to save an extra S$10,000 in your bank account?

The top 8 relevant highlights on working adults personal finance 101 by the speakers during the event. Unbiased and independent views on getting better at managing your money.

Understand the design journey behind the next version based on the feedback and reviews from over 16,000 users.

Seedly understands your concerns and decided to summarise Seedly’s multiple levels of security so that users understand where their information is going.

#SquadGoals We asked a question on the possibility of saving $100K by 30 years old on Monday, and we got some really amazing replies on our Facebook, much to our astonishment. Here are the TOP 4 tips from our users below! Tip 1: Use a simple Budgeting approach Jen Ong & Steve Chee brought up a very good budgeting […]

2016 has been AMAZING. We launched our app, released more than 18 new features, and hit 2,500 users all in 6 months!

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