Gg, my parents may not be able to reach their CPF Full Retirement Sum…
Maybe they should consider HDB Lease Buyback Scheme?

Excuse me, plan for your own retirement ya!

If you are also planning for a big purchase, anywhere between $10k and $40k or more, you should definitely consider this simple Miles guide.

Huh, still need to pay for my housing loan, how to hit CPF’s Full Retirement Sum?

Only applicable to those who have their financial sh*t together.

Own your debt. Don’t let it own YOU.

YOLO-ing your 20s is a bad idea if you want to retire early.

Having a $100K saving is possible!

If you save 50% of your savings with 0 investment at 0% interest, here’s how much you will save by 30 years old:

Male, University Graduate: $104,527.11
Female, University Graduate: $143,413.25
Male, Polytechnic Graduate: $142,196.30
Female, Polytechnic Graduate: $161,209.39

For most Singaporeans, Life and Money correlate early on in life, but diverge at a later stage with age.

If you are more risk averse, getting a loan from the HDB might be the better option. Useful tips from our community included in this article!

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