A typical Singaporean male has 36 years to save at least 18 years worth of expenses. For a female, the saving curve is steeper at 38 years to save 23 years.

66% of Singaporean retirees wished they had started saving and planning for their retirement earlier

Excitement aside, these are some things you have to do.

Retiring at age 55 is the dream for many Singaporeans. How much do you need to start saving every month to do so?

If you are a working adult in the Singapore workforce, let us help you find the top savings account in 2018 based on your needs and balances in this simple guide!

In what order should you be clearing your debts?

Finance clearly isn’t the most romantic thing to be talking about.

Most Singaporeans only start to think about retirement at the age of 38 years old. While 38 years old is already quite late an age to start planning, what can one do if he starts later than that?

It is really not as difficult as it seems.

Here are the simple pros and cons of the various spending options available to you today. Be it cashback or miles, figure it out and get rewarded!

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