Ultimate Singaporean's Guide to CHAS Card Singapore 2019

Ultimate Singaporean's Guide to CHAS Card Singapore 2019

Cherie Tan

As more Singaporeans enter their senior years, healthcare needs will grow. Major changes have been made in healthcare to make it more affordable, accessible, and comprehensive.

Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) subsidies for GP clinics will be enhanced in three ways:

  1. Extended to cover ALL Singaporeans for chronic conditions, regardless of income
  2. Lower to middle-income Singaporeans who are CHAS Orange cardholders will also receive subsidies for common illnesses
  3. Increased subsidies for complex chronic conditions

Note: Updated as of 15 April 2019 with the updated information from Budget 2019


TL;DR – A Singaporean’s guide to CHAS card and all its subsidies

As announced in Budget 2019, the CHAS card is not just for lower-income Singaporeans anymore, CHAS card provides subsidies for:

  • Medical and dental care at participating General Practitioners (GP) and dental clinics
  • Health screenings

Ultimate Singaporean's Guide to CHAS Card Singapore 2019

Note: CHAS Green card will be available from Nov 2019 onwards.

Enhanced CHAS Subsidies and Screen for Life Subsidies

New and/or improved benefits will only take place as of 1 November 2019, here are the subsidies at a glance:

Treatment TypeCHAS BlueCHAS OrangeCHAS Green
1. Common IllnessUp to S$18.50 per visitUp to S$10 per visit
2. Simple Chronic IllnessUp to S$80 per visit
(Capped S$320/year)
Up to S$50 per visit
(Capped S$200/year)
Up to S$28 per visit
(Capped S$112/year)
3. Complex Chronic IllnessUp to S$125 per visit
(Capped S$500/year)
Up to S$80 per visit
(Capped S$320/year)
Up to S$40 per visit
(Capped S$160/year)
4. Selected Dental ServicesS$11 to S$256.50 per procedureS$50 to S$170.50 per procedureN.A.
5. Health ScreeningS$2 with Screen for Life invitation letterS$5 with Screen for Life invitation letter

Subsidies for Mederka and Pioneer Generations

Treatment TypeMerdeka Generation
Pioneer Generation
1. Common IllnessUp to S$23.50 per visitUp to S$28.50 per visit
2. Simple Chronic IllnessUp to S$85 per visit
(Capped S$340/year)
Up to S$90 per visit
(Capped S$360/year)
3. Complex Chronic IllnessUp to S$130 per visit
(Capped S$520/year)
Up to S$135 per visit
(Capped S$540/year)
4. Selected Dental ServicesS$16 to S$261.50 per procedureS$21 to S$266.50 per procedure
5. Health ScreeningS$2 with Screen for Life invitation letterFREE with Screen for Life invitation letter
  • ‘Simple’ chronic illness: One chronic condition
  • ‘Complex’ chronic illness: Multiple chronic conditions or a single chronic condition with complications
  • Health screening refers to screening for diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, colorectal cancer and cervical cancer.
    (If required, health screening includes first post-screening consultation)


What conditions are covered under CHAS?

Common Illnesses Chronic ConditionsDental Services
- Abdominal pain
- Cough, cold, flu
- Diarrhoea
- Fever
- Headache
- Skin infection and rashes
- Sore eyes
- Urinary tract infection

(List is not exhaustive)
​- Anxiety+
- Asthma
- Benign Prostatic
- Hyperplasia
- Bipolar Disorder+
- Chronic Obstructive
- Pulmonary Disease
- Dementia
- Diabetes (including Pre-Diabetes)
- Epilepsy
- Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)
- Ischaemic Heart Disease
- Lipid Disorders (e.g. High cholesterol)
- Major Depression+
- Nephritis/Nephrosis
- Osteoarthritis
- Osteoporosis
- Parkinson's Disease
- Psoriasis
- Rheumatoid Arthritis
- Schizophrenia+
- Stroke
- Extraction
- Filling*
- Removable Denture
- Denture Reline/Repair
- Permanent Crown
- Re-cementation*
- Root Canal Treatment
- Incision and Drainage*
- Polishing*
- Scaling*
- Topical fluoride*
- X-Ray*

*Not applicable for CHAS Orange
+Only claimable at selected clinics. Please call the CHAS hotline 1800-275-2427 (1800-ASK-CHAS) for more information. 

Who is eligible for CHAS Card?

Here are the criteria to be eligible for the various CHAS cards:

CHAS cardHousehold monthly income (per person)Annual value of home (for households with NO income)
CHAS BlueS$1,100 and belowS$13,000 and below
CHAS OrangeS$1,101 to S$1,800S$13,001 to S$21,000
CHAS Green
Above S$1,800Above S$21,000
For Merdeka Generation
All Merdeka Generation seniors receive CHAS benefits
For Pioneer GenerationAll Pioneer Generation seniors receive CHAS benefits

How can I apply for CHAS card?

If you are qualified for the CHAS card,

  • Fill up the CHAS card application form or you can pick them up at any Community Centres, Community Development Council, Public Hospital or Polyclinic
  • Mail the completed application form to:

    P.O. Box 680
    Bukit Merah Central Post Office
    Singapore 911536

Application process: 15 days

Things to note for CHAS application
1Family with the same NRIC address only requires one application form to be submitted.
2Parents or legal guardians will need to give consent by signing on the application form on behalf of their family members who are under 21 years old.
3For those who are mentally incapacitated, the appointed donee(s) or deputy(s) can sign on their behalf.
4In the event consent has been provided on behalf of any family member(s), additional supporting documents may be required.
5By signing up for CHAS, you are giving your consents for data sharing between Ministry of Health (MOH) and its partners.

If you are on the Public Assistance (PA), you will automatically receive the same subsidies as CHAS blue card holders with no need for a separate application. To enjoy the subsidies, just flash your PA card at participating clinics.

How do I get subsidies with my CHAS card?

You need to be visiting a participating clinic in order to enjoy the subsidies. For easy identification, all CHAS participating clinics will display a CHAS sticker at their entrance.

Either way, you can look for a CHAS participating clinic here.

List of CHAS clinics and dental in Singapore

What do I need to bring to a CHAS Clinic?

In order to enjoy the benefit of CHAS subsidies, one simply needs to bring these when they register at the clinic:

  • NRIC
  • Valid CHAS card or PA card
  • Student pass or birth certification (for those under 15 years old)

This latest update would benefit all Singaporeans regardless of your income especially for those with chronic illness.

Share with us your experience with the CHAS card in the comments section below!

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