Best Housewarming Gifts: $50 Per Person Ideas

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A few days ago, a question was posted on our community QnA page regarding the going rate for a housewarming ang bao (a red envelope usually containing a monetary gift, which is given during holidays or special occasions).

This drew a flurry of mixed reactions, with most being rather taken aback at the thought of gifting money for visiting somebody’s new house, which is usually not the case.

We’d like to see it as – Housewarming is the best excuse to gather a group of friends and splurge on a totally unnecessary branded luxury household appliance!

Here’s a list of beautiful yet functional gifts that are under $50 per pax:

ItemPrice (SGD)No. of friends
to split between
Price per pax
(rounded to nearest 10-cents)(SGD)
2 in 1 Manual Stainless Steel Kitchen Salt and Pepper Mill Grinder Muller$10.171$10.17
MUJI Ultrasonic Humidifier/Aroma Diffuser$18.801$18.80
Cranberry Pillar Candle 3x6$25.951$25.95
BJÖRNAMO, Picture, set of 3, city maps$29.901$29.90
Singapore HDB Coasters$301$30
Wooden Cat Face Bread/Cheese Board$451$45
T2 Teaset Glass Aqua Teapot Medium$481$48
Boxed Champagne Flutes, Set of 8$59.952$30
Bialetti French Press$602$30
HOOP2 Compartmentalised Serving Bowl$702$35
Pimp My T2 Rose Teapot Medium$902$45
Morphy Richards Accents Azure Traditional Kettle$1193$40
BOSCH Toaster$1293$43
DeLonghi Icona Vintage Kettle$1493$49.70
NOVITA Air Purifier$1994$49.80
Google Home$1894$47.25
VINAERA Electronic Wine Aerator$2155$43
Cuisinart Convection Oven$233.605$46.72
Anova Precision Sous Vide Cooker with WIFI + BLUETOOTH259.996$43.40
Morphy Richards Espresso$2996$49.90
Xiaomi RoidMi Hand Held Vacuum$3387$48.30
DeLonghi Icona Vintage Pump Espresso Machine$3298$41.10
T2 Earthly Delights Emerald Green Woodgrain Cast Iron Teapot Medium$4509$50
Xiaomi Mi Roborock Vacuum Cleaner 2$49910$49.90
DYSON SV10 V8 Fluffy Pro Cordless Vacuum$599.0012$49.92
Smeg + Dolce & Gabbana Kettle$79816$49.90
Hurom Slow Juicer$88818$49.40

Gifts To Give On Your Own

  1. T2 Teaset Glass Aqua Teapot Medium  ($48)

  2. Müller 2 in 1 Salt and Pepper Mill Grinder ($10.17)

3. Singapore HDB COASTERS ($30)

  1. Cranberry Pillar Candle 3×6 ($25.95)

5. BJÖRNAMO Picture set of 3, City Maps ($29.90)

  1. HOOP2 Compartmentalised Serving bowl ($35)

  2. Wooden Cat Face Bread/Cheese Board ($45)

  3. MUJI Ultrasonic Humidifier & Aroma Diffuser ($18.80)

Gifts To Split Between 2-4 Friends

1. Bialetti French Coffee Press ($30)

  1. Boxed Champagne Flutes, Set of 8 ($30)

  2. GOOGLE Home Slate Fabric Google Assistant ($47.95)

4. Morphy Richards Traditional Kettle ($40)

  1. Pimp My T2 Rose Teapot Medium ($45)

  2. BOSCH Toaster ($43)

  3. NOVITA Air Purifier ($49.80)

8. DeLonghi Icona Vintage Kettle (49.70)

Gifts To Split Between 5-7 Friends

1. VINAERA Electronic Wine Aerator ($43)

  1. Anova Precision Sous Vide Cooker, Wifi + Bluetooth ($43.40)

  2. Xiaomi RoidMi Hand Held Vacuum ($48.30)

4. Morphy Richards Espresso ($49.90)

  1. Cuisinart Convection Oven ($46.72)

Gifts To Split Between 8-9 Friends

1. DeLonghi Icona Vintage Pump Espresso Machine ($41.10)

  1. T2 Earthly Delights Woodgrain Cast Iron Teapot Medium ($50)

Gifts To Split Between 10 or more Friends

1. Xiaomi Mi Roborock Vacuum Cleaner 2 ($49.90)

  1. DYSON SV10 V8 Fluffy Pro Cordless Vacuum ($49.92)

  2. Smeg + Dolce & Gabbana Kettle ($49.90)

  3. Hurom Slow Juicer ($49.40)

Your new home-owner friends would be more than happy to receive these gifts. Especially so for those with #homegoals!

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