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Dance Classes 2022

Affordable Dance Classes Under $20 Per Class: Ballet, Hip-Hop, K-Pop & More!

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At the risk of sounding old, do you know this dance move and who this legend is?

Yes, it’s the Moonwalk and Michael Jackson!

The King of Pop is a legendary dancer and if you’ve ever asked yourself “how cool would it be if I can do this too?”, you’re in the right place.

Many of us can’t deny that working has made our lifestyles sedentary, and if you’re constantly looking for affordable fitness classes in Singapore, why not give dancing a try?

Dance classes usually have a balanced mix of cardio and stretching, but they’re also a lot more affordable than many other fitness classes such as spinning and sometimes, gyms.

Not to mention, it’s fun to dance!

Time to get out of home workouts to clock your fitness and immerse yourself in a studio setting learning from instructors.

If you’re looking for free trials and affordable studio/online classes, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list for you to check out and dance your heart out. 

TL;DR: Cheap Dance Classes in Singapore,  Trial Class Costs & How to Save Money on Classes

Dance StudiosGenrePrice
(Classes Under $20)
Ballet BodyBalletTrial:
$55 for 3 classes ($18.33 per class)
Caliente DanceBachata, SalsaTrial:

$59.90 for 4 Solo Dance Classes ($14.98 per class)
$109.90 for 8 Solo Dance Classes ($13.73 per class)
$149.90 for Unlimited Solo Dance Classes*

*Note: Need to go to at least 8 classes so that each class is less than $20.
Danz PeopleBasic Groove
Hip Hop
Girls Hip Hop
Lyrical Jazz
Street Jazz

Single Class:
$17 | $18 (online purchase)
$15 (Students/NSF)

$64 for 4 class ($16 per class)
$90 for 6 classes ($15 per class)
$140 for 10 classes ($14 per class)
KpopXFitness (online)K-popOnline Classes: Free

Single Class: $12 to $16
Legacy Dance CompanyGirl's Style

Single Class: $16
The Legacy Experience Member Single Class: $12

$75 for 5 classes ($15 per class)
$65 for 5 classes ($13 per class for Students)
$140 for 10 classes ($14 per class)
Recognize! StudioContemporary
Girls Hip Hop
Hip Hop
Street Jazz
Online Classes:


Single Class:
$15 (Member)
$17 (Regular)
$10 (Secondary School student)
$13 (Tertiary students of selected dance clubs)
O SchoolContemporary
Dancehall Foundation
Street Jazz
Single Class:

$56 for 4 classes ($14 per class)
$125 for 10 classes ($12.50 per class)
SLAP Dance Studio Pte LtdPole Dancing
Aerial Hoop

Pole practice:
S.T.E.P StudioContemporary
Girls Hip Hop
Hip Hop
Lyrical Hip Hop
Street Jazz
Single Class (Members):
$10 - $15

Single Class (Non-members):


  • The prices indicated are trials, single classes and packages where each class costs less than $20
  • Open classes refer to classes open to dancers of all levels (this is where you will get to see the pros too)
  • So far, only The Legacy Co. is offering a free trial
  • There might be a registration fee that starts from $50
  • Look out for student packages and referral perks.

Note that rates are subject to change without prior notice. Information is accurate as of 9 May 2022. 

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Ballet Body

Source: Ballet Body

Created by professional Ballerinas, Ballet Body is a unique Ballet-based workout designed for all fitness levels.

The workout follows the structures of traditional Classical Ballet classes and will help you build strength and flexibility, and develop the long, lean muscles of a dancer.

We don’t usually find ballet foundation classes like this in Singapore, hence if you’ve always been fascinated by ballet dancing, this is something to consider.

Unlike the other studios, Ballet Body offers trial classes as a package – three classes for $55.

Its single class is priced at $40 and has other packages with each class costing between $27 and $35.

Alternatively, if you’re keen on ballet, you can opt for its one-month unlimited package – $315 for unlimited classes, capped at one class per day.

24/26A Pagoda Street
Singapore 059187

Class Prices:

  • Trial Class: $55 for three classes ($18.33 per class)

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Caliente Dance

Source: Caliente Dance

Caliente Dance is a Latin dance studio that offers Salsa and Bachata classes and a trial at $9.90.

For those who are unfamiliar with Latin dance, Bachata is a social dance from the Dominican Republic, while Salsa is a fast-paced dance where there is a mixture of Cuban dances and American dances.

At Caliente Dance studio, you can choose to dance solo or partner, and the prices vary. Unless you know someone who is interested to partner with you, you will probably go solo.

The studio has solo dance class packages where each class can go as cheap as under $20 per class.


116 Middle Road
Singapore 188972

112 Middle Road
Singapore 188970

Class Prices: 

  • Trial: $9.90
  • 4 Solo Dance Classes: $59.90 (~$15 per class)
  • $109.90 for 8 Solo Dance Classes
  • $149.90 for Unlimited Solo Dance Classes (To attend > 8 classes so that each class is less than $20).

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Danz People!

Source: Danz People

Danz People! is a studio that specialises in Hip Hop, Street and Lyrical Jazz, Kpop and Contemporary dance.

While it doesn’t have a trial class, its single class is currently priced at $17 (online price at $18). It also offers student/NSF pricing at $15 per class.


Marina Square Shopping Mall
6 Raffles Boulevard
Singapore 039594

Class Prices:

Single Class:

  • Regular: $17 | $18 (online purchase)
  • Students/NSF: $15

Package Classes:

  • $64 for 4 class ($16 per class)
  • $90 for 6 classes ($15 per class)
  • $140 for 10 classes ($14 per class)

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Kpop X Fitness

Source: Lifesparks

KpopXFitness is like a marketplace for all K-Pop dances you can think of.

They have centres or instructor(s) islandwide, and prices range from $12+ to $16 per class depending on the studio.


85 Kampong Bahru Rd
Singapore 169380

Class Prices:
$12 to $16 per class

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Legacy Dance Co. (LDC)

Source: Legacy Dance Co

LDC prides itself as Singapore’s Premier Street Dance Education Company.

Unleash your inner swag as the studio teaches various street genres such as Urban, Hip Hop, Popping, Locking, Girls Style, and Lyrical.

For those who have a preference for flow and technique-focused classes, they also have lyrical jazz class for those with a bit of experience.

Their open classes run 7 days a week (excluding Public Holidays).


Marina Square Shopping Mall
6 Raffles Blvd
Singapore 039594

Price (Under $20 per class)

  • Single Class: $16 (Valid for 3 months from purchase)
  • The Legacy Experience Single Class: $12 (Valid for 3 months from purchase)
  • 5 Class Package: $75 (Valid for 6 months from purchase)
  • 5 Class Package: $65 (Valid for 6 months from purchase)
  • 10 Class Package: $140 (Valid for 6 months from purchase).

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O School

Source: O School

O School is one of the established and popular studios that most of your dancer friends would know about.

Nestled within Scape, you will see young punks flocking in and out of the studio, or simply gathering outside of the studio to practise together.

O School has foundation open classes and each session lasts for an hour.

Besides, its prices aren’t too bad.


2 Orchard Link
Singapore 237978

Class Prices:

Single Class: $15

Group Classes:

  • 4 Classes: $56 ($14 per class)
  • 10 Classes: $125 ($12.50 per class)

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Recognize! Studio

Source: Venuerific

Recognize! Studio offers one of the most affordable classes in town. It focuses on street dance styles like Hip Hop, Street Jazz, K-Pop, Urban and Waacking.

Most people I know go to this studio because classes are relatively cheaper compared to other classes.

The studio offers a trial class at $13 and has online free tutorials by instructors.


OUE Downtown 2
Downtown Gallery, 6A Shenton Way
Singapore 068815

Classes Prices:

  • Online Classes: Free
  • Trial Class: $13
  • Single Class:
    • $15 (Member)
    • $17 (Regular)
    • $10 (Secondary School student)
    • $13 (Tertiary students of selected dance clubs).

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SLAP Dance Studio Pte Ltd

Source: Slap Dance Studio

Not sure if this is an upcoming trend, but I’ve seen many of my friends start pole dancing lately.

SLAP Dance studio offers a trial class for $15, and each first-timer to SLAP Dance studio can enrol in one trial class only for each apparatus (pole, hoop, hammock, chair) or course. Additional trials booked will be charged at the drop-in rate.

The studio offers a 30% student discount rate for its full-priced eight-week courses, and a referral perk for studio members who referred a friend to an eight-week course.

Do note that the studio does not seem to have single classes and students are mostly encouraged to register for an eight-week course, and this will exceed the $20 per class budget you have.


144 Robinson Road
#10-01 (Reception/Pole Studio)
#11-01 (Pole Studio)
#13-02 (Aerial Studio)
Singapore 068908

Class Prices:

Single Classes

  • Trial Class (1 hour): $15
  • Pole Practice (1.5 hour): $12

Package Classes (8 weeks):

  • Pole / Aerial: $275 (~$34.40 per class)
  • Chair / Dance: $245 (~$30.60 per class)
  • Flex / Conditioning: $200 ($25 per class)

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S.T.E.P Studio

Source: STEP Studio

STEP studio seems to be the all-in-one studio as it conducts classes for different purposes like weddings, productions, showbiz, events, programmes and school events.

The studio offers a variety of dance genres including Contemporary, Girls Hip Hop, Hip Hop, Kpop, Lyrical Hip Hop, and Street Jazz, but there is no trial class.

You can, however, go for introductory classes to get a sense of whether you like the genre or not.

Peace Centre
1 Sophia Road

Class Prices:

  • Single Class (Non-members): $18
  • Single Class (Members): $10 to $15

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How To Save Money On Dance Classes

Packages vs Ala Carte

If you are thinking of how to save money, plan your trips and how frequent you intend to dance.

Personally, I’d go for packages simply because the more classes you purchase, the cost of each class decreases.

It’s important to note that if you want to be better, you have to go to more classes to brush up on your foundation and techniques.

But if you’re only going for the fun and don’t want to be restricted by the time period specified by packages, you can go for ala carte classes.

Source: Giphy

Pay Using a Credit Card

Use a credit card for wireless and online payment!

There could be cashback, rewards or miles to clock when you use a credit card to pay for classes.

Do check with the studios or your respective credit card provider if in doubt.

Other Places Where You Can Join Classes For Free

National Arts Council (NAC) Events

The NAC oversees the development of arts in Singapore and it organises events, including dance events from time to time.

One of the prominent dance events it has organised so far was Got To Move where various dance activities are conducted throughout a period.

While NAC has yet to announce if there would be any dance events this year, you can follow their page to stay updated on any upcoming arts and cultural programmes.

Join Dance Workshops And Crew in Schools

Back when I was a student, going for open classes was so common because of the good lobangs like student prices etc.

I’ve also joined dance clubs back in University and gone for weekly classes.

The classes were precious because we get to pay either nothing or a really low registration/membership fee.

Being in a dance crew back then only required me to pay a $40 registration fee, and I got the chance to learn from the best in the industry AND participated in concerts.

The experiences were physically and mentally fulfulling, and more importantly, wallet-friendly!

Pro-tip: If you’re a student, go for dance workshops first, then audition for the dance crew to enjoy classes at a low price.

Picking Up Dance For Recreation

If you’re interested in dancing, consider going for foundation classes as these are good for developing technique, muscle memory and performance skills.

Lessons are typically broken down into four parts: warm-up, technique drills, dance routine steps, and culminating in a performance at the end of class to showcase what you’ve learnt.

If you’re wondering if there’re any additional costs, just make sure that you have factored in the registration fee (if there is any), and have proper footwear suitable for the genre you’re going for.

Some genres such as jazz and contemporary usually only require normal socks, but if you think you would need foot thongs to prevent floor burns, you can get yours by shopping online.

Dancing is exercising and the benefits include improving your cardio, core strength, balances, coordination and rhythm etc., and you can start today!

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