Cheapo Hacks To Save Money That We Learnt On Hardwarezone Forum

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If you have been staying in Singapore long enough, the term “Cheapo” should be no stranger to you.

Being a “Cheapo” and “Kiasu” are just two of the major traits that Singaporeans find it difficult to shake off. These two character traits run deep in our blood, making us true blue Singaporeans. To embrace a little of such culture, we went on Hardwarezone to source for “Life Hacks” to save money.

Some of these hacks may not be encouraged but can be a true lifesaver when you are really low on cash.

Editor’s note: Cheapo is an adjective to describe someone who is “obsessed with chasing discounts or low-value items. Someone who displays a strong preference for inexpensive and reduced priced things.


Below Are Our Top 5 “Cheapo Hacks” found on Hardwarezone

source: Little Green Work

Hack to To Get Free Food in Singapore

  • Head to Takashimaya during Mooncake festival period, to sample all the mooncakes from each stall.
  • If you patronise the same Prata stall long enough, they will always give you a few pieces of meat when scooping the curry for you.
  • Ask for curry for your mixed vegetable rice (Cai Png), in hope of getting some free potato that comes with it.
  • Feeling thirsty, but not a fan of drinking from the tap? Head over to nursing rooms in certain shopping malls. If one is lucky, there will be a water dispenser in the room (usually for milk formula).

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source: Ask Ideas

Hacks To Get Free Toilet Paper, Facial Wash and Perfume in Singapore

  • Head to the library’s toilet and take plenty of toilet paper for personal use.
  • In need of a face wash? Head to Sephora testing counter for facial cleaner and ask for a trial on the spot. Once you are done washing your face, ask for toner and moisturiser too.
  • Go on date without having to fork out money on a bottle of perfume. This can be costly if u are not a regular user of perfume. Simple, head to any stores that selling perfume, and test a few perfumes which u like. Once u decided on one, use the tester bottle to spray to your neck and wrist.
  • When on a holiday, bring home the hotel toiletries. Depending on the hotel you stay in, some of these toiletries are actually branded bath products.

source: Wired

Hack To Charge Your Dying Phone

  • If you happen to be in town and your phone is dying, approach any of the ION Orchard concierge counters at B3, L1, L2 or L4 to charge your phone for free. The staff are usually quite helpful. ION Orchard also has free wifi.
  • MRT stations with free charge points also come really handy at over 200 stations here.

source: Mememaker

Hacks To Get Freebies

  • When flying on a premium airline or checking into a five-star hotel, always call up the Customer Service Officer in advance, telling them that you are celebrating an event while with them (e.g. birthday, honeymoon, wedding anniversary etc). Conveniently ask if the airline/hotel can help to organise something to make the event special. Chances are, you will get some form of freebie (e.g. usually a free cake when it comes to airlines) or a room upgrade.

source: atchadoor

Hack To Get A KFC Meal At A Good Deal

So here’s a hack to get a 2pcs chicken meal and a froyo cone for S$5.

1) Queue & buy a snacker meal at S$4.00, you will get a piece of fried chicken, one drink and fries.
Ask for the receipt and go to Www.kfcguestfeedback.com.sg to do a 1min survey,
get the survey number at the end of the survey.

2) Re-queue & buy a froyo cone at S$1 and return the receipt with the survey number written on it. They will give u a one piece fried chicken wing after.

With this hack, you only spend S$5 on 2 pieces chicken meal with ice-cream. You can change the sequence but usually, the froyo counter has special quick lanes, which means that you can jump queue.

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