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Christmas Dinner Delivery 2021

7 Best Last Minute Christmas Dinner Delivery Options For Small Parties Under $50/Pax

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“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go~.”

Source: Know Your Meme

It is December once again!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure you would have caught a glimpse of the Christmas trees and decorations adorning the shopping centres and streets.

If that wasn’t enough of a reminder, let’s not forget the Christmas songs playing in the supermarkets.

The Christmas season, filled with joy and lots of holidays to escape from work (Have you planned your leave?)

It’s also the season of giving, don’t forget to buy presents!

You can check out our list of thoughtful Christmas gift ideas below $20 for Secret Santa for your last-minute gift shopping ideas.

Besides giving presents, it’s also an excellent time to think about the fantastic people around you, such as your close friends or family.

Source: Tenor

How about rewarding them with a surprise gathering, with a table full of deliciousĀ Christmas food.

Especially with the COVID-19 situation, it’s not a good time to be outside where it’s crowded everywhere.

Gotta follow social distancing measures, am I right?

For those of you hosting a mini get together (roughly 4 – 8 pax) at home, we got you!

Here are 7 fantastic Christmas Dinner delivery options under $50/Pax for you to consider.

Information accurate as of 16 December 2021. Do note that prices and promotions are subject to change without prior notice.

TL;DR: Christmas Dinner in Singapore (2021): 7 Fantastic Christmas Dinner Delivery Options Under $50/Pax

Christmas MealPrice/PaxTotal Price & Total PaxDelivery Fee
NTUC FairPrice: Christmas Smokey Feast~$6.60/Pax$52.95 for ~8 Pax$5 for orders <$59
$3 for orders $59 - $78.99
Free delivery for orders >$79
Cold Storage: Christmas Feasts~$11.30/Pax$90 for 6-8 Pax$7 for orders <$59
Free delivery for orders >$59
Swensen's: Together Giftmas Parcel~$27.30/Pax$218 for 6 - 8 Pax$16.05 delivery fee
Swiss Butchery: Christmas Set A~$29.60/Pax$148 for 4 - 5 Pax$15 for orders <$150
Free delivery for orders >$150
COLLIN'S: Festive Feast Combo B~$29.80/Pax$238 for 6 - 8 Pax$20 delivery fee
$3 holiday surcharge
Grain: Christmas Party Set~$31/Pax$247.95 for 6 - 8 pax$25 delivery fee
Da Paolo: Chicken Christmas Bundle Meal~$33/Pax$198 for 4 - 6 Pax$30 for orders <$350
Free delivery for orders >$350

Figures rounded up to the nearest cent. Prices are nett and/or inclusive of GST.

1. NTUC FairPrice: Christmas Smokey Feast (~$6.60/Pax)

($52.95Ā for ~8 Pax)

Looking through the supermarket for ingredients to plan for your last-minute get together?

Just hear us out before you go on a panic-buying spree.

Local supermarket NTUC FairPrice is offering a great deal with their Christmas Smokey Feast filled with loads of meaty delights!

Source: FairPrice

$52.95 gets you a really filling meal as the platter consists of:

  • Beech Wood Smoked Chicken (1.7kg Before Roasting)
  • Honey Baked Ham (800g)
  • German Pork Knuckle (1.3kg Before Roasting)
  • Cranberry sauce

This is really one delicious value-for-money meal that will leave you stuffed.

However, do note that you will have to pre-heat the meal before serving. Instructions are listed on the product page, so do check it out!

Delivery Charges

$5 delivery fee for orders below $59

$3 delivery fee for orders from $59 to $78.99.

Free delivery for orders over $79.

How to Order


2. Cold Storage: Christmas Feasts (~$11.30/Pax)

($90 for 6 – 8 Pax)

Cold Storage is coming in with some hot deals this Christmas despite its name!

Aside from selling fresh groceries, the supermarket chain also offers reasonably priced Christmas dinners.

Source: Cold Storage

For small parties, there are two main options for the Christmas Feasts.

For the Scrumptious Christmas Feast ($90), you get a lovely dinner with generous servings of:

  • Banjo Shoulder Bone-In Ham (2.8kg)
  • Pork Sausage Snail with Cranberries (1kg)
  • Smoked Orange Duck Breast (500g)

In addition, Supreme Christmas Feast Platter ($90), you will get to enjoy generous servings of:

  • Spanish Iberico Jumbo Ribs (1.7kg)
  • Spanish Iberico Sausages (1.2kg)
  • Spanish Iberico Ham (1kg)

Delivery Charges

$7 delivery fee for orders below $59

Free delivery for orders above $59

How to Order


Store locator

3. Swensen’s: Together Giftmas Parcel (~$27.30/Pax)

($218 for 6 – 8 Pax)

Don’t you love the feeling of getting together and enjoying a meal with the people you are close to?

Swensen’s supports gatherings with their Together Giftmas Set, filled with all sorts of goodies perfect for your dinner party!

Source: Swensen’s

The Together Giftmas Set consists of the following:

  • 1 x Roast BeefĀ orĀ Beef Wellington
  • 1 x Meat Platter
  • 2 x Christmas Fruit SaladĀ orĀ Herb Roasted VegetableĀ orĀ Truffle Roast U.S. Potatoes
  • 1 x Mushroom Bread PuddingĀ orĀ Impossibleā„¢ļø Meatball PastaĀ orĀ Carbonara Baked Macaroni
  • 1 x Christmas Cake

So many options on the menu. I’m just drooling!

If only I could order them all, but we don’t wanna waste food now, do we?

Delivery Charges

$16.05 delivery fee for home delivery

How to Order


4. Swiss Butchery: Christmas Set A (~$29.60/Pax)

($148 for 4 – 5 Pax)

Meat lovers gather!

Swiss Butchery offers a fantastic dinner deal for your little “meat” up with your friends!

If you and your friends are total carnivores, be sure to pop by Swiss Butchery and get their yummy Christmas set.

Source: Swiss Butchery

Swiss Butchery’s Christmas Set A consists of:

  • Roasted Whole Turkey Original Raw Weight (4-4.5kg)
  • Pork Chestnut Stuffing (500g)
  • Honey Baked Ham Whole (800g)
  • Spicy Italian Pork Sausage (120g x 5pc)
  • Cranberry sauce (300g)

Delivery Charges

$15 delivery fee for orders below $150

Free shipping for orders above $150

How to Order


5. COLLIN’S: Festive Feast Combo B (~$29.80/Pax)

($238 for 6 – 8 Pax)

What better way to celebrate this festive season with all your friends here than to #supportlocal?

Source: COLLIN’S

Local western food brand COLLIN’S is celebrating this Christmas with loads of festive goodies!

When you think of all the festive food, turkey, ham, roasted sweet potatoes, COLLIN’S has them all and is serving them up in this feast combo!

On top of that, you get an additional $20 dining voucher when you order from them.

Here’s everything that’s in COLLIN’S: Festive Feast Combo B:

  • Christmas Turkey with Chestnut Stuffing, Mushroom Herb & Cranberry Sauces (5.5kg)
  • Traditional Honey Glazed Ham with Apple Sauce (1kg)
  • Roasted Barbecue Pork Ribs (800g)
  • Medley of Roasted Sweet Potato (1.5kg)
  • Provetto Sparkling Brut (750ml)
  • $20 COLLIN’SĀ® Dining Voucher

Delivery Charges

$20 for delivery fees with an additional $3 holiday surcharge

How to Order


6. Grain: Christmas Party Set (~$31/Pax)

($247.95 for 6 – 8 pax)

Who said a meal with delicious food had to be unhealthy?
Enjoy a nice and healthy Christmas dinner with the people you love by ordering food from Grain!
Source: Foodielicious

Grain is an online restaurant that prides itself on using nutritious ingredients and creative cooking techniques when crafting its menu for its customers.

Show the people around you that you care when you order Grain’s Christmas Party Set Menu, which includes:

  • Dill Yogurt Seafood Salad
  • Mrs Santa’s Irresistible Pasta
  • Triple Citrus Salmon Parcel
  • Duck Leg Confit
  • Smoked Mesquite Whole Chicken
  • Ornamental Roasted Brussel Sprouts
  • Luscious Red Velvet Cake

Delivery Charges

$25 delivery fee

How to Order


7. Da Paolo: Chicken Christmas Bundle Meal (~$33/Pax)

($198 for 4 – 6 Pax)

Love to eat chicken but just hate the hassle of having to deal with their bones?

Try Da Paolo Gastronomia’s deboned roast chicken!

It will just be like eating a nice chicken chop, all the delicious roast meat, without the trouble of picking out the bones.

Source: Da Paolo Gastronomia

Da Paolo’s Chicken Christmas Bundle Meal consists of:

  • Deboned Roast Chicken with Homemade Apple GravyĀ (Approx. 2kg)
  • Couscous Salad
  • Roasted Potatoes & Carrots
  • Roasted Purple & Orange Sweet Potatoes

Delivery Charges

Minimum spend of $60 required to qualify for delivery

$30 delivery fee for orders below $350

Free delivery for orders above $350!

How to Order


Closing Thoughts

If you are looking to order a Christmas dinner, be sure to remember to use a credit cardĀ or to get some cashback, miles or reward points when you make payment.

You might also want to use our handy SeedlyĀ credit comparison toolĀ to find the best one for you!

For more savings, you can find out how to redeem your CDC vouchers and save yourself $100 for your daily expenses now!


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