Cheap Flights For Leftover Leave During The Holidays

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We’re two months away from the end of the year! Many of us are probably looking for flights that we can use to clear our left over leave. Without thousands of us Singaporeans usually failing to clear our leave, here are a few destinations you can go to with affordable tickets.

Places to visit - Jarkarta, Australia, Athens, Halong Bay

One Week – London, Athens, Reykjavik

For those of you who were saving up all your leave days for the end of the year, it’s time to use it now! Skyscanner’s data reveals that London is the cheapest long-haul trip of 2017 starting from $587. If London is not your ideal destination, there are still cities like Athens or Reykjavik at $589 and $724 respectively!

4 Days – Gold Coast, Sydney

If you still want to visit countries outside of the Asian region but do not have as much leave left, try out Sydney or Gold Coast in Australia. Return flights going there can start as low as $340. On top of that, flights are less than 8 hours which gives you at least 2 to 3  more days to enjoy the city!

2 Days – Yangon, Halong Bay

Let’s say, you are saving up your leave for other reasons or you’re left with 2 days of leave. There’s no need to worry, you STILL get to travel but you do have to set your sights to the southeast Asian region. With Yangon in Myanmar and Halong Bay in Vietnam, you have plenty of adventure waiting for you starting from $150!

Tip: With Deepavali coming up, turn you 2 day holiday into 5 days! Check out the Skyscanner public holiday calendar.

0 Days – KL, Jakarta, Ho Chin Minh, Penang

Fret not, we have not forgotten those of you without any leave left! You still get to travel out over the weekend. There are so many countries you can choose from. With the end of year flights as low as $80 going to Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Ho Chin Minh, and Penang!

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Source of photos: Skyscanner

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