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A Singaporean's Cheatsheet To Closing Time Discounts

profileRuth Lum

Singaporeans are known to be CONSTANTLY EATING.

A regular 3-meals-a-day type of lifestyle simply doesn’t cut it for us. We’ve got to have all the in-between snacking, tea breaks, and most importantly – SUPPER!

Source: Tenor

Some might have the appetite for a late-night piping-hot bowl of mee pok, a plate of spicy mee goreng, or even a prata or two. While others might crave more atas options like sinfully DECADENT chocolate cake or sushi bentos from some premium supermarket.

But hey, did you know that you can have all of ‘expensive’ these at a half price or even more if you’re really lucky or know where and when to look?

Specially curated for the kiamsiap (Hokkien for stingy or penny-pincher) in you, I present…

TL;DR: A Singaporean’s Cheatsheet To Closing-Time Discounts!

I mean, who doesn’t love a good discount?

Sushi Sets, Various Supermarkets10-15% offAfter 8.45pm
Rotisserie Chicken @ Supermarket Delis50% offAfter 9pm
Discounted meats and poultry50% off wagyu steak (if you're lucky)After 8pm
Prima Deli cakes at 50% off (for 'expiring soon')50% off (for 'expiring soon' or closing)After 8.30pm
Bread Shop discounts at heartland neighbourhoods1-for-1 / 50% offHalf an hour to an hour before closing time
Crystal Jade My Bread, Suntec City20% off breadAfter 7.30pm
JollibeanBuy 1 get 1 free Mee Chiang Kueh and Round Maru Pancake1 hour before closing. Better discounts at Lavender MRT
Beauty in the Pot20% off hotpot ingredientsAfter 10.30pm
P.S Cafe50% off sliced cakesFrom 9pm(Paragon, Palais Renaissance, Raffles City), 9.30pm(Tiong Bahru), 10pm(Harding, One Fullerton, Ann Siang Hill, Martin Road)
Shophouse By Shangri-La25% off any pastry, bread and saladsAfter 7pm (closes at 8pm)
The Deli, Goodwood Park Hotel50% off takeaway sliced cakesAfter 8pm
Mezza9, Grand Hyatt50% off all cakesAfter 8.30pm
Tuxedo Café & Pâtisserie, Carlton Hotel50% off breads and pastries, 30% off sliced cakesAfter 7pm
Lobby Lounge, Crown Plaza Hotel1-for-1 sliced cakesAfter 8pm

Here are some of my favourite go-tos whenever I’m on my way home from work, or just want a little something for supper:

Supermarket Discounted Meats And Poultry – More Than 50% Off Meats

Source: John Foong | Facebook

Discount: 50% off sliced cakes after 9pm

As seen in the photo, some selection of wagyu steaks get a good discount of more than 50% after 8pm! Do take note that the timings are sometimes a bit erratic, but you should always try your luck about an hour before supermarkets like Cold Storage, Jason’s, and NTUC’s Finest close!

PS.Cafe Sliced Cakes – 50% Off Sliced Cakes

Source: PS.Cafe

Discount: 50% off sliced cakes after 9pm, 9.30pm, or 10pm (depending on which outlet you visit)

No. of Outlets: 8 islandwide

This one’s REALLY GOOD.

I recently had the privilege of enjoying this decadent Double Chocolate Blackout Cake. And the true enjoyment came when we called for the bill and paid HALF the price we were expecting to pay. So not only was the cake superb, we spent under $10 for what would have normally been a rather pricey cake (usual price is $16 a slice!)

The Line, Shangri-La Hotel – 25% Off Pastries, Breads, And Salads

Source: Miss Tam Chiak

Discount: 25% off any pastries, bread, and salads after 7pm (Closes at 8pm)

Address: 22 Orange Grove Rd, Lower Lobby, Tower Wing, Singapore 258350

Everyone knows about the legendary buffets at The Line. But did you know that you can get 25% off pastries, breads, and salads? That’s a pretty good deal for those of us who would like a taste of what The Line has to offer, but don’t want to plonk down substantial change for the buffet.

Prima Deli Cakes – 50% Off Cakes

Source: Prima Deli

Discount: 50% off whole cakes after 8pm (subject to cakes’ best before dates)

No. of Outlets in Singapore:

  • 11 in the West
  • 17 in the North
  • 4 in the Central and South
  • 16 In the East

If you’re REALLY lucky, there might be a whole D24 Durian King cake that they’re trying to clear. And that’s always good news for those of us looking for a treat at a wickedly low price.

Beauty In The Pot – 20% Off Hot Pot Ingredients

Source: DanielFoodDiary

Discount: 20% off ingredients after 10.30pm

No. of Outlets: 6 islandwide

20% off hotpot ingredients after 10.30pm. Nuff’ said.

Closing Note

Yes, discounts could make you happier than the actual thing you’re buying on discount.

But if you’re leaning more on the side of health-consciousness, do take note that most of these closing-time deals are in place because the food item has been left for sale through the day, sometimes even for over a day.

So always exercise discretion when trying to save money at the same time!

Happy feasting without feeling the burn in your wallet!

Source: Tenor
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