Coffee Talk With Mitsueki

Personal finance is SEXY.

At the core of personal finance, is a search for financial freedom, independence, and those indescribable feelings of security for our future. Being financially free allows an unfiltered expression of what is ahead of us.

We recognise that most Singaporeans do not view personal finance the same way that we do, which is why we are taking a swipe to change that thinking.

In our weekly feature of Coffee Talk, we get in touch with some of Singapore’s lifestyle influencers and have them share with us their take on personal finance. On this week’s Coffee Talk, we have Mitsueki sharing with us her views on personal finance,

How do you decide on what you do financially?

I will set my financial priorities/goals accordingly depending on my stage in life. For example, I am currently saving up as much as I can from my existing income for my upcoming big expenses (home / renovation / wedding, etc) that I expect to incur within the next few years. At the same time, will still set aside an amount for my own personal use such as for traveling! With that being said, it’s also time to look at investments – though at this point of time due to the economy, it can be quite risky unless you stick to safer investments such as fixed deposit accounts at our local banks.

What do you personally think is the best way to keep track of your expenses?

Using a tracker app or key into an Excel spreadsheet to note/calculate down all my expenditure before comparing them at the end of month – especially with your credit cards to ensure that all is in order. If you prefer to do it manually, just keep all your receipts instead and count them at the end of the month.

What does being financially healthy looks like to you?

Being financially healthy to me is when my bank account is in surplus and when it feels comfortable to spend my money (especially on traveling!) without feeling the pinch.

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It’s never too late or too early to start keeping track of your personal finances and set some financial goals!

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