Coffee Talk With Serene Koh

On this week’s Coffee Talk, we have lifestyle influencer Serene Koh share with us to share her views on personal finance. Find out what are some of her tips to shopping and how is personal finance similar to physical fitness!

How do you decide on what you do financially?

I usually spend my money blindly ranking from food, transportation and, shopping. There’s no control over spending until I realize my moolah is running low.

What do you personally think is the best way to keep track of your expenses?

When I shopping online I track them either by Bank Details or PayPal. When shopping in real life, in order to track back I will go to my Bank Details too, however, if paying by cash there is no way I could track it unless I kept the receipt or have it scanned somewhere such as the CapitaStar apps. Logging into a different bank account just to check my history is too much of a hassle, the transaction is not centralised, making it really hard to track. It was until when introduced to Seedly, I found the best way to track my expenses.

What does being financially healthy looks like to you?

Being financially healthy is like being physically healthy, we need to control and distribute the expenses we into categories e.g. Food, Shopping, Bills, Transport etc. This is just like how we distribute our food intake into Carbs, Fats, Protein. By organizing them we will not overspend/eat.

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