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Coffee Talk With Zelene

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Zelene is the girl behind Wabbithan. Wabbithan started as an avenue for Zelene to share her positive vibe. Over the past 2 years, Wabbithan has evolved into a fully fledged lifestyle website ranging from beauty to style to fitness content. We have Zelene on this week’s Coffee Talk, to share her views on personal finance.

How do you decide on what you do financially?

I have the habit of splitting my money into two big categories, savings and spendings. Within spendings, I will further categorise the share into smaller proportions depending on the needs and wants of the month.

What do you think is the best way to keep track of your expenses.

 I have tried many methods to do it, like maintaining a log book or downloading apps tracking apps. However, as a frequent online shopper, I tend to lose track of the amount spend when paid through debit/ credit card.

To me, the perfect way to keeping track of my expenses would be a software that I have access to my bank statements. With that, I will be able to have a glance of all my transactions conveniently.

What does being financially healthy looks like to you?

That’s a tough question! I would say having the ability, not to overspend and have enough cash flow.

Give us a parting quote!

Being able to manage your finance should not be a chore, but a habit.

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