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190224_ CDC Vouchers for Households From 3 Jan 2023_ How & Where To Redeem Your Vouchers

Ultimate Guide to CDC Vouchers in 2024: How Much & When to Redeem Etc.

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Did someone say free vouchers?

Yup, that’s right.

By now, you or someone you know would’ve used their Community Development Council (CDC) vouchers.

Besides the GST vouchers, which are only distributed to those eligible, all Singaporean households would’ve also received these CDC vouchers!

Source: Tenor

If you’ve watched Budget 2024, you would know that the government will distribute $600 worth of CDC vouchers in 2024 and 2025!

This is on top of the $500 CDC vouchers that will be made available to every Singaporean household this year.

How can you collect the CDC vouchers? What can you use the vouchers for?

This article will answer all of those burning questions!

TL;DR: Ultimate Guide to Community Development Council (CDC) Vouchers

Update as of 16 Feb: Another $300 worth of CDC vouchers will be distributed by the end of June 2024 and another $300 in January 2025.

Each tranche of the vouchers will be split equally for spending at participating merchants, hawkers, and supermarkets.

Note: At the time of writing, the additional CDC vouchers are unavailable until the end of June 2024 at https://vouchers.cdc.gov.sg/

This is on top of the $500 worth of CDC vouchers that can be claimed by all Singaporean households from 3 Jan 2024.

  • Of the $800 vouchers that will be distributed in 2024, $400 CDC vouchers can be used at HAO Mart, NTUC FairPrice, Prime Supermarket, Sheng Siong, Giant, Ang Mo Supermarket and U Stars Supermarket
  • The other $400 worth of vouchers can be spent at nearly 23,000 participating hawkers and heartland merchants

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What Is the CDC Vouchers Scheme?

The CDC Vouchers Scheme was first launched in June 2020, where vouchers were distributed to households to be redeemed at participating local merchants and hawkers in the heartlands islandwide.

This was an initiative in a bid to help residents with daily expenses and also to boost local businesses which have been impacted by COVID-19.

Designed with flexibility, half of the vouchers released this round are meant to be used at participating hawkers and heartland merchants, while the other half are at participating supermarkets.

Who Is Eligible for CDC Vouchers?

Source: Gov.sg

Although this scheme was initially catered to lower-income households, the CDC voucher eligibility has now extended to all Singaporean households!

When Can You Receive CDC Vouchers?

If you have been following, $800 worth of CDC vouchers will be distributed twice this year – $500 in Jan 2024 and another $300 by the end of Jun 2024.

Another $300 will be distributed in Jan 2025, as part of Budget 2024’s announcement.

Each tranche will split the vouchers equally for spending at participating merchants, hawkers, and supermarkets.

How to Claim The CDC Vouchers?

  1. Click on the link here and click “claim”
  2. Log in to your Singpass account
  3. After logging into your Singpass, key in your mobile number, and an SMS OTP (not a scam!) will be sent to you for verification
  4. Once you have verified your mobile number, an SMS will be sent to you with the link to redeem the vouchers
  5. Click on the link and enjoy your $500 (for now and an additional $300 in June) worth of CDC Vouchers!
Source: Community Development Council

Before you get too excited, there are just a few things to note regarding the CDC vouchers as of the time of writing.

  • One household is only entitled to $500 worth of CDC vouchers, so only one person from each household can redeem the vouchers.
  • Like all vouchers, denominations are fixed. Your CDC vouchers will come in denominations of $2, $5, and $10, so plan how to spend them wisely. No change will be given if you spend $10 on something worth $9.
  • Vouchers can be shared among members of the same household. Just tap on the “Share My Vouchers” button to generate a link you can send to members of the same household.
  • If you do not have a smartphone to redeem the e-vouchers, you can collect physical vouchers at the nearest community centre
  • The $500 CDC vouchers MUST be used by 31 Dec 2024.

Note: This article will be updated when more information about the $600 CDC vouchers is released. But based on previous tranches, CDC vouchers last for 12 months.

Above are just some things you need to know about the CDC vouchers. If you have any more questions, feel free to check out the FAQs on CDC’s website.

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How To Use The CDC Vouchers?

There are currently over 23,000 participating hawkers and heartland merchants island-wide that accept these vouchers.

Just keep a lookout for the CDC Vouchers decal displayed at the merchant/hawker stall shopfront, and you will know if they accept the CDC vouchers!

Source: Community Development Council

With the new e-voucher scheme, all you have to do is tap the number of vouchers you would like to use and show the participating merchant the QR code for them to scan.

They will be using a RedeemSG Merchant app to accept the e-vouchers.

Here are some of the types of stores you can expect to utilise your vouchers at:

Types of Merchants
Hawker Centres
Wet Markets
Hardware / Repair Stores
Provision Shops
Pet Shops
Hair Salons
Optical Shops
Fashion Retail Stores
Other heartland shops (e.g. locksmiths, dry cleaning, medical halls etc.)

You can also use the vouchers to purchase pet food, go for an eye check-up and many more!

As you guys know, Seedly’s a huge advocate of stretching and maximising any dollar we have, and what better way to do that than to support your local hawkers and businesses!

Source: Eatbook

Remember the uncle at the mixed vegetable rice stall who always gives you extra ingredients when you order?

Why not give him some extra support with the CDC vouchers your household will be getting!

Source: Facebook

Running out of food at home? You can even get some groceries from the minimart downstairs!

Everyone is living and/or working in the same neighbourhood. With the CDC helping you save $800 in expenses, you can use the vouchers to help the merchants working in that same neighbourhood.

For those feeling adventurous, you could try doing a #nospendweek challenge with these vouchers, where you could get your haircut, buy groceries from neighbourhood minimarts and meals from your favourite hawker centres all covered.

That said, you can head over to this website https://www.gowhere.gov.sg/cdcvouchers to check the nearest participating hawkers, heartland merchants and supermarkets!

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How Are You Planning To Spend Your CDC Vouchers?

With so many ways to spend your CDC vouchers, have you decided how you would like to spend yours?

Share it with others at Seedly!

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