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Community Crowd-Sourced Personal Finance FAQ

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Welcome to Seedly!

We’re glad to host you here and we look forward to you meeting fellow enthusiastic members who love making smarter financial decisions in our daily lives. We have setup up this community crowd-sourced FAQ to help you get up to speed and solve some of the frequently asked questions that you may start with!

The biggest personal finance community in Singapore.

On behalf of the community and moderators, let us help each other make smarter financial decisions today!

Seedly Community FAQ

On Cashflow and Spending:

  1. What Bank + Card Combination do you use now?
  2. What expense tracking apps do you recommend?
  3. How much allowance do you give your parents?
  4. Should I get a Miles, Cashback or Rewards cards?
  5. Sharing over 100 Daily hacks in your lives?
  6. Best hacks, tips for Singles Day 11.11?

On Insurance:

  1. What are the basic insurance products you really need?
  2. Term vs Whole Life: Which should I get?
  3. What should you do if you are stuck in an ILP? *(heavily debated)
  4. What do you need to look out for in investment-linked insurance products?
  5. Insurance for your elderly parents?

On Investments:

  1. How much of take-home pay do you invest?
  2. Sharing experience with Regular Savings Plans?
  3. Difference between managed fund vs ETF (exchange-traded funds)?
  4. How to choose the right Robo-advisor? (StashAway, AutoWealth, Smartly)
  5. Sharing on your Peer-2-Peer funding experience? (Funding Societies, Capital Match, MoolahSense)
  6. How to get started with REITs (Real Estate Investment Trust)?
  7. Where can I buy Bond-ETFs?
  8. Is it worth going to investment day courses to learn?

What’s Next?

So far this is the list we have compiled for now. We will do our best to update this as we go along and grow our community further! If you don’t see a question in that list, simply just ask it in our community! If there is anything at all, feel free to drop us a Facebook message in the group 🙂

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