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Ultimate Music Streaming Services in Singapore Comparison (2021)

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At the risk of sounding a bit boring, I’ve been a fan of Spotify for the longest time.

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I think companies will love me as I have a tendency to stick to a certain brand and it would take quite a bit for me to change.

Unless something else really fantastic comes along with super-competitive prices, then it’s bye-bye, brand loyalty…


Or if something major happens; like Spotify pulling KPop artists’ music off its platform due to a licensing disagreement with Kakao M which owns Korea’s biggest streaming platform, Melon.

Recent events have made me reconsider my choice of music streaming platform.

As such, here is a comparison of the top music streaming services in Singapore.

TL;DR: Apple Music vs Deezer vs KKBox vs Spotify vs Tidal vs YouTube Music

I’ve been a long-time user of Spotify Premium and so far, I’ve got no complaints.

But if you are not happy with Spotify and are looking for an alternative.

Here is a comparison of Apple Music, Deezer, KKBox, Spotify, Tidal and YouTube Music Premium to help you find what is best for you!

ServiceBasic Plan (Individual Price)Song LibraryFree Plan/
Free Trial (New Users)
Apple MusicS$9.98/month~70 Million Songs-
3 months free
DeezerS$9.90/month~53 Million SongsFree Plan (With Ads)
30 days free
KKBOXS$9.90/month~50 Million Songs-
1 month free
SpotifyS$9.90/month~70 Million SongsFree Plan (With Ads)
1 month free
TidalS$9.90/month~60 Million Songs-
1 month free
YouTube MusicS$9.98/month-Free Plan (With Ads)
1 month free

Also, it really depends on your personal needs but here are some suggestions.

Apple Music: Best For Apple Users

If you are stuck in the Apple ecosystem and have tons of music in iTunes, going with Apple Music is a no brainer.

Deezer: Best Value/Best Budget Audiophile 

Deezer provides great value as if you go for their annual plan, you will only pay S$7.42/month as an individual.

Their HiFi plan is also the cheapest at S$14.85/month.

KKBOX: Best for Asian Music (Mandopop, KPop, JPop etc.)

If you are a big fan of Asian music, you can’t go wrong with KKBOX.

Their HiFi plan at S$15.90/month is rather affordable as well.

Spotify: All Rounder

Spotify is also a good all-rounder with its plans and renowned algorithm.

Tidal: Best For Sound Quality

For sound quality, you can’t go wrong with Tidal and its huge library. However, you would pay more as an individual.

YouTube: Best Variety

Although YouTube music’s sound quality is not the best, what you get is the sheer variety of music available which includes stuff like live performances, covers, remixes, etc.

1. Apple Music Review

First up we have Apple Music from Apple Inc’s (NASDAQ: AAPL) which is often touted as Spotify’s biggest competitor due to Apple’s huge reach.

Source: Apple

The music streaming service is the spiritual successor to iTunes. This means you get to enjoy your entire iTunes library on Apple Music too. This explains the support for music uploads.

FYI: YouTube Music is the only other app that supports music uploads.

If you are fully invested in Apple’s ecosystem and own a Mac, the latest iPhone 12 series phone, or even an iPad, this music streaming service should be quite compelling for you.

You can even use Apple Music on Android devices!

Apple Music Singapore Price

Plan TypePrice
Free Plan-
Basic PlanS$9.98/month
Student PlanS$4.98/month
Family PlanS$14.98/month (Supports 6 devices)
Free Trial (New Users)3 months free

Apple Music Library

In terms of its music library, you get to enjoy over 70 million songs, plus your entire iTunes library on Apple Music.

Apple Music Sound Quality

In terms of sound quality, Apple Music streams at a bitrate of up to 256kbps which is lower than the 320kbps you get with Spotify Premium.

However, this lower bitrate is offset by Apple’s use of its own lossy AAC codec which according to Sage Audio is said to have slightly better audio quality as it:

Provides more of the original information of a recording than an MP3 of the identical bit-rate and file size.  AAC files have a more effective algorithm for determining what listeners will and won’t hear.

AAC files have been designed to compile data in a way that reduces file size but doesn’t fully delete the info.  Because of this, AAC files retain more bits, in turn, reducing distortion or unwanted artifacts.

ProTip: You will need to head to the iOS Settings app, tap Music, then Mobile Data to enable the best quality streaming over mobile networks.
On Android, you will need to open the Apple Music app, access the menu (top left) and go to the settings to turn high quality streaming on.

Apple Music Platform Support

Browsers (Web Player)



iTunes for Mac & Windows (PC)

Mobile Devices


Apple Music is available on Google Play and is supported on all android phones or tablets with Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or later, or a Chromebook that supports Android apps.


  • iPhone

  • iPad

  • Apple Watch

  • Apple TV

  • Mac

  • CarPlay

  • Sonos

  • Samsung Smart TV


In terms of features, Apple Music offers both a human touch when it comes to recommending songs. With Apple Music, you have access to a whole array of curated playlists from musicians and critics.

Not to mention the Apple Music algorithm that helps you discover music that you want to play.

Downloadable Tracks/Offline Listening

Apple Music supports song downloads to your mobile devices and desktop.

Music Uploads

Apple also supports music uploads.

Podcasts Support

You can also download podcasts on Apple Music.

2. Deezer Review

Next up we have French online streaming music Deezer which has been around since 2016.

This music streaming service has quite a bit to offer with its free plan (mobile only), and a little over 53 million tracks in its library.

The company also offers a more premium lossless plan (16-bit CD-quality) that is rather affordable.

However, the sound quality is a bit worse than the high-resolution music you can find on Tidal.

Still have more questions after reading the article? Fret not, ask our community here!

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Still have more questions after reading the article? Fret not, ask our community here!

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