How to take Train to JB from Singapore with KTM

How To Take Train To JB From Singapore With KTM

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Forget about queuing at customs for 2 hours just to get your passport stamped!

A few months back the Seedly Team went over to Johor Bahru (JB) for a Seedly bonding session, we travelled down via the KTM and the whole journey took us less than 15 mins! Coolios!

Our train departed Woodlands Checkpoint at 9:45 am and we reached JB roughly around 10am. Yes, that’s including all the passport stamping and looking for seats on the KTM (it’s free seating by the way).

How Much Does a KTM Train Ticket Cost?

Singapore to JBRM 16 / SGD 5.68
JB to SingaporeRM 5 / SGD 1.77
Insurance (Optional)SGD 1 + SGD 2 (admin fee)
Total Price SGD 7.45
(without insurance)
SGD 10.45
(with ERGO TravelProtect Travel Insurance)

A few things you need to take note:

  • Book your ticket a few weeks in advance especially if your trip is on a Saturday
  • Reservations open only 1 month in advance

In that case, if you would like a trip to JB on a Saturday, camping for your ticket once it is available to the public would honestly be your only bet.

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A step by step guide on how to book your KTM train tickets to JB

Refer to the screenshots below, they are labelled according to the steps below. ☺️

Step 1: Go to to book your train tickets

Step 2: Click ‘Train Ticket’ and fill in the necessary details:

  • From: Singapore
  • To: JB Sentral, Johor (where Johor Bahru City Square is)
  • Departure Date
  • Return Date
  • No. of pax.

Step 3: Click “Search for Train”

Step 4: Select the timeslots you wish you board the train.

Choose your timeslot on Easybook

Step 5: Choose your coach.

  • It usually shows the first coach and most times, it would be almost full. However, you are able to choose other coaches.

Step 6: Select your seat(s).

  • Despite selecting your seats, it is free seating.

When I was booking the train tickets for Seedly team bonding day, I really thought I had booked all our seats together, to our horror, it is first-come-first-serve to any available seats. Thankfully, none of us had to stand for the whole trip!

Step 7: Click “Go to Returning Trips” to do the same for your return trip. Or “Continue” if it is a one-way trip.

choose your seats on easybook

KTM Train Tickets Payment

Step 8: Fill in your details

KTM payment details

Step 9: Choose your mode of payment

  • VISA/ Mastercard
  • PayPal
  • NETS/ Bank Transfer (1% surcharge)
  • AXS (within 12 hours)

Step 10: Agree on the Terms and Conditions

Step 11: Word Verification

Step 12: Press ‘Pay Now‘ once you have confirmed every detail is accurate.

choose your mode of payment for ktm train tickets

Step 13: Receive your Order Summary via email

easybook ktm confirmation email

& you’re all ready to enter JB in 5 mins! 

Travelling To Woodlands Train Checkpoint

Woodlands Train Checkpoint is located right next to Woodlands Checkpoint.

Nearest MRT: Marsiling station (Red Line / North-South Line)

Available Buses: 170, 178, 856, 903, 911, 912, 913, 950.
Alight at Woodlands Train Checkpoint.

Final Step: Immigration and entering into JB

Before boarding the train station, you have to present your tickets to the counter by either:

  • Printing your ticket you received in your email
  • Showing your e-ticket on your phone

You will clear both Singapore and Malaysia immigration on the same side before you board the train. Though the queue may sometimes seem long, but trust me, it is nothing compared to taking a bus into JB.

Now that you are in JB, here are some things you can get cheaper in JB as recommended by our Community!

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This is the EASIEST way to enter JB without all the jam – human jam, traffic jam. I AM SOLD to travel to JB with KTM and I believe the entire Seedly Team as well. In fact, we are planning for our next JB trip soon! How about you? 

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