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Ultimate Guide to Travelling From Singapore to JB: KTM Train, Buses, Cars & More

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Thinking of heading to Johor Bahru (JB) over the weekend?

It’s 100% to see this situation at the JB checkpoint:

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No doubt, there are multiple ways to travel to JB, and the fastest is of course… the KTM train service between JB and Singapore.

Here’s what you need to know about the ticket prices and a step-by-step guide on buying a ticket and taking the train to JB.

If you can’t grab the tickets in time, try out the various bus services and cross-border taxis or Grab and ferry services to JB now.

TL;DR: KTM Train Ticket Prices, Schedule & Bus Services to Johor Bahru

KTM Train Tickets

Tickets for February’s morning weekends are entirely sold out. But if you plan to go in on weekend nights or weekdays, tickets are readily available from 5.30pm onwards.

Bus services to JB

These are the bus services available islandwide:

Pick up pointBuses
Opposite Kranji MRTBus 170X, 170, 160
Kranji MRTCW1
Woodlands Bus InterchangeDirect: Bus 950

Indirect: Bus 856, 903, 911, 911T, 912, 912B
Queen Street TerminalBus 170, CW2
Jurong Town Hall Bus InterchangeBus 160, CW3, CW4, CW4S
Newton Circus/NewtonFood CentreBus CW5
Boon Lay MRTBus CW6
Changi Airport Terminal 1Bus TS1
Resort World SentosaBus TS8
Yishun Bus InterchangeBus AC7
Marina SquareBus TS3
Buona VistaBus TS6
Opposite Tuas Link MRTBus CW7

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KTM Ticket Prices

On 1 October 2019, rail operator KTM Berhad launched its KTMB Integrated Ticketing System for KTM Shuttle Tebrau train services servicing the Woodland Train Checkpoint (Woodlands CIQ) and Johor Bahru Sentral Railway Station (JB Sentral) route.

The train journey takes just five minutes and is the fastest way to avoid traffic jams. The KTM train from Singapore to Johor Bahru departs 13 times daily, with the first train leaving Woodlands for JB Sentral at 08:30 and the last train at 23:45.

The prices for tickets are as follows.

KTM Website/JB Sentral
(SG-JB then JB-SG)
(JB-SG then SG-JB)

*payment will convert to MYR

*payment will convert to MYR
Woodlands KTM Counter
(SG-JB then JB-SG)
(JB-SG then SG-JB)

Source: KTM Shuttle Tebrau


  • Singapore to JB: Instead of buying return tickets, which will cost you SGD10(~MYR35.40), buy two one-way tickets separately, so you pay a total of SGD6.42 (~MYR22.70)
  • JB to Singapore: If you start your journey from JB and you want to purchase a 2-way ticket (JB -> Woodlands and Woodlands -> JB), you should buy them together because you will be charged MYR5 for each way (total MYR10 for return tickets). If you purchase separately, you will be charged MYR5 (~SGD1.42) + SGD5 (MYR17.70)
  • Children ≤ 4 years old can travel for free
    • Before departing, you must register at the ticket counter at Level 1 of the Woodlands Train Checkpoint to receive a physical ticket for your child. Similarly, you will need to register your child at the ticket counter at JB Sentral building Level 2 (in front of the train departure/arrival gate)
  • Book your tickets as early as possible as they get sold out quickly, especially during weekends and public holidays, though personal experiences tell us that it’s possible to get last-minute tickets. But note that this is just one of the viable choices to avoid the jam, alongside other methods mentioned below.

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KTM Train Schedule (Shuttle Tebrau)

For the uninitiated, this is the interior of the train.

Source: Train36

Before booking your tickets, here’s a quick look at daily train timings.

For the uninitiated, boarding time will be as follows:

  • JB Sentral:
    • Open 30 minutes before departure time
    • Closed 10 minutes before departure time.
  • Woodlands:
    • Open 40 minutes before departure time
    • Closed 20 minutes before departure time.

KTM Train Singapore to JB Schedule — From Woodlands to JB Sentral:

Shuttle Service NumberDeparting TimeArrival Time
ST728:30:00 AM8:35:00 AM
ST749:45:00 AM9:50:00 AM
ST7611:00:00 AM11:05:00 AM
ST7812:30:00 PM12:35:00 PM
ST801:45:00 PM1:50:00 PM
ST823:00:00 PM3:05:00 PM
ST844:15:00 PM4:20:00 PM
ST865:30:00 PM5:35:00 PM
ST886:45:00 PM6:50:00 PM
ST908:00:00 PM8:05:00 PM
ST929:15:00 PM9:20:00 PM
ST9410:30:00 PM10:35:00 PM
ST9611:45:00 PM11:50:00 PM

Source: KTM | Effective 12 Oct 2023. Timings are subject to change.

KTM Train JB to Singapore Schedule — From JB Sentral to Woodlands

Shuttle Service NumberDeparting TimeArrival Time
ST615:00:00 AM5:05:00 AM
ST635:30:00 AM5:35:00 AM
ST656:00:00 AM6:05:00 AM
ST676:30:00 AM6:35:00 AM
ST697:00:00 AM7:05:00 AM
ST717:30:00 AM7:35:00 AM
ST738:45:00 AM8:50:00 AM
ST7510:00:00 AM10:05:00 AM
ST7711:30:00 AM11:35:00 AM
ST7912:45:00 PM12:50:00 PM
ST812:00:00 PM2:05:00 PM
ST833:15:00 PM3:20:00 PM
ST852:30:00 PM2:35:00 PM
ST875:45:00 PM5:50:00 PM
ST897:00:00 PM7:05:00 PM
ST918:15:00 PM8:20:00 PM
ST939:30:00 PM9:35:00 PM
ST9510:45:00 PM10:50:00 PM

Source: KTM | Effective 12 Oct 2023. Timings are subject to change.

For the latest timings, click this way.

A few things to note:

  • Book your ticket online a few weeks in advance, especially if your trip is over the weekend, on a public holiday, or during the school holiday period.  
  • Reservations open only one month in advance
  • The passenger’s Name, Passport Number, and Passport Expiry Date are required (Passport expiry date must be at least 30 days before departure date)
  • Ticket purchase via the counter is limited to four tickets per transaction
    • The counter will stop selling tickets 20 minutes before the train’s departure time
    • But, it is best to book your tickets in advance to avoid disappointment
  • Ticket purchase online is limited to six tickets per transaction
  • One passport can only be used to book once, whether it’s individual or for family and friends
  • Ticket amendment is NOT allowed.

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Step-by-Step Guide To Booking Your KTM Train Tickets to JB

Step 1: Go to https://shuttleonline.ktmb.com.my/Home/Shuttle and click ‘Login / sign up’. You should see the display picture below on your screen.

Source: KTM

Step 2: Next, you will have to create an account with KTM. You can choose between your Facebook account, Google account, or your own personal email. If you already have an account, you can skip this step.

Source: KTM

Step 3: Complete the signup process and/or log in after you have done so.

Step 4: Select your departure date and choose ‘I AM TRAVELLING ONE WAY’. Then, select the timing.

Source: KTMB
Source: KTMB

Step 5: Confirm your order; fill out your details and proceed to payment.

It’s important to note that one passport can only be used to book once, whether it’s individual or for family and friends. Ticket purchase online is limited to six tickets per transaction.

Source: KTMB

Step 6: Select your mode of payment and complete payment.

Source: KTMB

Step 7: You will receive an email confirmation if you successfully bought the ticket. You can also download the KTMB Mobile app on iOS and Android to check your tickets.

The revised ticketing system means you can pay with a Visa or Mastercard credit card or use Malaysian bank accounts and e-wallets like the KTM Wallet, Touch ‘n Go eWallet, and Boost.

This is excellent news because you can use a credit card and get your rewards!

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Woodlands Train Checkpoint

Woodlands Train Checkpoint is located right next to Woodlands Checkpoint.

Source: StreetDirectory.com

Address: 11 Woodlands Crossing, Singapore 738103

Nearest MRT: Marsiling station (Red Line / North-South Line)

Available Buses: 170, 178, 856, 903, 911, 912, 913, 950.
Alight at Woodlands Train Checkpoint.

Final Step: Immigration and entering into JB

Because your ticket is linked to your passport, there’s no need to have your passport manually verified.

Here’s an overview of the revised process:

Source: KTM

If all else fails (i.e. if somehow there’s a screw-up), you may need to show your e-ticket and do a manual passport check. So have it ready, just in case!

Also, you’ll clear both Singapore and Malaysia immigration on the same side before you board the train.

Though the queue may sometimes seem long, it’s nothing compared to taking a bus or cab into JB.

But, getting to Woodlands Train Checkpoint can also be challenging unless you cab there.

Otherwise, you will have to squeeze alongside many others on the bus.

Here’s a quick estimate of bus fares to Woodlands Train Checkpoint:

  • SGD1.09 by Bus 903, 911, 912 & 912B from Woodlands Interchange
  • SGD1.19 by Bus 856 & 856A from Woodlands Interchange
  • SGD2.24 by Bus 178 from Woodlands Interchange

Note: Woodlands Checkpoint and Woodlands Train Checkpoint are side-by-side! If you alight wrongly at the Woodlands Train Checkpoint instead of Woodlands Checkpoint, simply take a 10mins walk from the train checkpoint to Woodlands Checkpoint.

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Buses From Singapore to JB

Public transport is the way to go if you don’t own a car!

For public transport, you can consider taking the following bus services from Woodlands Checkpoint (aka Woodlands CIQ) or Tuas Checkpoint (aka Tuas CIQ).

To avoid doubt, the JB Checkpoint via Woodlands is called JB CIQ, while the checkpoint via Tuas is called JB Second Link CIQ (or 2nd Link CIQ).

Singapore Bus Operators
160Jurong Town Hall Bus Interchange > JB Sentral Larkin Terminal
170Queen Street Terminal > Woodlands CIQ > JB Sentral Larkin Terminal
170XOpposite Kranji MRT station > JB Sentral Larkin Terminal
950Woodlands Temp Bus Interchange > JB CIQ
TS1Changi Airport Terminal 1 > Woodlands CIQ > JB CIQ
TS3Marina Square > Woodlands CIQ > JB CIQ
TS6Buona Vista > Tuas CIQ > Gelang Patah Sentral
TS8Resort World Sentosa > Woodlands CIQ > JB CIQ
Malaysia Bus Operators
AC7Yishun Bus Interchange > Woodlands CIQ > JB CIQ
CW1Kranji MRT station > Woodlands Checkpoint > Larkin Sentral
CW2Queenstreet Terminal > Woodlands Checkpoint > Larkin Sentral
CW3*Jurong Town Hall Bus Interchange > CIQ Checkpoint > Perling Mall
CW3L*CIQ 2nd Link > Perling Mall
CW3S*CIQ 2nd Link > Terminal TUTA
CW4*Jurong Town Hall Bus Interchange > Tuas Checkpoint > CIQ > Terminal Pontian
CW4G*CIQ 2nd Link > Terminal Gelang Patah
CW4S*Jurong Town Hall Bus Interchange > Terminal Sutera Mall
CW5Newton Circus > JB CIQ
CW6*Boon Lay MRT > CIQ 2nd Link > Perling Mall
CW7*Opp Tuas Link Station > CIQ 2nd Link > Terminal Geland Patah
CW7L*CIQ 2nd Link > Hotel Ramada Meridin JB

*These buses will make multiple stops in between.

Passengers can pay for public bus fares using EZ-Link, ManjaLink (exclusive to Causeway buses), or cash.

If you choose to pay with cash, it’s advised to tender the exact fare as change will not be provided. Upon cash payment, passengers will receive a ticket that must be retained for the duration of the journey until arrival at the destination.

The estimated bus fares according to are as follows:

  • To Woodlands Checkpoint (CIQ):
    • SGD2.20 by Bus 170 from Queen Street Terminal
    • SGD1.09 by Bus 170X from Opposite Kranji Station
    • SGD1.19 by Bus 950 from Woodlands Interchange
    • SGD1.96 by Bus 160 from Jurong Town Hall Interchange
  • To Johor Bahru Checkpoint (CIQ):
    • SGD1.90 by Bus 950 from Woodlands Interchange
    • SGD1.90 by Bus 160 from Jurong Town Hall Interchange
    • SGD2.20 by Bus 170 from Queen Street Terminal
    • SGD2.20 by Bus 170X from Opposite Kranji Station
  • To JB Sentral Larkin Terminal (the bus terminal just after JB Checkpoint):
    • SGD2.60 by Causeway Link CW1
    • SGD2.50 by SBS 170.
  • Causeway Link (CW) Buses:
    • CW1: SGD2.60 / MYR2.60
    • CW2: SGD4.80 / MYR4.80
    • CW3: SGD5.00 / MYR6.00
    • CW3L: SGD4.00 / MYR4.00
    • CW3S: SGD5.30 / MYR5.30
    • CW4: SGD5.00 / MYR8.00
    • CW4G: SGD4.50 / MYR4.50
    • CW4S: SGD6.00 / MYR6.00
    • CW5: SGD4.60 / MYR4.60
    • CW6: SGD5.00 / MYR6.00
    • CW7: SGD4.50 / MYR4.50
    • CW7L: MYR2.80

When heading back to Singapore, there are also blue factory buses from the JB Sentral Checkpoint.

The transport fee is between MYR2 to MYR5, so keep some change if you want to consider this.

The plus point is that there will be seats, so you can still rest even if there’s a jam when returning home.

And if you want to check the traffic conditions, there are cameras at both checkpoints for estimated traffic conditions.

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Cross-Border Taxis From Singapore to JB

And for those who want to avoid all the inconveniences associated with other modes of transport, a cross-border taxi is the closest thing we can get.

Well, since this is a private service, you can’t be expecting it to be… cheap.

Cross-border taxi fares range from SGD15 to SGD120.

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Taking the Bus to JB via Grab

If you don’t know already, Grab has a feature where you can book a bus to these parts of Malaysia – Cameron Highlands, Genting Highlands, Johor, Perak, Malacca, Kedah, Kelantan, Kuala Lumpur, KL Airport Area, Negeri Sembilan, Pahang, Penang, Perlis, Selangor, and Terengganu.

There are multiple pick-up points in Singapore, and of course, the further the distance, the higher the charges. These are the prices for a one-way trip to the JB CIQ Checkpoint:

Pick-up Price
Expo $9
Woodlands Civic Centre $3
Marsiling MRT $3
Near SATS Flight Kitchen $11
Mera Terr $9
Changi Airport Terminal 1 $11
Raffles Town Club (Whitley Road) $6
BLK 16 Cantonment Link $7
Stevens Ct (Stevens Road) $6
Thong Teck Building (Scotts Road) $6
Outram Park MRT Station $7
Resort World Sentosa $8
Great World City (Zion Road) $7
Changi Airport Terminal 4 $11

Look out for a bus with the Transtar logo at your pick-up location.


The bus will take you directly to Woodlands Checkpoint, which will wait approximately 15 minutes while you complete customs.

At this juncture, other travellers who haven’t made reservations through Grab can also board the bus for a fee of SGD2. However, this doesn’t mean you’ll forfeit your seat if the bus becomes full. If you notice a line forming at the bus entrance, simply present your ticket – it serves as your express pass to board the bus.

Given the significant number of visitors to JB each weekend, don’t fret; you can always catch the next Transtar bus. Just use your ticket as proof to avoid any additional charges.

While we mentioned that you can take a one-way trip to JB, you can also book a return trip to Singapore with Grab with prices starting from SGD2.98. The bus will likely arrive at the bus terminal (after you clear the Malaysian customs) 15 minutes before the scheduled departure.

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Apply For E-gate For Faster Clearance

You can streamline your journey to JB and save valuable time using Malaysia’s electronic gate (e-gate) system. This allows you to enter Malaysia through the automated gate, bypassing the need to go through the traditional manual immigration counters.

This is highly convenient if you travel to Malaysia often, where there are three places you can use the e-gate – Kuala Lumpur International Airport Terminals 1 and 2, Johor Bahru Checkpoint, and Tuas Checkpoint.

These are the steps to follow on how to apply for e-gate.

Step 1: Submit the Malaysia Digital Arrival Card (MDAC) Form

This form must be filled out within 3 calendar days of your departure.

Step 2: Register the E-gate at the Manual Counters

You will need to verify your passport in the e-gate system through the manual counters. Be sure to inform the immigration officer at the counter that you’ve submitted an MDAC and that you want to register for e-gate.

Note: This service is only available from Monday to Thursday now, based on personal experiences by yours truly (I’ve already tried four times, but all my attempts were futile).

Step 3: Exit JB via Manual Counters on the Day You Registered Successfully

You are advised to only start using the e-gate from your next trip as the system will not have your entry records to Malaysia. If you exited JB via the e-gate on the day you registered, there might be complications or more questioning about your immigration record.

So, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Lastly, we feel some caveats are important to point out.

Your Registration Might Be Successful, But It Can Still Get Rejected at The E-gate

As this system is still in its infancy stage, there are bound to be some kinks to iron out.

You might have heard that some individuals have registered the e-gate successfully, but they still couldn’t use the system and were told that they didn’t have the e-gate registered, resulting in them having to redo the entire process again.

Also, there are rumours about individuals who could not register for e-gate. I have encountered stories from friends who couldn’t register over the counter without official reasons but were asked about their nationalities.

But again, I do know individuals who are converted Singaporeans and were able to register for the e-gate.

So, the advice here is to clarify so that you understand why you were rejected in the first place.

Note: While news reported that Singaporeans no longer need to submit MDAC everytime they use the e-gate, recent visits to JB still required me to do so. So, if you don’t want to risk getting stuck at the gate and keying in your details on the spot, just do it.

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Skip JB And Go Desaru

If JB is too crowded for your tastes, why not consider a holiday to Desaru instead?

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