Cost of driving license in Singapore

Singaporean’s Ultimate Guide: How Much Does It Cost To Get A Driving License?

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Getting A Car License in Singapore

Daunting car prices and the need to earn at least $7,500 a month to buy a car certainly did not stop many Singaporeans from getting a car license first.

All thanks to the kiasu mindset of Singaporeans, getting a car license now holds the same amount of importance as receiving our education.

Speaking from the experience of someone who suffered mockeries for not having a driving license at age 29, getting a driving license is indeed IMPORTANT.

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But first, in-depth research into the cost of getting a driving license is a must!

TL;DR – Cost Of Getting A Driving License In Singapore (School vs Private)

To get your driving license in Singapore, you can either get it as a school or private candidate.

For those who choose to take your driving license as a school candidate, there are three driving schools in Singapore which they can go for:

  • Bukit Batok Driving Centre (BBDC)
  • ComfortDelGro Driving Centre (CDC)
  • Singapore Safety Driving Centre (SSDCL)

If you choose to go the private route, you will need to source for your own private instructor.

With these considerations in mind, I did a summary of the total cost of getting a driving license:

ItemDriving SchoolPrivate Instructor
Enrolment$96.30$70 - $90
Digital Photograph$6.42$6.42
Eyesight Test$1.82$1.82
Basic Theory Lessons$68.48
(4 Lessons)
Basic Theory Test$6.50$6.50
Provisional Driving License$25$25
Practical Driving Lessons$1,369.60 - $2,140
(for 20-25 lessons)
$825 - $1,140
(15-20 lessons)
Circuit LessonsIncluded$290
(5 lessons)
Final Theory Test$6.50$6.50
Practical Driving Test$33$33
Rental Cost For Test Car$171.20$250
Warm-up Session$38.52-
Driving License$50$50
TOTAL$1,873.34 - $2,643.74$1,564.24 - $1,879.24

Course Outline To Getting A Class 3/3A Driving License In Singapore

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Getting a driving license in Singapore is a complicated process that involves a combination of theory lessons, theory tests, practical lessons, and then finally a practical test.

What do I do after enrolling for driving at Comfort Delgro Driving School (Ubi)?
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Trust Singaporean to turn any paper certification into rocket science… What type of cheemology is this?!

Cross-referencing the course outline across all three driving schools, I came out with a general step-by-step course guideline that’s roughly applicable across all schools.

After enrolling into a Class 3/3A driving course, here’s what a general outline of the course looks like:

StepNameNumber of lessons/ practicesType
1Classroom Theory Lesson or E-learning4Theory
2Basic Theory Test (BTT) Trial Practices2
3Basic Theory Test (BTT)Until you passTest
4Apply for Provisional Driving LicenceApplication
5Attend Practical LessonsAbout 20-25Practical
6Final Theory Test (FTT) Trial Practices2Theory
7Final Theory TestUntil you passTest
8Apply for Traffic Police Practical Driving TestApplication
9Practical Revision LessonsAbout 3-5Practical
10Traffic Police Practical Driving TestTest

All You Need To Know Before Making A Decision On Where To Get Your Driving License

Here’s a list of frequently asked questions to help accelerate your process on making a decision as to where should you take your driving license.

Just when you thought the price of cars in Singapore is crazy enough, we also have to pay quite a bit of money just to learn how to drive the vehicle.

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Class 3 vs Class 3A

What Is The Difference Between A Class 3 And Class 3A License?

If you are wondering if a Class 3 or a Class 3A driving license makes more sense, here are the main differences between the two:

Class of driving licenseType
Class 3(a) Motor cars of unladen weight not exceeding 3000 kg with not more than 7 passengers, exclusive of the driver; and

(b) Motor tractors and other motor vehicles of unladen weight not exceeding 2500 kg
Class 3A(a) Motor Cars without clutch pedals of unladen weight not exceeding 3000 kg with not more than 7 passengers exclusive of the driver; and

(b) Motor tractors and other motor vehicles without clutch pedals of unladen weight not exceeding 2500 kg.

In short, Class 3A is for cars with automatic transmission (or auto cars) – which makes up the majority of the cars on the road. If you hold a Class 3A driving license, you can only drive an auto car.

If you have a Class 3 driving license, you can drive cars with automatic or manual transmission.

Driving School

More Information On Bukit Batok Driving Centre (BBDC), Singapore Safety Driving Centre (SSDCL) And ComfortDelGro Driving Centre

There are a total of three driving schools in Singapore. So if you’re looking to enrol with a driving school, remember to take note of the location of these driving schools.

Afterall, you wouldn’t want to travel to Bukit Batok Driving Centre if you are living somewhere in the East of Singapore…

The details for each school are as follows:

Driving SchoolAddressWebsiteContact InformationOpening Hours
Bukit Batok Driving Centre
815 Bukit Batok West Avenue 5, Singapore 659085 6561 1233

Monday to Friday: 8.30am - 7.30pm
Saturday & Sunday: 8.30am - 1pm

Closed on Public Holidays
Singapore Safety Driving Centre
2 Woodlands Industrial Park E4 Singapore 757387 6482 6060Monday to Friday : 8.30am - 8.00pm
Saturday & Sunday : 8.30am - 2.35pm

Closed on Public Holidays
ComfortDelGro Driving Centre205 Ubi Ave 4 Singapore 408805 6841 8900Monday to Friday:
9:00am – 7:00pm

Saturday & Sunday
8:30am – 12:30pm

Closed on Public Holidays

Comparison Of Driving School Enrolment Cost

The enrolment fee at a driving school is usually higher than that of a private driving instructor.

If you are interested in taking your driving lessons with a school, here’s a comparison of the enrolment fee between Bukit Batok Driving Centre (BBDC), Singapore Safety Driving Centre (SSDCL), and ComfortDelGro Driving Centre (CDC):

 Enrolment FeeCourse Extension Fee
Bukit Batok Driving Centre
$96.30$8.03 per month
Singapore Safety Driving Centre
$174.09$48.15 (6 months)
ComfortDelGro Driving Centre$171.20$53.50 (6 months)

As the enrolment membership is only valid for one year, it will be the most economical to get your driving license within a year upon enrolment to prevent incurring extra cost through membership extension.


Which Driving School Is The Cheapest For Driving Practical Lessons?

As seen in the table above, practical lessons take up the biggest bulk of the total cost of a driving license.

On average, a candidate will take around 20 to 25 driving practical lessons to complete the syllabus.

If you’re planning to start your driving lessons with a driving school, you also have to keep in mind that there are peak and off-peak rates which depend on the time you plan to take your lessons.

Here’s a compilation of the lesson fees:

Name of Driving SchoolPractical Lesson Fees
Practical Lesson Fees
Bukit Batok Driving Centre
(100 mins/session)
(100 mins/session)
Singapore Safety Driving Centre
(120 mins/session)
(120 mins/session)
ComfortDelGro Driving Centre$68.48
(100 mins/session)
(100 mins/session)

Total Cost Of Traffic Police Test Fees

The costs of all the Traffic Police tests are standardised for all Singaporeans.

In order to get your driving license, there is a total of three tests you need to pass. You will need to pass:

  • Basic Theory Test (BTT)
  • Final Theory Test (FTT)
  • Practical Driving Test

Here’s a compilation of the cost of the Traffic Police tests:

Traffic Police TestHow much does it cost?
Basic Theory Test$6.50
Final Theory Test$6.50
Practical Driving Test$33

Orange Car

Total Cost Of Practical Test Car Rental And Warm-up Session

Do take note that for the Practical Driving test, you’ll need to rent a test vehicle from the driving school. Here are the rates for practical test vehicle rental for school candidates:

Name Of Driving SchoolCost Of Practical Test Car Rental
Bukit Batok Driving Centre
Singapore Safety Driving Centre
ComfortDelGro Driving Centre$273.92
(Warm-up session included)

For ComfortDelGro Driving Centre, the practical test vehicle rental fee includes the cost of the warm-up session before the test. For the other two schools, the warm-up practical lesson cost is as follows:

Name Of Driving SchoolCost Of Warm-up Practical lesson
Bukit Batok Driving Centre
Singapore Safety Driving Centre
ComfortDelGro Driving Centre$273.92
(Packaged together with car rental cost)

What Is The Average Cost Of Taking A Driving License With A Private Driving Instructor?

While it is true that there are candidates who passed their driving license at a much lower cost by taking lessons from private driving instructors, it ultimately depends on the individual’s pace of learning.

Here’s an average range of the cost of taking a driving license with a private driving instructor:

ItemPrivate Instructor
Practical Driving LessonsAbout $55 - $57 per lesson
Circuit LessonAbout $58 per lesson

An entire cost usually takes up about 20 to 25 lessons, including 5 circuit lessons. Hence, the total cost to expect if you went with a private driving instructor will be about $875 – $1,165.

Pros and cons

Pros And Cons Of Taking Driving Lessons From Driving School And Private Driving Instructor

To help you make a smarter personal finance decision, here are the pros and cons of taking lessons with the school and private driving instructor:

FactorsDriving SchoolPrivate Driving Instructor
Passing RateBelieved to have higher passing rateBelieved to have lower passing rate
CostMore costlyMore economical
SyllabusFollows a strict syllabusDepends on the learning speed of an individual
Number of InstructorsRotates around a few instructors1 Instructor throughout (more consistent coaching)

Do take these factors into consideration, coupled with the total cost involved before making a decision!

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