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How Much Does It Cost To Get A Class 2B Motorcycle Licence?

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“Damn bro… What a sik bike! #class”

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Those were my friend’s exact words – even though he has yet to get his bike licence.

For the bike noobs wondering what’s the big deal with that bike.

That’s a Yamaha R15 v3 (read: very VERY fast sports bike).

And that’s his dream bike even though the motorcycle insurance of a sports bike is usually higher.

As onz as he was about getting his motorcycle licence, he was unsure how much it would cost to get his Class 2B licence and even simple stuff like how and where to enrol.

Well… Listen up my young Padawans! I’m about to drop some serious knowledge.

TL;DR: Cost Of Getting A Class 2B Motorcycle Licence In Singapore

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So if you’re planning to get your bike licence, you probably want to know how much to set aside when getting your Class 2B motorcycle licence. And the cost of getting your Class 2B licence is… $636.25.

Here’s the breakdown:

ItemTotal CostsAssumptions
Enrolment, Digital Photograph, Eyesight Test, Theory lessons- BTT, RTT and Defensive Riding
(7 in total)
$165Average cost among three driving schools
Theory Practice$4.28 x 4 = $17.12Assuming theory practice is compulsory across all schools
1 x for BTT
3 x RTT
Internal Evaluation Fee$5.71 x 2 = $11.42Assuming you take internal evaluation twice
(1 x BTT, 1 x RTT)
Basic Theory Test (BTT)$6.50Assuming pass on first attempt
Provisional Driving License (PDL)$25-
Practical Orientation Lessons$23.54Assuming all schools have
1 x orientation lesson
Practical Riding Circuit Lessons$25.68 x 5 = $128.40Assuming off peak
(5 x circuit lessons, each pass on first attempt)
Practical Riding Road Lessons$36.38 x 2
= $72.76
Assuming off peak
(2x road lessons, pass on first attempt)
Individual On-Road Practical Evaluation$56.71Assuming off peak
(1 x Evaluation, pass on first attempt)
Riding Theory Test (RTT)$6.50Assuming pass on first attempt
Traffic Police Test (TP)$33-
Rental Cost For Motorcycle$40.30-
Expressway Familiarisation RidingFREEAssuming you do not have a second and subsequent booking
Driving License$50-

Note: Where applicable, the costs listed are an average of the three driving centres which provide Class 2B lessons.

Of course, this is assuming you pass everything on the first try. So you’ll only have to spend the minimum amount of money.

And mind you, this is only for the bike licence. I haven’t even talked about how much it would cost you to get your own motorcycle yet.

My advice? START SAVING when you can!

Where To Get A Class 2B Licence In Singapore

To get your riding licence in Singapore, you can only do it with a registered school that provides riding lessons. Unlike a driver’s licence for a car, there isn’t a private route for Class 2B.

There are three driving schools in Singapore which you can enrol yourself in for a Class 2B motorcycle licence:

  • Bukit Batok Driving Centre (BBDC)
  • ComfortDelGro Driving Centre (CDC)
  • Singapore Safety Driving Centre (SSDC)

Hacks To Get Your Class 2B Licence In The Shortest Time

If you’ve checked out the course outline for 2B lessons and are feeling confused, well… you’re not alone. I too was confused when I was just starting out.

But as I’ve gone through it before, here are some hacks that you can use so you can zoom through (haha, pun intended) them.

As always, I gotchu fam.

2Admin matters i.e eyesight test etc--
3Theory LessonsAs required by schoolYou can do Step 3,4,5 & 6 concurrently as you do not need a PDL for circuit practical lessons.
4Practical Lessons (Circuit)As required by schoolYou will have to pass that lesson before progressing to the next lesson
5Theory Trial Test (for BTT)As required by schoolSome schools make it compulsory to take the trial tests before allowing you to book the TP BTT
6Apply for TP BTT and get PDL-Must pass BTT (45/50) to get PDL. With a PDL, you can proceed with practical on-road lessons
7Practical Lessons (On-road lessons)As required by schoolYou can do Steps 7,8,9,10 concurrently
Can only go on the road after you pass your BTT and get a PDL
8Defensive Riding Theory LessonsAs required by schoolNeed to finish before you can book TP test
9Theory Trial Test (for RTT)As required by schoolNeed to pass before you can book TP test
10Apply for TP RTT-Must pass RTT (45/50)
11Book TP TestUntil you passCan only book when you have completed RTT and defensive riding theory
12TP TestUntil you pass
13Expressway familiarisation course1 sessionFirst session is free

So… What’s The Difference Between A Class 2B, Class 2A, And Class 2 Licence?

Unlike other countries, a Singaporean rider with a licence of a specific class is on probation for a year before he or she can obtain the next higher class of motorcycle licence. In Singapore, you’ll start with a Class 2B, upgrade to a Class 2A, before finally obtaining a Class 2.

The difference in class of motorcycle licence also governs the engine capacity of the motorcycle you can ride:

ClassEngine Capacity
Class 2B<200cc
Class 2Abetween 201cc and 400cc
Class 2above 400cc

Basically, a Class 2B bike has the least power while a Class 2 bike has the most power – which also means you can reach higher speeds faster when riding a Class 2 bike vs a Class 2B bike.

On top of that, you will still have to go through another round of lessons AND a TP test, just to get the next higher class of licence each time you wish to upgrade your motorbike licence.

Source: giphy

I know right… 

Now that you understand what’s the difference between the classes. Let’s start with enrolling for Class 2B lessons first, and slowly make your way up.

A Comparison Of Class 2B Costs Across The 3 Schools

Putting aside the quality of training or stuff like which school has the best instructors, the cost is usually a critical factor when deciding which school to go to for your Class 2B motorcycle licence.

Here’s a breakdown of the different costs across the three different schools:

Digital Photograph
Eyesight Test
Theory lessons- BTT and RTT and Defensive (7 in total)
Theory Practice$5.35 each (compulsory) (optional)$3.21 each (optional)
Internal Evaluation Fee$5.35 per session (compulsory)Off-peak: $6.42

Peak: $7.49
per session
$5.35 per Session
Basic Theory TP Test (BTT)S$6.50 each
Riding Theory TP Test (RTT)
Provisional Driving License (PDL)$25
Orientation lessonsOff-peak: $21.40

Peak: $23.54
Off-peak: $25.68

Peak: $28.89
Practical Riding LessonsCircuit Practical LessonsOff-peak: $25.68

Peak: $27.82
(120 minutes)
Off-peak: $25.68

Peak: $28.89
(100 minutes)
Off-peak: $25.68

Peak: $29.96
(100 minutes)
On-Road Practical LessonsOff-peak: $36.38

Peak: $38.52
(120 minutes)
Off-peak: $36.38

Peak: $39.59
(100 minutes)
Off-peak: $36.38

Peak: $40.66
(100 minutes)
On-Road Practical Evaluation Off-peak: $54.57

Peak: $56.71
Off-peak: $55.64

Peak: $58.85
Off-peak: $59.92

Peak: $62.06
(subject 8.01)
Circuit RevisionOff-peak: S$12.84

Peak: S$14.98
(120 minutes)
Road RevisionOff-peak: $36.38

Peak: $38.52
(120 minutes)
Traffic Police Test (TP)$33
Rental Cost For MotorcycleS$37.45$48.15$35.31
Expressway Familiarisation Ride (EFR)* - Free for first booking
Chargeable from second booking onwards
Off-peak: $36.38

Peak: $38.52
Driving License$50
AssumptionsEnrolment, Digital Photographs and Eyesight test, Theory lessonsEnrolment, Digital Photographs and Eyesight test, Theory lessonsEnrolment, Digital Photographs and Eyesight test, Theory lessons
Theory Practice
1 x BTT
3 x RTT
Theory Practice- Assuming optional and one doesn't takeTheory Practice- Assuming optional and one doesn't take
Internal Evaluation
1 x BTT
1 x RTT
PDL application fee
Orientation lessonNA
5 x circuit practical lessons
2 x on-road practical lessons
1 x on-road evaluation
Traffic Police Test
TP Test Vehicle Rental
EFR - Assuming Free
Driving Licence Application

For your ease of reference, here’s how much your Class 2B licence will cost if you went to:

  • BBDC: $615.02
  • CDC: $630.54 (most expensive)
  • SSDC: $609.67

Other Useful Stuff To Know When Taking Your Class 2B Motorcycle Licence

I remember the immense confusion I was in with all the different kinds of info my friends, who already had their 2B licence, were sharing with me.

If you’re a newbie looking to start Class 2B lessons, here are some of the things that you should know before you enrol:

  1. You don’t need a PDL to start your circuit lessons (lessons 1-4 for SSDC, lessons 1-5 for CDC and BBDC). A PDL is only needed if you want to go on the road. So don’t waste time!
  2. If you have already passed your BTT previously, you don’t have to retake your BTT again. You will just have to apply for a PDL at the Traffic Police website and can start your on-road lessons.
  3. You can take different lessons concurrently. You do not have to complete your BTT lessons, get your PDL, then start your practical lessons. Similarly, you do not have to wait till you have completed your RTT and Defensive Riding Theory Lessons before starting your practical lessons. Why wait when you can do all of these concurrently and get that 2B licence in the shortest time possible?
  4. If you have a copy of your passport-sized photo at home, you do not have to take your digital photograph at the driving centre. This way, you can save some money too!
  5. To pass your BTT and RTT TP tests, you will have to get a score of 45/50 and above.

Know an even cheaper or faster way to get your Class 2B licence? Let me know in the comments below!


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