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Does Your Diploma Gives You The Highest Starting Salary?

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Not sure if you should pursue further studies or jump straight into the workforce upon graduating from poly?

According to The Straits Times, fresh graduates from polytechnics did better in employment and were able to command higher salaries than the previous years.

We have previously gone through which University pays you the best and it would be good if you could look through both articles to have a rough gauge of what you are in for.

Or maybe, if you feel the need to convince yourself that you’ve chosen the right course (confirmation bias y’know?) This article might just be the one for you.

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TL;DR – Which diploma holds the highest salary?

Course CategoryFresh GraduatesPost-NS GraduateFresh and Post-NS Graduate
Arts, Design & Media$2,050$2,500$2,200
Built Environment$2,200$2,500$2,260
Health Sciences$2,500$2,689$2,523
Humanities & Social Sciences$2,300$2,607$2,300
Information & Digital Technologies$2,200$2,500$2,390
All Courses$2,270$2,501$2,350
  • Fresh graduates: Females not serving National Service (NS) after their graduation.
  • Post-NS graduates: Male poly graduates who completed their studies and their full-time NS.

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Starting Salaries of Polytechnic Graduates Based on Their Diploma

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Built Environment, Engineering & Maritime

CourseWhich Poly?Fresh GraduatesPost-NS Graduates
Aeronautical & Aerospace Technology;
Aeronautical Engineering;
Aerospace Engineering;
Aerospace Technology
NYP, NP, RP, SP, TP2,2002,400
Aerospace Avionics;
Aerospace Electronics;
Aerospace Systems and Management
NYP, NP, RP, SP, TP2,2002,525
Automation & Mechatronic Systems;
Mechatronic Engineering;
Mechatronics & Robotics;
Mechatronics Engineering
NYP, NP, SP, TP2,2502,428
Business Process & Systems Engineering;
Industrial and Operations Management
RP, TP2,100NA
Computer Engineering;
Electronic & Computer Engineering;
Electronics, Computer & Communications Engineering;
Media & Communication Technology;
NYP, NP, TP2,2002,500
Digital & Precision EngineeringNYP2,200NA
Electrical & Electronic EngineeringRP2,200-
Electrical & Electronic Engineering;
Electrical Engineering;
Electrical Engineering with Eco-Design
NYP, NP, SP2,1752,450
Hotel & Leisure Facilities Management;
Integrated Facility Management;
Leisure & Business Facilities Management
NP, SP, TP2,200NA
Mechanical EngineeringNP, SP2,2502,500
Multimedia & InfoComm Technology;
Telematics & Media Technology

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Information & Digital Technologies

CourseWhich Poly?Fresh GraduatesPost-NS Graduates
Business Applications;
Business Information Systems;
Business Information Technology
RP, SP2,155NA
Information TechnologyNYP, NP, RP, SP, TP2,2002,450

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Applied Sciences

CourseWhich Poly?Fresh GraduatesPost-NS Graduates
Applied Chemistry with Pharmaceutical Science;
Chemical & Pharmaceutical Technology
NYP, SP2,094NA
Applied Food Science & Nutrition;
Food Science & Nutrition;
Food Science & Technology
NYP, SP, TP1,970NA
Molecular Biotechnology
NYP, NP, RP, SP, TP2,004NA
Pharmaceutical Science;
Pharmaceutical Sciences;
Pharmacy Science
NYP, NP, RP, TP2,050NA

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Health Sciences

CourseWhich Poly?Fresh GraduatesPost-NS Graduates
Health Management and Promotion;
Healthcare Administration
Health Sciences [Nursing];
NYP, NP2,5002,570
OptometryNP, SP2,700NA

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Business, Management, Design & Others

CourseWhich Poly?Fresh GraduatesPost-NS Graduates
Accountancy & Finance;
Accounting & Finance
NYP, NP, SP, TP2,025NA
Advertising & Public Relations;
Communications & Media Management;
Communication and information Design;
Mass Communication;
Mass Media Management;
Media and Communication;
Media Production and Design;
New Media
NYP, NP, RP, SP, TP2,0002,750
Animation & 3D Arts;
Digital Animation;
Digital Film & Television;
Digital Media Design [Animation];
Digital Visual Effects;
Film, Sound & Video;
Motion Graphics & Broadcast Design;
Moving Images;
Visual Effects;
Visual Effects & Motion Graphics
NYP, NP, SP, TP2,100NA
Banking & Financial Services;
Banking & Finance
NYP, NP, SP2,305NA
Business Administration;
Business Management;
Business Studies;
International Business
NYP, NP, SP, TP2,1002,510
Child Psychology & Early Education;
Early Childhood Education;
Early Childhood Studies
NP, TP2,300NA
Culinary & Catering Management;
Food & Beverage Business;
Restaurant and Culinary Operations
NYP, RP, TP2,000NA
Customer Relationship and Service ManagementRP2,000NA
Hospitality & Tourism Management;
Hotel and Hospitality Management;
Integrated Events & Project Management; Integrated Events Management;
Leisure & Resort Management;
Tourism & Resort Management
NYP, NP, RP, SP, TP2,0002,500
Interior Architecture & Design;
Interior Design;
Retail & Hospitality Design;
Space & Interior Design
NYP, SP, TP2,000NA
Communication Design;
Visual Communication;
Visual Communication & Media Design
NYP, SP, TP2,000NA
Wellness, Lifestyle and Spa ManagementRP2,000NA

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Figures obtained from Ministry of Manpower

1. Employment Number refers to the actual number of employed persons who responded to the survey and indicated they were employed on a full-time permanent basis.
2. Full-time permanent employment refers to the employment of at least 35 hours a week excluding temporary contracts. It includes those on contracts of one year or more.
3. Gross monthly starting salary comprises the basic salary, fixed allowances, overtime pay and commissions. Bonuses are excluded.
4. NA – Data is too small.


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