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Discover Your Singapore Airlines Experience: Is It Worth It?

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After netizens made noise about the potential environmental impact of SIA’s ‘flights to nowhere’ initiative, Singapore Airlines (SGX: C6L) quickly ditched the idea and decided to rethink their offerings.

And guess what?

They’re back with three new initiatives to engage with customers amidst this COVID-19 pandemic.

And frankly… they’re not bad.

Source: Singapore Airlines

Some of the experiences are a tad expensive for my taste though.

But hey, if you’ve ever wondered how the food in first-class tastes like.

Or if you’ve always wondered how The SIA Girls are able to achieve such an immaculate chignon — their signature hairstyle.

Then it might not be a bad idea to try a Discover Your Singapore Airlines Experience.

[email protected]

Source: Singapore Airlines

Prefer to nua at home but miss the SIA in-flight meals you get on first- or business-class?

How about getting them delivered to you instead?

Where you can have them with your choice of wine or champagne.

[email protected] PackagePrice (excluding GST)
Wine and Dine First Class Meal for Two with either a bottle of Burgundy red or white wine
(comes with a pair of First Class amenity kits)
Starts from $448
Wine and Dine Business Class Meal for Two with either a bottle of French wine of brut champagne
(comes with a pair of Business Class amenity kits)
Starts from $288

Wanna up the atas factor?

You can opt for add-ons like getting your food served on tableware designed for SIA.

Or even go for the book-the-chef dining experience (limited slots available each day).

How to Book?

You can order your delivery from 5 October 2020!

Restaurant [email protected]hangi

Source: Singapore Airlines

Available for 2 days only, SIA is converting their A380 double-decker superjumbo jet into a restaurant.

Depending on your choice of cabin class, you’ll get to enjoy signature international Singapore Airlines dishes.

Or Peranakan dishes, specially designed by acclaimed Singaporean chef Shermay Lee, in the world’s largest passenger aircraft.

A380 Cabin ClassPrice (excluding GST)KrisFlyer Miles Redemption
Economy$506,250 miles
Premium Economy$9011,250 miles
Business$30037,500 miles
Suites$60075,000 miles

Note: all meals come with 2 complimentary alcoholic drinks and a free flow of other beverages

P.S. if you turn up for your A380 dining experience in traditional heritage wear like a sarong kebaya, cheongsam, saree, batik shirt and etc.

You’ll receive a special gift!

Oh, remember to sign up for the pre-dining restaurant tour too (limited slots available) where you get a rare behind-the-scenes look at private access areas.

How to Book?


  • 24 October 2020 (Sat)
  • 25 October 2020 (Sun)

You can make your reservations from 12 October 2020!

Inside Singapore Airlines Tour

Source: SIA PPS Club Reserves

Available for 2 weekends only, SIA is opening their doors to give you an inside look into their world with guided tours, activities, and curated experiences.

Those with little ones will surely want to check out the Junior Cabin Crew Experience.

And those with flying aspirations will probably appreciate the Flight Simulator Experience where you get to experience the very same flight simulator used by SIA pilots for training.

Inside Singapore Airlines Ticket TypePrice (excluding GST)
Adult Admission inclusive of a free meal$30
Child Admission inclusive of a free meal
(3 to 12 years only)
Flight Simulator Experience
(30 min session for 3 participants)
Junior Cabin Crew Experience
(each child will get their own SIA sarong kebaya uniform)
Wine Appreciation Experience$38
Grooming Workshop
(comes with Lancome make-up palette)

How to Book?


  • 21 November 2020 (Sat)
  • 22 November 2020 (Sun)
  • 28 November 2020 (Sat)
  • 29 November 2020 (Sun)

You can make your reservations from 1 November 2020!

So… Is the Discover Your Singapore Airlines Experience Worth It?

To hardcore fans of SIA and the aviation industry, being able to explore the private areas of the A380 aircraft.

Or finally being able to experience the A-380 first-class suite, which probably costs north of $20,000, for a fraction of the price.

Note: since most flights are grounded, the price I’m quoting is here is an average price which I gathered after scouring online aviation enthusiast’s blogs and reviews of the famed SIA A380 Suite experience

Source: Singapore Airlines

Is definitely worth it.

Even for plebians, like myself, who will probably only go for the $50 A380 Economy class dining experience.

I’d say that it’s not too steep a price to get to see firsthand what the A380 aircraft is like.

If you’ve never flown or taken the A380 before.

Plus you get to taste a renowned chef’s cuisine too.

I mean, it never hurts to spoil ourselves once in a while and support local while we’re at it, right?

For those wondering if we can use the $100 SingapoRediscovers Vouchers to pay for these experiences…

I’m not sure.

These SIA Experiences were just announced and they seem like they will only be available via Kris Shop.

But if SIA does decide to accept these vouchers, I’m pretty sure that they’ll need to open up more slots in order to cope with the demand…


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