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300323_ Elderly Care Options in Singapore_ Costs, Subsidies & Types of Services Available

Elderly Care Services in Singapore: Costs, Grants & Financial Assistance Schemes

profileXue Miao

In my generation, the biggest worry is no longer about having to carry on the family name.

It is the risk of being part of the sandwiched generation.

With the rapidly ageing population in Singapore, the need for caregiving is on a steady rise.

And this is especially so when our retirement and re-employment age have officially increased.

While we might wish to care for our loved ones ourselves, they may be a situation where professional assistance is required to ensure their well-being.

This might be due to our existing commitments or the level of expertise required for appropriate care.

Fortunately, there are various eldercare services that are available in Singapore.

TL;DR: Eldercare Services in Singapore: Costs, Subsidies and Types of Services Available

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What Services Do Our Elderly Loved Ones Need?

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It is estimated that by 2030, a quarter of Singapore’s population will be above age 65.

This doesn’t come as a surprise given that the little red dot has raised its retirement age, and we’ve moved on to develop a HealthierSG movement to cope with a growing ageing population.

According to a study done by the Duke-NUS Medical School’s Centre for Ageing Research and Education, there has been a greater number of older adults having difficulty carrying out daily living activities.

A larger proportion is also found to be suffering from more chronic health conditions, with some common ones being:

  • Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Hearing Impairment
  • Heart Failure
  • High Blood Cholesterol
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Osteoporosis

Professional caregivers are specially trained to deal with a variety of circumstances and situations.

Besides assisting with the activities of daily living, they can also provide long-term care to manage chronic or advanced conditions.

This includes having support in areas like nursing procedures, rehabilitation therapy and medical care.

Engaging these services would ensure that your elderly loved one is provided with an appropriate level of care.

Types of Elderly Care Services in Singapore

Depending on the level of assistance that is required, there are different types of caregiving services that are available in Singapore.

This can range from senior day care centres, where your loved ones can be kept occupied while you’re at work, to home care services where professional help can be received at the comfort of their homes.

Elderly Day Care Centres

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As its name suggests, these centres offer day care services that allow seniors to receive professional care during day time.

There are also usually activities planned for them to stay engaged and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Some examples of elderly care services are:

  • Active Ageing Centres
  • Senior Day Care
  • Dementia Day Care
  • Senior Activity Centres
  • Hospice Care Centres
  • Community Rehabilitation Centres
  • Centre-based Nursing

The cost of day care centres vary greatly depending on the type of centre, and may cost anywhere from $100 to $1,606 a month before subsidies.

Here are some centres that provide day care services!

Eldercare Service ProviderEstimated Cost Per Month
(before subsidies)
Opening Hours
Active Global Home & Community CareWeekday Respite Service:
$49.70 to $107.50 per attendance

Weekend Respite Service:
$45.20 to $88.40 per attendance
7am to 8pm (Mon to Fri)
9am to 5pm (Sat, Sun, PH)
Agency for Integrated Care (AIC)Day Care:
$945 to $1,430

Dementia Day Care:
$1,260 to $1,575
BCARE Senior Activity Centre (Social Day Care)Annual membership: $309am to 6pm (Mon to Fri)
8:30am to 12:30pm (Sat)
Bo Tien Day Activity Centre for the ElderlyTransport: $60

Membership: $100 (only for those staying at Choa Chu Kang)
Not stated
Care Corner Senior Day Care$1,276 to $1,562Visit website for more details
Geylang East Senior Care CentreN.A.8am to 5:30pm (Closed on Weekends and Public Holidays)
Lion Befrienders (Active Ageing Centre/ Senior Activity Centre)Selectively Free-of-ChargeVisit website for more details
Man Fut Tong Nursing Home Senior Care CentreN.A.8am to 6pm (Closed on Weekends and Public Holidays)
NTUC Health (Day Care, Dementia Care, Flexible Care)$1,100 to $1,606Visit website for more details
PCF Tampines East 3-in-1 Family Centre (Aged Care)Transport: $100 to $280Not stated
Sathya Sai Social Service (4S) - Tembusu Senior Activity CentreN.A.9am to 6pm (Mon to Fri)
9am to 10pm (Sat)
St Luke’s ElderCareDay Care: $130.00 - $1,102.10

Transport: $100.00 - $246.10
Visit website for more details
Sunlove Home Help (Senior Activity Centre)N.A.Visit website for more details
SWAMI Home (Dementia Care, Rehabilitation)N.A.Not stated
TOUCHpoint@AMK 433 (Day Rehabilitation Centre)N.A.Not stated

Some of these day care centres also cater to specific needs, such as seniors with dementia or requiring hospice care.

Elderly Home Care Service

Source: Tenor

There are many reasons beside medical reasons why our elderly parents will prefer staying home, and one of it is the comfort and familiarity of the environment.

With the help from professional caregivers, there will be attentive medical care including the administration of medication and monitoring of health conditions.

Home care services can be on-demand, meaning they can be requested on an hourly manner depending on the level of elderly care required.

There are also options for a live-in caregiver for those who require 24/7 care and support at the comfort of their own homes.

According to Homage, these are the types of on-demand home care services available and their costs:

Type of Home CareHelpful inCost
Home Personal CareCaring for everyday needsFrom $20/h
Home Nursing CareNursing procedures such as wound dressing, injection and feedingFrom $24/h
Home Medical CareMedical check-ups and medicationFrom $20/h
Home TherapyGaining mobility with the help from occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and speech therapistsFrom $180/h
Home Palliative CareBetter end-of-life careFrom $24/h
Medical EscortTransporting seniors to and fro appointments From $20/h
Meals on WheelsDelivering daily meals to seniors who are not able to prepare or buy their own mealsFrom $4.80/meal

Stay-in Residential Care Services

Some of our loved ones might require round-the-clock care and further treatment and supervision that would only be available at healthcare facilities.

These facilities include:

  • Community Hospitals
  • Chronic Sick Hospitals
  • Hospice Care
  • Nursing Homes

Admission to these institutions can be arranged through referrals from doctors in public and private acute hospitals.

Prior to the admission, there will also be checks to see whether the patient is eligible for subsidies.

If eligible, subsidies from MediShield Life, ElderShield, and Medifund can help defray these costs.

Monthly fees can cost from $700 to $4,000 a month depending on subsidy eligibility.

Subsidies Available for Elderly Care Caregiving

Long-term care can be costly over an extended period of time.

With this in mind, the Ministry of Health (MOH) is providing subsidies to help those who require intermediate and long-term care services.

Source: Tenor

Subsidies for Intermediate and Long-term Care (ILTC) Services

To be eligible for a subsidy, the recipient must be:

  • be a Singapore citizen or Permanent Resident
  • meet the admission criteria
  • already be receiving care from an MOH-funded service provider

A household means test will be used to determine the level of subsidy that is given.

The subsidy framework also varies according to where the patient is based at.

Subsidies for Patients in Community Hospital Subsidised Wards

Household Per Capita
Monthly Income (PCHI)
Subsidy Rate
Singapore CitizensPermanent Residents
No PCHIAnnual Value ≤ $13,000: 80%*

Annual Value > $13,000: 30%
Annual Value ≤ $13,000: 50%

Annual Value > $13,000: 15%
$1,200 and below80%50%
$1,201 to $2,00070%40%
$2,001 to $2,20060%30%
$2,201 to $2,80050%25%
$2,801 to $3,30040%20%
$3,301 and above30%15%
*Annual Value is the estimated gross annual rent of a property if it were to be rented out, excluding furnishings and maintenance fees

Subsidies for Patients in Residential Long-Term Care Services (except Community Hospitals)

This applies to patients in Chronic Sick Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Inpatient Hospices, Psychiatric Rehabilitation Homes and Psychiatric Sheltered Homes.

Household Per Capita
Monthly Income (PCHI)
Subsidy Rate
Singapore CitizensPermanent Residents
No PCHIAnnual Value ≤ $13,000: 75%

Annual Value > $13,000: 0%
Annual Value ≤ $13,000: 50%

Annual Value > $13,000: 0%
$800 and below75%50%
$801 to $1,20060%40%
$1,201 to $1,90050%30%
$1,901 to $2,00040%20%
$2,001 to $2,80020%10%
$2,801 and above0%0%

Subsidies for Patients in Non-Residential Long-Term Care Services (Home and Centre-Based Services)

This applies to patients in Eldercare Centres (such as Day Rehabilitation Centres, Dementia Day Care Centres, Maintenance Day Care Centres, Senior Care Centres), Psychiatric Day Rehabilitation and Home-Based Services (such as Home Palliative Care, Home Medical, Home Nursing, Home Help and Home Personal Care).

Household Per Capita
Monthly Income (PCHI)
Subsidy Rate
Singapore CitizensPermanent Residents
No PCHIAnnual Value ≤ $13,000: 80%

Annual Value > $13,000: 0%
Annual Value ≤ $13,000: 55%

Annual Value > $13,000: 0%
$800 and below80%55%
$801 to $1,20075%50%
$1,201 to $1,90060%40%
$1,901 to $2,00050%30%
$2,001 to $2,80030%15%
$2,801 and above0%0%

Home Caregiving Grant (HCG)

Source: Giphy

The Home Caregiving Grant (HCG) is paid to eligible care recipients to help support loved ones with at least permanent moderate disability.

This refers to them requiring some assistance to perform three or more Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).

This grant provides the following monthly cash payout:

Household Monthly Income per personMonthly Payout
$0 - $1,200
(or Annual Value of Residence* ≤ $13,000 for households without income)

If you own multiple properties, you will receive the lower tier of $250 per month
$1,201 - $2,800$250

Find out whether you’re eligible for this grant!

Interim Disability Assistance Programme for the Elderly (IDAPE)

The Interim Disability Assistance Programme for the Elderly (IDAPE) is a scheme that helps seniors who are not eligible for ElderShield or CareShield Life.

They must be born on or before 30 September 1932, or born between 1 October 1932 and 30 September 1962 with pre-existing disabilities as of 30 September 2002.

Eligible seniors can receive a $150 or $250 monthly cash payout for up to 72 months.

Household Monthly Income per Person*Monthly Cash Benefits
$0 – $2,000$250
$2,001 – $2,800$150

*For households with no income, the annual value (AV) of property must be ≤ $13,000

ElderShield And CareShield Life

Last but not least, we have ElderShield and CareShield Life.

CareShield Life offer a payout upon severe disability to help finance the long-term care cost.

Severe disability is defined as needing assistance in at least three of these activities of daily living:

  • eating
  • getting dressed
  • using the toilet
  • bathing
  • moving
  • walking around, and
  • getting from the bed to a chair or vice versa

These payouts will increase over time — starting from $600 a month in 2020.

Start Planning for Retirement Early

We’ve seen how much it takes to retire in Singapore.

With an increase in life expectancy and the rise of chronic conditions, medical expenses is another area we have to factor in when it comes to our financial planning, it’s good to ensure that you’re adequately insured by getting sufficient coverage at the lowest cost.

Have something to share about retirement? Head over to the Seedly Community!

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