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Horoscope Signs Guide: How Astrology Might Affect Your Personal Finances

profileMing Feng

“Are you a Scorpio? You seemed really careful with your money.”, my financial consultant friend asked. 

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“Yup, I am a Scorpio. What’s that got to do with my finances?”

He replied that astrology although not scientifically proven, is interesting when you try to “match” individual profiles with the personality traits they display based on their horoscope.

It gives him a sense of why and how his clients behave a certain way.

Like the Chinese Zodiac, astrology has zodiac signs too. Astrology’s zodiac signs follow your month of birth while the Chinese zodiac signs follow the year of birth.

The main difference is that astrology signs are often tied to personalities and, his words have really got me curious about how being a Scorpio has led me to the financial decisions I’ve made so far.

So, here I am writing this article to share with you what I’ve learned from my “research”.

Hopefully, this will give you a better sense of whether you need to relook at how you manage your finances.

I am not 100% buying a horoscope approach, but I see no harm in keeping an open mind as, after all, some employers do look for specific horoscope signs.

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Disclaimer: The information provided by Seedly serves as an educational/entertainment piece and is not intended to be personalised financial advice. Readers should always do their own due diligence and consider their financial goals before committing to any financial product and consult their financial advisor before making any decisions.

Sources: Harpers Bazaar Singapore, Lifestyle Asia, The Economic Times, Bar Clays and Co-Star Astrology


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Aries Horoscope & Personal Finance (20 March to 19 April)

Personality: Born to be leaders, do not mince or filter their words.

Aries are often hardworking individuals and risk-takers. They can be impulsive, dynamic, bold and ambitious, and usually dive headfirst into even the most challenging situations.

They are spontaneous and courageous, but they can also be strict about their financial routines and prefer to rely on themselves.

How Aries manage their finances: People who are Aries can be impatient, they may make impulsive decisions when it comes to loans, spending or investments.

They can combine their enthusiastic nature and hardworking attitude on their wealth-building journey. An Aries can make good financial decisions when they clearly know what they want or need.

Aries should steer clear of incurring large debts and reserve a portion of their pay exclusively for impulse buys, to avoid overspending.

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Taurus Horoscope & Personal Finance (20 April to 20 May)

Personality: A Taurus is normally satisfied with the way things are and enjoy stability. They are dependable, practical, grounded and logical.

They love routine and they’re committed to their own comfort. They’re also patient and steady, and may at times, have a penchant for materialism. A Taurus is mostly prepared for every situation and has a contingency plan for everything.

But, they can become stubborn and obstinate, and have a hard time listening to other people. This may lead to them staying in situations or jobs to prove a point, which may do more harm than good.

How Taureans manage their finances: Taureans are practical and determined individuals who will work for their dreams and ambitions.

A Taurus can manage his/her finances by investing in a diverse portfolio.

As individuals who favour stability, they would likely have bought enough insurance too.

Additionally, they should avoid overindulging as this could outpace their speed of wealth creation.

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Gemini Horoscope & Personal Finance (21 May to 20 June)

Personality: Geminis are quick, perceptive, analytical, and often very funny.

Geminis have the ability to size up a person’s character in a matter of seconds, even if they only just met them.

These individuals are often versatile and comfortable being both introverts and extroverts. They can adapt easily to the environment and is capable to bring dissimilar people together.

How Geminis manage their finances: While Geminis may look for ways to invest money in all the fields so that there’s no lack of money in the near future, being social butterflies, Geminis could run into financial behaviours that can cause monetary losses in the long run.

Thus, long-term financial planning is key.

Source: Flaticon

Cancer Horoscope & Personal Finance (21 June to 22 July)

Personality: A Cancer usually has a warm personality and a great sense of awareness. Cancers tend to be drawn towards stability and a system that establishes a routine.

They like things predictable and tend to be less experimental than other signs.

How Cancers manage their finances: Cancer has a sound approach to maintaining financial security and providing well for themselves and their family.

They are really good at spending their money on things that are essential, but also save on a regular basis.

They aren’t impulsive, which means they tend to be more conservative investors, and are usually good with investment-related strategies.

However, they can be a little too conservative about money-making ventures. A Cancer can consider taking occasional calculated risks that can prove rewarding.

Source: Flaticon

Leo Horoscope & Personal Finance (23 July to 22 August)

Personality: Just like a lion, Leos are often bold and ambitious. They often have an unrelenting appetite for growth and like to feel important.

Leos have a taste for a lavish lifestyle and are driven to earn a great living; hence they are willing to spend on high-end items.

They also don’t spend just on themselves and are generally quite competent when it comes to their finances. They can be great at budgeting and bargain-hunting.

How Leos manage their finances: Being growth-driven, Leos are often searching for lucrative income opportunities and generally opt for creative investment pathways for generating high returns.

However, as they are very generous, they may sometimes run into issues with savings. They can adopt a 50-30-20 rule to ensure that they have saved up enoughfor rainy days.

Source: Flaticon

Virgo Horoscope & Personal Finance (23 August to 22 September)

Personality: Virgos are hardworking, cautious, and practical in nature. They are sometimes known to be perfectionists and pay a lot of attention to detail.

They are quite loyal individuals, like to feel being useful too, and feel productive by contributing to something larger than themselves.

How Virgos manage their finances: Virgos excel in saving money, establishing retirement accounts, dealing with setbacks, and planning for the future.

They carry a cautionary attitude towards hard-earned money, often doing thorough research before making any investment decision.

As they are modest and meticulous with money, they are usually attracted to conservative, secure, less risky, and sound investment strategies. Like Cancer, Virgos can consider taking occasional calculated risks to build up their wealth.

Source: Flaticon

Libra Horoscope & Personal Finance (23 September to 22 October)

Personality: Libras are both extroverted and introverted, strategic and spontaneous, focused and intuitive.

This variability makes them compassionate and empathetic people who love to help others.

Libras are also indecisive since they are worried about other people’s feelings, so they let others make decisions for them. They love spending and treating themselves.

How Libras manage their finances: Libras are usually able to make sensible decisions when it comes to money. But because of their easygoing personalities, they can be indecisive and rather gullible, which can translate into financial decisions that may not pay off.

They can balance their love for spending with finding good investment opportunities.

Source: Flaticon

Scorpio Horoscope & Personal Finance (23 October to 21 November)

Personality: Scorpios are (secretly) competitive and observant in nature, and are highly emotional.

They are risk-takers who aren’t the best at saving money, but they have creative imaginations and are masters of get-rich-quick schemes.

How Scorpios manage their finances: They are driven by a strong desire to establish a stable job with a dependable source of income. They are skilled at budgeting and planning for the future.

In terms of investments, they understand their risk appetite and are able to take on high-return, high-risk investment strategies, but are patient about the precise opportunity, and make the most of it.

As they tend to be emotional, it will be good to take a step back to cool off their heads when investment returns didn’t turn out as great as they imagined.

Source: Flaticon

Sagittarius Horoscope & Personal Finance (22 November to 21 December)

Personality: Sagittarius is a realistic, hardworking sign that is hopeful and always looking for fresh, better chances.

They believe that they can overcome any obstacle, including financial ones.

Sagittarius generally idealise freedom, and they can be reckless in their pursuit of what they want, which may lead them to end up doing and experiencing things that defy conceptions of the possible.

How Sagittariuses manage their finances: Sagittarius may have a relaxed attitude towards money and like to spend on things that will prove to be useful to them.

They have a higher risk appetite and favour holding a diversified investment portfolio such that they can dust themselves off and find another opportunity that will work out for them.


Source: Flaticon

Capricorn Horoscope & Personal Finances (22 December to 19 January)

Personality: When it comes to building wealth and saving money, Capricorns are usually very bold at it.

They know how to keep their material wealth in a safe place and understand the importance of investments and growth.

They are always working towards earning more and better their standard of living.

How Capricorns manage their finances: Capricorns remain within their means and are focused on achieving their financial goals.

They can come across as obstinate about their finances in their efforts to be frugal with their money.

Capricorns are usually attracted to a low-risk, low-return route that offers long-term benefits, but may jump on an opportunity to take calculated risks.

Just like Cancer and Virgo, a Capricorn can afford to take a higher-risk investment approach because they may already have a pool of sum idling in the bank. It will be good to start investing more as you are already losing to inflation.

Source: Flaticon

Aquarius Horoscope & Personal Finances (20 January to 18 February)

Personality: An Aquarius has a dedicated and hardworking personality, and generally chooses a sector of work in which they can excel and earn a good living.

They are generous. kind-hearted and tend to donate money more often than others.

How Aquariuses manage their finances: Aquariuses prefer a unique investment strategy tailored to them. They are willing to take risks and are receptive even if the results are not favourable.

Nevertheless, they take an informed- and research-based approach to investment plans that yield dividends. They can be quite indecisive, which keeps them from making firm decisions about saving and investing.

When in doubt, an Aquarius can prioritise their needs, and then compare if savings and investment returns are more suitable for his/her current financial situation.


Source: Flaticon

Pisces Horoscope & Personal Finances (19 February to 20 March)

Personality: Just like water, Pisces’ personality is boundless and they tend to adapt according to the social group they hang out with.

They are usually led by feelings over practicalities, but they can follow their instincts and put their money into brilliant projects.

How Pisces manage their finances: They may let themselves get carried away when it comes to impulse buying.

Saving money doesn’t come naturally to them, but if they are given some instructions to follow, they will be able to save up and help themselves not go into a lot of debt.

Due to their low-risk tolerance, they are also attracted to low-risk return balance schemes.

Personalities and risk appetites do differ across individuals, and our star sign does not define us.

But, we do acknowledge that it has been quite fun trying to understand the different characteristics of each sign and applying this knowledge to people we know.

Hopefully, this article has given you a glimpse into how you manage your finances, and how the people around us make certain financial decisions.

For example, your friend may be willing to spend $1,000 a month on eating out and shopping, but not put it aside for investment.

If you’re already managing your finances well, good for you.

If not, this could be the time to consider adjusting some of your current attitudes towards personal finance, or changing certain habits, in order to achieve Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE) or retire comfortably.



About Ming Feng
A stint in Bloomberg gifted me with a beer belly, which only grew larger when I moved on to become a Professional Trader. Now I turn caffeine into digestible finance-related content.
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