Seedly Food Delivery Promo Codes September 2019

Food Delivery Promo Codes For Your Lazy Bum! (September 2019)

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Ah, the sweltering heat… Just one of my 101 reasons why I just want to stay in the office during lunch hour to enjoy the air-conditioned office in all its glory.

But I’m hungry.

I guess it is time to finally make use of the food delivery apps that I have on my phone – and I mean MAKE FULL USE.

My personal theory is that if I am going to pay 38% MORE for convenience, I ought to be using a platform that offers me the most discounts or the cheapest delivery charges – best if it’s free.

Hence the creation of this article. You’re welcome.

TL;DR – Food Delivery Promo Codes September 2019

DetailsPromo CodeValidity
$4 off the first 3 orders (min spend $12; 3 orders within 30 days of first order)
- New customers and OCBC cardholders only
OCBCNEW1931 Dec 2019
$4 off (min spend $12)
- First 2,800 UOB cardholders only
SEPUOB1931 Sep 2019
$5 off (min spend $25)
- First 1,500 HSBC cardholders only
HSBC19SEP30 Sep 2019
$4 off the first 3 orders.
- New customers only
$15 off (min spend $30)
- New customers and DBS cardholders only
DBSNC + first 6 digits of DBS card number
(eg. DBSNC123456)
31 Dec 2019
20% off (orders > $30)
- Credit cardholders only
- First 1,086 redemptions per month and discount capped at $6 per transaction
- Max 2 redemptions per user
First 3 letters of the month + DBS + first 6 digits of your DBS/POSB credit card number
(eg. SEPDBS123456)
31 Dec 2019
10% off (orders > $30)
- Debit cardholders only
- First 914 redemptions per month and discount capped at $6 per transaction
- Max 2 redemptions per user
First 3 letters of the month + DBS + first 6 digits of your DBS/POSB debit card number
(eg. SEPDBS123456)
31 Dec 2019
$15 off (min spend $30)
- New customers and UOB cardholders only
UOBNC + first 6 digits of UOB card number
(eg. UOBNC123456)
31 Dec 2019
$6 off (min spend $30)
- First 2,500 redemptions per month - Max 2 redemptions per user
UOB + first 3 letters of month + first 6 digits of UOB card number
(eg. UOBSEP123456)
31 Dec 2019
$6 off (orders > $30)
- First 2,500 redemptions
- Max 2 redemptions per user
First 3 letters of the month + CITI + first 6 digits of Citi credit card number
(eg. SEPCITI123456)
30 Nov 2019
$15 off (min spend $20)
- New customers only
FREE1531 Oct 2019
Free delivery (min spend $10)
- New and existing users
- Unlimited redemption
$8 off first 2 orders (min spend $20)
- New customer's first 2 orders only
MEALOFF830 Sep 2019
Free Delivery for mooncakes from:
- Haagen-Dazs
- Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert
- Swensens
- tcc
1-for-1 Bacon & Mushroom Carbonara for $26.75 (U.P. $53.50)HARRYS1FOR114 Sep 2019
$10 off (min spend $25)
- New customer's first order only
NDP20198 Sep 2019
1-for-1 Soup Of The Day (Regular) & Egg Fried Rice (Small) for $20.76 (U.P. $41.52)SOUPERHAPPY8 Sep 2019
Free Delivery for GrabMooncakes
- 2 boxes & above ($75/box)
GRABMOONCAKESwhile stocks last
40% off Maki-San Tasty Trio Treat SetTRIOwhile stocks last
50% off Takagi Ramen Awabi Shoyu Ramen & 5 piece GyozaTAKAGI50while stocks last
50% off a 3 person meal (6 pieces of chicken, 3 servings of fries, 3 soft drinks + FREE DELIVERY) for $11.35 (u.p. $22.70)OTOKECHICKENwhile stocks last
Maki-San Mighty Mega Meal for $16.70 (U.P. $20.90)
- 1 D.I.Y. Mega-San Sushi OR Salad
- 5 Tori Karaage
- 1 Canned Drink
Free Delivery for Grab Hawker (Weekdays: 11:30am to 2:15pm, 5:45pm to 8.45pm)HAWKER-
Free Delivery from 'TRY ME FREE' category (Up to $3 off)TRYME-
Free Delivery (min spend $18)SENDFOOD-
$5 off (min spend $22)
- With DBS/POSB credit card
- First 10,000 redemptions
- Mon to Thu only
-30 Sep 2019
$3 off (min spend $22)
- With DBS/POSB debit card
- First 3,500 redemptions
- Mon to Thu only
-30 Sep 2019
Free Large Fries (min spend $14)
- 12pm to 3:45am
FRIES10EB22 Sep 2019
Free Happy Sharing Box B (min spend $24)
- 12pm - 3:45am
HAPPY10EB22 Sep 2019
Free Hashbrown (min spend $14)
- 4am to 10:45am
HASH10EB22 Sep 2019
Free 6 pcs Chicken McNuggets (min spend $19)
- 12pm to 3:45am
NUG10EB22 Sep 2019
Free Oreo McFlurry (min spend $19)
- 12pm to 3:45am
OREO10EB22 Sep 2019
Free Hot Fudge Sundae (min spend $25)
- 12pm to 3:45am
SUN10EB22 Sep 2019
10% off (min order $25)TIMETOJIAK31 Dec 2019
10% off (capped at $3)WHYQ531 Dec 2019
Free delivery (capped at $3) by paying with DBSPointsPOINTSDBS30 Jul 2020
10% off (capped at $3) - DBS cardholders onlyDBSWHYQ29 Feb 2020
$0.99 off99OFF9 Sep 2019
$3 Off - New customers onlyEBE753-

Disclaimer: We are not sponsored by anyone, we are just this obsessed with saving money that we will go over the mountains to get this information for you.

Minimum Food Delivery Order

Food Delivery AppsDelivery FeeMinimium Order
DeliverooUp to S$5None. But small order fee of $5 applies for orders under $12.
foodpandaUp to S$2.99. Varies depending on restaurant.From S$5. Varies depending on restaurant.
McDeliveryS$4S$10. However, minimum order of S$60.00 applies for Jurong Industrial Area / Tuas, Changi / Loyang, Ocean Drive (Sentosa), Marina Bay Sands / Marina South, Lim Chu Kang Area / Kranji, Seletar Area / Punggol Island and selected remote areas.

Food Subscription Service

Food Delivery AppsSubscription Service
DeliverooUnlimited free delivery at S$14.90/month
foodpandaUnlimited free delivery at S$10.90 for first month, then S$14.90/month.
GrabFoodUnlimited free delivery at S$9.99/month
McDeliveryNone. But they deliver almost anywhere (eg. ulu military camps and bases)
WhyQ- 10 meals/month @ $1 per delivery
- 15 meals/month @ $0.50 per delivery
- 20 meals/month @ $0.30 per delivery

Chime in with your experiences with food delivery apps!

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1st Choice: GrabFood

GrabFood offers one of the lowest delivery fee, no minimum order, and (usually) has the most promo codes.

So it’s a no brainer that they would be our first choice. 

However, a major pain point that I have with using GrabFood is when there is an error with your order. You can only rectify the error with GrabFood (not the restaurant) and it is ALMOST impossible to get on the phone with a GrabFood customer service personnel.

  • GrabFood Hotline: +65 6902 1038 (You’re welcome?)



2nd Choice: foodpanda

And it’s not just because it has Starbucks and Gongcha (you can tell that I really love my coffee and bubble tea). Their delivery fee is the second-lowest, just behind WhyQ (which delivers hawker food).

Plus some restaurants on foodpanda also offer FREE delivery with a minimum order of $5. And that amount should get you a pretty decent meal for lunch – especially if the restaurants in your vicinity aren’t too expensive.

WhyQ Logo

Special Mention: WhyQ

WhyQ has the lowest delivery fee and no minimum order.

In fact, you can even place orders from different stalls in the same hawker centre as part of one order.

McDelivery Logo

Pro Tip: McDelivery

Want your McDonald’s meal delivered to you fast? I usually add a hot fudge sundae or a McFlurry – basically, desserts which WILL melt in Singapore’s sweltering heat – along with my order.

Don’t take my word for it, but I’m pretty sure that the delivery rider will prioritise your order accordingly… winks conspiratorially

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