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FB LIVE: Could This Be The Future Of Money?

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It can be pretty difficult to ignore the surge of cryptocurrencies and bitcoin taking over social media and traditional media alike. Many have been describing it as the modern day gold, in the tech-infused world of today.

With any good revolution, it is often split right down the middle, some claiming it to be tulip mania while others believing in its innate worth. Here are some famous supporters and critics of the digital currency, in this graphic by TechInAsia Andre Gunawan.

Bitcoin TechInAsia

A scam or an inevitable future?

Even within our Seedly personal finance community, we have been having solid debates. Hence we decided to do our own Seedly community special panel discussion in our AMA – Ask me anything 3 with our local experts in this field of the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and bitcoin to bring you insights and understanding into this phenomenon via an FB LIVE.

Seedly AMA3 FB Live

Topics To Be Covered:

  • Understanding Bitcoin and Blockchain technology
  • How does this change the way we live and exchange value?
  • What causes fluctuations in price and market?
  • Should retail investors even consider this as an option?
  • The new phenomenon of fund-raising ICOs and how to discern scams?
  • Thoughts on the Future of money and economy
  • And many more questions (asked by the community and you!)

FB LIVE Details:

  • Date: 9 November, Thursday
  • Time: 8pm – 9pm
  • Format: Online Seedly Page Facebook Live

How To Register: Head over to this event page and indicate ‘Going’. You will be notified once we go live on next Thursday.

This FB LIVE is an online event brought to you by Seedly and NUS Enterprise Blk71 (with Singtel Innov8) as co-hosts.

Anson Zeall, CoinPip

Anson Zeall - Seedly AMA3

He is the Chairman of ACCESS, the Singapore Crypto and Blockchain Association. His startup, CoinPip uses Blockchain technology for money transfers.

Alan Seng, TechInAsia

Alan Seng - Seedly AMA3

Alan has been documenting the Growth of the Blockchain eco-system and frontier technology. In his articles, he aims to analyze trends on the Blockchain economy and share his views on the state of the current crypto industry now.

Aziz, MasterTheCrypto

Aziz - Seedly AMA3

He runs a Crypto resource center hub called MasterThCrypto with guides and introductory articles on the subject. In addition, he started a crypto-based hedge fund and occasionally writes for FORBES Middle East on crypto and Blockchain advances.


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