Confirmed: The New Google Pixel 4 Is Cheaper Than The iPhone 11

Confirmed: The New Google Pixel 4 Is Cheaper Than The iPhone 11

Kenneth Fong

Not too long ago, Apple released the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

If you aren’t an Apple fan, then you probably didn’t care too much about it.

But if you use smartphones and are looking to get a new phone to replace your current one, then you would please to know that I did a little math and confirmed that even for a ridiculously overpriced device like the iPhone 11, a SIM-only plan + buy your device separately option is still (usually) the most economical option.

Now that the long queue for the iPhone 11 outside Apple Orchard Road is over, it’s Google’s turn to turn heads with the latest iteration of their Pixel smartphone: the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL.

Google Pixel 4 Oh So Orange
Source: 9to5Google

Being Seedly‘s resident bargain tech hunter, you know that I’ll be looking at the prices closely.

So let’s get to it.

When Will The Google Pixel 4 Be Available In Singapore?

Google has already unveiled the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL at this year’s Made by Google event.

Made by Google Event New York City 2019
Source: Google

The Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL are available for pre-order on the Google Store, Challenger and Courts right now.

If you plan to get yours with a telco, only Starhub will carry the Pixel 4.

Last I checked, the device will be despatched between 23 to 28 October 2019.

Google Pixel 4 And Pixel 4 XL Specifications

Pixel 4 All Variants
Source: 9to5Google

Here’s what’s under the hood of the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL:

SpecsGoogle Pixel 4Google Pixel 4 XL
Display5.7" Full HD+ OLED smooth display6.3" Quad HD+ OLED smooth display
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 855Qualcomm Snapdragon 855
Storage64GB or 128GB64GB or 128GB
Front Camera8MP (1080p)8MP (1080p)
Dual Rear Cameras12MP & 16MP (4K)12MP & 16MP (4K)
Battery2800 mAh3700 mAh
New TechFace Unlock
Motion Sense
Face Unlock
Motion Sense

Apart from the very obvious fact that this Pixel is the first in the series to have dual back cameras, here’s what else to expect.


This new iteration of the Pixel will see the introduction of a new colour as teased by this billboard ad in Times Square:

Pixel 4 Ad In Times Square
Source: u/LousyTX | Reddit

And like all the other colours which Google released so far, this orange colourway is whimsically named ‘Oh So Orange’.

FYI: according to the Google Store (as well as Challenger and Courts) the ‘Oh So Orange’ is only available in 64GB only.

Face Unlock

One of the potentially biggest bugbears for most Pixel users would be the fact that Google has removed the fingerprint scanner.

Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL Back
Source: CNET

In its place is something Apple users would be familiar with: facial recognition.

Google’s not calling it Face ID or anything fancy. It’s just going with Face Unlock.

Google Pixel 4 Face Unlock
Source: 9to5Google

Motion Sense

The biggest thing that most people are looking forward to in the new Pixel 4 is Motion Sense.

This is built into the bezel of the phone (see the Soli radar chip?) along with a lot of tech to enable Face Unlock.

Google Pixel 4 Motion Sense
Source: 9to5Google

More importantly, here’s what it looks like in action:

Source: u/PlayDohBear | Reddit

It’s basically a radar that deciphers your hand movements and gestures to allow you to do stuff like:

  • dismiss calls
  • snooze your alarm without fumbling for your phone
  • switch tracks on Spotify

Wicked huh?

So… How Much Does The Google Pixel 4 Cost?

Pixel 4 Back Camera
Source: Google

Here are the prices (from Google Store) as compared to the Pixel 3:

Google Pixel Price Comparison (SGD)64GB128GB
Pixel 3$1,249$1,399
Pixel 3 XL$1,399$1,549
Pixel 3a$659-
Pixel 3a XL$779-
Pixel 4$1,119$1,269
Pixel 4 XL$1,319$1,469

It’s worth noting that the Pixel 4 is actually cheaper than its predecessor.

Which is strange as it’s common practice for most brands to drop the prices on an earlier iteration of a line of smartphones whenever a newer one is announced.

If you stack it up against the prices of Apple’s flagship smartphones, the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max:

Price Comparison (SGD)64GB128GB
Google Pixel 4$1,119$1,269
Google Pixel 4 XL$1,319$1,469
iPhone 11 Pro$1,649-
iPhone 11 Pro Max$1,799-

128GB Google Pixel XL is still cheaper than an entry-level 64GB Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Note: I’m making this comparison based on the fact that these are the respective companies’ flagship models. I am not going into whether the price difference is because of the difference between the A13 Bionic and Snapdragon 855, or the fact that the Pixel 4 doesn’t have a wide-angle lens.

Starhub Pixel 4 Prices

Well, we now know that Starhub is the only telco that will carry the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL.

I’ll update this space again when they release their prices.

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Still have more questions after reading the article? Fret not, ask our community here!