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Cheapest Gym Memberships For The Everyday Singaporean

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With the cost of living constantly increasing in Singapore, we tend to look for new ways to save money as well take care of our financial well-being. As Singaporeans start taking up measures to live a healthier and active lifestyle, we find ourselves struggling when it comes to finding an affordable gym.

1. MyActiveGym (ActiveSG)

Fees: $300 a Year

active sg gym

source: Our Tampines Hub 

Our friendly neighbourhood family gym, providing basic facilities and equipment makes this gym suitable for anyone who would like low rates. Although they do not have personal trainers, MyActiveGYM has affordable yearly membership rates going at $300 for adults and $180 for students/ Senior Citizens.

On top of this, they provide free $100 if you sign up for ActiveSG which allows you to attend external classes as well as enter their swimming pools.

2. Gymmboxx

Fees: $720 a year


source: Gymmboxx

With seven outlets island-wide, Gymmboxx has affordable rates and is the place to be if you are looking for high-quality weight training equipment. They provide three different membership categories — Classic, Signature, and Standard ranging from 12-month membership plans to 3-month plans. Alternatively, if you would rather not be a member, their rates per entry vary from $3 to $10, depending on the outlet you visit.

Although Kent Ridge is the only outlet that has classes available and some of their outlets are not 24/7, they provide personal training throughout their outlets starting from $599 for 10 sessions.

3. Anytime Fitness

Fees: $1,068 a year

Anytime Fitness_Sg


Having a total of 38 outlets in Singapore, Anytime fitness is a great gym to join if you are looking for a variety of equipment as a well as 24/7 operating hours. With a low monthly membership fee starting at $89 (excluding first time joining fee), it won’t cost a lot to achieve your health goals.

One downside would be that an hour of personal training would cost you $85, which could be a bit straining on the wallet if you are looking for professional assistance.

4. True Fitness

Fees: $1,320 a year

true fitness

source: True fitness

If you find yourself willing to pay slightly more than $100, take a look at True Fitness, one of the bigger gyms in Singapore. Memberships can range from $89 to $110 (excluding sign-up fees) if you happen to be students or know someone there, be sure to haggle as there could be a possibility that they would lower the price. With a wide range of facilities and classes, True Fitness is a great gym to join if you are looking to inject some fun and variety into your workouts!


gym rates

With ActiveSG have the lowest yearly price and True Fitness having the highest, their facilities and services also vary. So be sure to choose a gym that suits your fitness needs because you do want to make full use of your membership!

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