Cheap Gym In Singapore

Cheap Gym Memberships In Singapore That Are Less Than $100/Month?!

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My friends (and some readers) know that I’m all about living a healthy, strong, and functional life.

For a rock bottom price, of course.

That’s why I went through the trouble of comparing soooooo many vendors just to find out which one sells the cheapest protein powder.

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“How do you stay fit while not blowing a hole in your savings,” you ask?

Simple. Just go to the cheapest gym in Singapore, and do these four compound exercises:

  1. Squat
  2. Deadlift
  3. Bench Press
  4. Overhead Press

You’ll be so strong and healthy AF that your Integrated Shield Plan might start looking like a joke.

(Editor’s note: The writer’s views on ISP and strength training does not reflect Seedly’s belief in the importance of having a robust ISP in place.)

*eye roll*

Relax, bruv.

Anyways, we’re here to find out what’s the cheapest gym in Singapore… So let’s go!

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary. Also, please consult a doctor before engaging in any physical exercises because we love you and want you to live long so that you can continue reading our articles.

TL;DR: What’s The Cheapest Gym In Singapore?

A 20kg dumbbell in a neighbourhood gym is going to weigh exactly the same as a 20kg dumbbell in a fancy gym that provides you with cucumber water, towels, and access to a sauna.

So if you can do without the latter, and just want the cheapest way to stay lean and mean. Then check out this little comparison I did:

Cheap Gym In SingaporeMonthly Membership Fee (Peak)Monthly Membership Fee (Off-Peak)Per EntryMisc
24XFitness$80 to $90N.A.$25Price varies with location & promos
Anytime Fitness$80 to $100N.A.$30Price varies with location & promos
Dennis Gym$78N.A.$101 year contract
Energia Fitness$98
(second month onwards)
N.A.$28$160 for first month
(SAFRA Member)
$42.80$32.10$12.85 (off-peak)
$13.90 (peak)
$374.50 entrance fee
$21.40 admin fee
Quarterly subscription
(non-SAFRA member)
$80.25 to $96.30$48.10 to $64.20$12.85 (off-peak)
$13.90 (peak)
Depends on 1,3,6,9 or 12 month subscription
Gold's Gym SingaporeFrom $80N.A.N.A.Depends on package
GymmBoxx$60 to $85N.A.$8$30 joining fee
$25 to $30$7 to $15$2.50 (Singapore & PR)
Depends on 1,6, or 12 month subscription
True Fitness
(not including True Yoga)
From $89N.A.$45Depends on package

You’re welcome.

What’s The Best Option For You?

It’s not enough to just look at cost if the cheapest gym is halfway across the island from where you live.

For your consideration, I picked out a few options based on the following assumptions:

If You Live In The Heartlands…

No hidden charges. No admin fees. No one-time surcharge. A year’s subscription is only $300 for adults or $180 for students (12 to 17 years old) and senior citizens (55 years and above).

Interior of ActiveSG Gym
Source: ActiveSG

However, you’ll still find a healthy amount of people who are decked out from head to toe in Lululemon, GymShark, or Under Armour as though they’re sponsored by these brands. But that’s a phenomenon that you’ll probably find in all gyms… ?

That aside, MyActiveGym offers the cheapest gym membership you can find in Singapore. Less you relying solely on callisthenics and the public fitness corners (the ones with pull-ups bars) you can find around HDB estates. They’re also available in most heartlands and it’s where you’ll find me.

These neighbourhood gyms are equipped with the basic facilities and equipment you’ll need if you follow my abovementioned recommended four exercise routine.

The downsides?

  1. There aren’t any personal trainers available (just staff who are there to ensure you don’t do something stupid like steal a weight plate) so you’ll really need to know what you’re doing if you step foot into one.
  2. It can get a little crowded during peak hour but just share the stations and machines lah…
  3. Operating hours are 7am to 10pm so it might not be the best option for you if your working hours are irregular

Say hi if you see me there.

I Lift Shit In The Gym
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If You Need A 24 Hour Option In The Heartlands…

All six Gymmboxx locations operate 24 hours 7 days a week, and as far as 24-hour gyms go… It’s probably the most affordable, and accessible one you can find in the heartlands, with yearly memberships going at $780 for adults, $600 for students (21 and below), and $480 for senior citizens (55 years and older).

Interior Of Gymmboxx Jurong East
Source: Gymmboxx

If you ask me, that’s a small price to pay for Life Fitness and Hammer Strength equipment (read: high-quality) as well as 24-hour access to the gym. Can’t sleep at 2am in the morning? Why not go to the gym and do something more productive? Besides, we can all sleep when we’re dead…

So what’s the down-side to Gymmboxx?

Hmm… I’ve only been to the one at Century Square a couple of times during the twilight hours. And sometimes, just sometimes… You’ll find weirdoes. But I suppose you’ll find weirdoes anywhere if it’s late enough.

The Rock Focus
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Other than that, the flexibility of 24-hour access to properly maintained, professional equipment is a huge draw. Oh, just in case you’re wondering, personal trainers are available. But that comes at a premium.

If You Need A 24 Hour Option In Slightly Ulu Places…

I’ve never been to a Dennis Gym, but my friend who lives near Mattar MRT (Yes, that’s a legit MRT station on the Downtown line. Look it up.) is thankful for the Tai Seng outlet that’s just a 10-minute bus ride away from his ridiculously ulu home.

Interior Of Dennis Gym
Source: Dennis Gym

They’ve got another two outlets in relatively inaccessible places: Bulim Avenue (Jurong) and Kitchener Road (Farrer Park). As well as one beside Simei MRT. Best of all, these outlets – less the Simei one – are all 24-hour too!

The price? Just $936 a year or $78 each month.

That’s pretty decent if you factor in the cost of transport and the time it takes for you to get out to the closest say… ActiveSG gym.

Yeah… Just cough up that dough and get your workout in.

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