What Would Our Fathers Say – Happy Fathers’ Day

What Did Our Dads Teach Us About Money – Happy Fathers’ Day

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Ah, it feels like every other day, not because we don’t love our fathers enough but more so because our fathers are nonchalent about it. Should we or should we not celebrate Fathers’ day then?

At Seedly, we have gathered a bunch of Grammy-worthy dad advice on personal finance, especially the ones that he unknowingly blurt out that make headlines on our social media or as mantra in our lives.

The Wise Fathers

Fathers would always want to portray a certain kind of image to maintain that non-existent hierarchy in the family but we all know it is to give them face. With that, here comes the Wise Dads, where listening to them feels like a broken recorder.

Translation: Money isn’t everything but without money you have nothing.

Feels like Confucius took over him, but this is said especially in Singapore’s context, sad but it is true.

“Don’t buy what you don’t need”

“Save money for the things you want to buy”

To be honest, heeding advice from our fathers who aren’t so thrifty with their money themselves is quite a challenge, but little reminders like these helped me from making impulse purchases.

“Always save enough to spend safely and spend enough to save safely.”

I guess this is a fathers’ way of telling you that you should allocate your budget before actually spending!

The Cheeky Fathers

Of course, we have the cheeky fathers, the one always cracking dad-jokes, almost effortlessly.

I just wonder how much cringe he has in him… But as your father, he would still try to advise you on personal finance, which results in award-winning dad-advice like,

“Don’t need to earn so much, just earn enough so you won’t overspend.” 

Which is true, however, our circumstances do not allow that to happen when our projected expenses is about $430,425.

But if you complained about your situation with your cheeky father, he would probably tell you to buy a lottery ticket.

TOTO and 4D are not gambling. I am parking my money there as an investment. One day they will pay me back with interest. Got buy then got hope. No buy only got interest rate.”

Which kind of works, only at a really low odds. Well, guess we can say he is 50% witty, and another 50% dreamer.

Or when asking your dad for money to buy something and he goes,

“Ask your mummy.”

Which leaves you utterly disappointed because you know your plans for getting that new dress is dashed as Mummy is better at controlling you and your expenses. And you are left with looking like that gif (above). Damn it, Dad!

The Loving Fathers

And of course, not forgetting the loving fathers, who dote on their kids endlessly.

“Come, Daddy buy for you.”

At the end of the day, deep down we all know that our dads aren’t the best at expressing themselves but they still love us in their own special way.

Their biggest wish is for you to marry a good husband and a supportive wife but in reality, they just want us to support them in their retirement years. We are their retirement plan, that’s why they birth us in the first place. Okay, jokes aside…

Here’s wishing all the fathers out there, a happy Fathers’ Day!

What does your father say when he advises you on your personal finance journey? Let us know some the quirks that your father has in the comments section! Share this article with your dad and all the fathers that you know out there to wish them a happy Fathers’ day!

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