facebookThe Seedly HDB BTO Guide: Your Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to HDB BTO Application (2021)


The Seedly HDB BTO Guide: Your Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to HDB BTO Application (2021)

profileKenneth Fong

Ready to take the next step into adulthood?

Short of having a wedding or trying for a kid, that probably means that you’re ready to buy your first home.

More specifically, you’re looking to purchase your first HDB Build-to-Order (BTO) flat.

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Don’t kan cheong (Hokkien: be nervous).

Whether it’s deciding which BTO project to apply for.

Or whether you should go with an HDB housing loan or bank loan…

I gotchu bruv.

Your Personal Guide to Purchasing Your First HDB BTO 2021

Buying your first home can be pretty scary.

But with this guide in hand, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting yourself into!

And if you’re still unsure or need advice from people who’ve gone through the BTO process…

You can ask the friendly Seedly community your BTO-related questions and get answers!

What Are the Upcoming HDB BTO Sales Launch 2021?

Looking for the most recent HDB Build-To-Order launch?

HDB BTO projects are launched every quarter — or once every three months.

That means you can try applying for a BTO flat during February, May, August, and November of every year.

However, this might change at HDB’s discretion.

Here are the details of the upcoming HDB BTO sales launch in 2021.

November 2021 HDB BTO Launch

For the upcoming HDB BTO Launch in November 2021, you’ll be able to choose from an estimated total of 3,520 new flats.

TownFlat TypeEstimated No. of Flats
Choa Chu Kang2-Room Flexi60
Jurong West3-Room
Tengah2-Room Flexi
Tengah2-Room Flexi
Kallang/ Whampoa2-Room Flexi

If you’d like to receive alerts about HDB BTO sales launches, you can subscribe to HDB’s eAlert Service.

But since we’re watching the HDB site like a hawk…

Trust me when I say that you’ll want to bookmark this page for your future reference.

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What Is the Most Recent HDB BTO Sales Launch 2021?

The HDB BTO Launch in August 2021 is the latest HDB BTO sales launch with a total of 4,989 new flats available for booking.

Want a little more insight into which project you should apply for?

We did a little analysis to help you figure out which HDB BTO project should you apply to:

And because this is a pretty HUGE step for most Singaporeans.


You’ll have almost a week to decide which project you would like to apply for before submitting your application online.

(This means that applications will close on 17 August 2021, Tuesday, 11:59pm for the August 2021 BTO application!)

It’s important to note that the application is NOT on a first-come, first-served basis.

So take your time to decide which project you would like to apply for before applying!

Things to Think About Before Applying for Your First HDB BTO

Before you apply for your first BTO flat.

You might want to find out what I wished I knew before buying my first BTO.

After all, it’s always better to learn from someone else’s mistakes than to make our own right?

Next, you’ll need to consider your finances and figure out what type of HDB flat can you afford? (read: the old myth of buying the largest flat you can get is not the wisest advice to follow.)

Only buy as much house as you can afford lest you find yourself in a situation where you cannot afford to pay for the roof above your head.

Finally, you’ll also want to evaluate where your relationship is at.

This is particularly important because breaking up during the BTO process could potentially mean that you’ll lose more than $37,000!

On top of that, you’ll even lose first-timer privileges and access to grants!

So think carefully before you do the “Ai BTO mai” tango…

How To Apply For Your HDB BTO Flat

The application process is pretty simple actually.

Just follow this step-by-step guide, which includes the prices for the various flat types available!

If you want to increase your ballot chances, you can also apply for your BTO flat under certain priority schemes!

Word of advice: read the terms and conditions of the various schemes carefully before applying!

What Is the Maximum HDB Grant That I Can Get?

If you’re baulking at the listed prices, take comfort in the fact that there are various HDB housing grants like the Enhanced Housing Grant (EHG) to help keep HDB flats affordable.

Now all you have to do is wait for the computer ballot to determine if you’re a successful applicant or not.

What If I’m Successful With My Application?

This is where it gets a little bit more serious.

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You’ll need to decide on a couple of things like:

Bank Loan Vs HDB Loan: Which Is Better?

Besides the interest rates, there are plenty of other things to consider when deciding between using a bank loan or an HDB loan to pay for your new BTO flat.

Unless you can afford to pay for your new home fully in cash… erm… then you can skip this part.

If you’ve decided to go with a bank loan to pay for your new home, this compilation of housing and mortgage loans (fixed and floating) should come in handy.

Toldja that I gotchu bruv.

Is the HDB Optional Component Scheme Really Worth It?

Before going down to the HDB Hub for your Booking of Flat, you’ll also need to decide if you want to opt-in for the HDB Optional Component Scheme.

It’s essentially a cost-effective way to get your home ready with the essential finishes and fittings you’d need so you can move in immediately once you collect your keys.

What Do I Need to Do When I Collect the Keys to My HDB BTO?

Once you collect your keys, you’ll want to do a defects inspection.

While you can hire people to get it done for you.

Why not try doing it yourself with this FREE step-by-step HDB BTO defects inspection checklist?

It’s not that difficult and you can put that money to better use too!


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Still have more questions after reading the article? Fret not, ask our community here!

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