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Cheapest motorised height-adjustable table

Work From Home Like a Boss: Cheapest Height-Adjustable Table and Standing Desk Converter

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Working from home is probably giving you some sort of backache and shoulder strain by now.

Our homes are generally catered to provide us with maximum comfort when we Netflix, and not really meant for serious hours of work.

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With COVID-19, we see the need to shift our office back home, and furniture plays an important role in enhancing our productivity at home.

“So much for work-life balance. My bed is beside my work desk la!”

With age, I begin to notice that tiny details can have a huge impact on my health.

If I get out of bed too fast? I strain my back.

If I did not drink enough water that day? Huge headache.

If the height between my table and chair is incorrect? Neck and shoulder strain.

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Well, a chiropractor might help, but I know many Singaporeans are turning to height adjustable sit/stand desk as a long-term solution.

There are a few ways to make your work station more ergonomic. It can be the choice of your chair, the mouse or keyboard you use etc.

When it comes to the choice of the table, the ability to adjust the height of it is essential. There are a few ways we can do so:

  • Motorised height-adjustable table

    Source: thisiswhyimbroke.com
  • Manual height-adjustable table

    Source: Zitsta
  • Standing desk converter 

    Source: The New York Times


Best Adjustable Height Desk in Singapore

Looking to have your table adjusted to your preferred height by pressing a button?

Best Motorised Height-Adjustable Desk

Source: theomnidesk.com

When it comes to motorised standing tables, there are a few factors we will consider:

  • Does it allow memory setting to remember your preferred height?
  • Movement speed
  • Anti-collision mechanism
  • The size of the table
BrandModelPriceDimensionHeightSpeedMore DetailsWhere to buy?
AETON-From $649160cm x 70cm60 - 125cm-Memory presets
2 years warranty
ErgoedgeAmpDesk LiteFrom $589(110/130/1150cm) x (65/70cm)59 - 123cm4.0cm/sAnti-collision
Memory presets
Max load: 110kg
3 years warranty
AmpDesk ProFrom $739(110/130/1150cm) x (65/70cm)85 - 129cm2.5cm/sAnti-collision
Max load: 70kg
3 years warranty
AmpDesk SoloFrom $51965cm x 65cm59 - 123cm4.0cm/sAnti-collision
Max load: 65kg
3 years warranty
IkeaBEKANT$789160cm x 80cm65 - 125cm-Max load: 70kghttps://www.ikea.com/sg/en/p/bekant-desk-sit-stand-white-s89291345/
OmnideskPro 2020From $760(122/152/183cm) x 76cm60 - 125cm4.3cm/sAnti-collision
Memory presets
Max load: 130kg
5 years warranty
ProFrom $680(122/152/183cm) x 76cm60 - 125cm3.1cm/shttps://theomnidesk.com/products/omnidesk-pro
ZeroFrom $329(122/152/183cm) x 76cm70 - 118cm1.8cm/shttps://theomnidesk.com/products/omnidesk-zero
SIRIO-From $599120cm x 60cm72 - 121cm2.5cm/sAnti-collision
Memory presets
Max load: 50kg
3 years warranty
SEIV-From $560(120/140/160/180cm) x (60/70/75/80cm)63 - 128cm3.2cm/sMemory presets
Max load: 120kg
3 years warranty
TakeAseat2020From $599(120/140/160/180cm) x (60/70/75/80cm)60.5 - 123cm3.8cm/sMemory presets
Max load: 125kg
3 years warranty

Assuming the speed of the table does not matter (you have all the patience in the world),

  • SEIV is the cheapest option for a motorised height-adjustable table at $560.

For motorised height-adjustable desk with a speed of more than 3.0cm/s,

  • SEIV has the cheapest option at $560.
  • AmpDesk Solo with a dimension of 65cm x 65cm is also a viable option at $519.

Best Manual Height-Adjustable Desk

Source: ergoedge.co

If you wish to train your biceps, a manual height adjustable table allows you to do so and save some money at the same time.

The speed at which the height of the table is adjusted depends a lot on your fitness level.

BrandModelPriceDimensionHeightSpeedMore DetailsWhere to buy?
ErgoedgeMoveDeskFrom $459(110/130/1150cm) x (65/70cm)73 - 123cm1cm per turnMax load: 80kg
3 years warranty

For the manual height-adjustable desk, you can consider Ergoedge Movedesk at $459.

Best Standing Desk Converter

Source: takeaseat.sg

If you already have a desk but would love to have the option of being able to work standing up, a standing desk converter will be your go-to option.

BrandModelPriceDimensionHeightMore DetailsWhere to buy?
ErgoedgeRiser$39960cm x 58cm12 - 50cmMax load:
Work surface: 15kg
Keyboard: 2kg
ErgotonWorkFit-TL$82995cm x 58.6cmUp to 38cmMax load: 18.1kghttps://www.takeaseat.sg/ergotron-singapore/ergotron-workfit-tl/
OmnideskSwitch$59995cm x 40cm11 - 50.5cmMax load:
Work surface: 15kg
Keyboard: 2kg
Switch Pro$69995cm x 40cm15.6 - 48cmMax load:
Work surface: 20kg
Keyboard: 2kg
takeAseatErgonomic Laptop Desk$15866cm x 47cm4 - 40cmMax load: 8kghttps://www.takeaseat.sg/standing-desk-singapore/ergonomic-laptop-desk-singapore/
Laptop Riser Plus$17968cm x 48cm4.5 - 40.5cmMax load: 12kghttps://www.takeaseat.sg/standing-desk-singapore/laptop-riser-plus/
Sit Stand Desk Converter Lite
$19968 x 59cm14 - 50cmMax load: 15kghttps://www.takeaseat.sg/standing-desk-singapore/sit-stand-desk-converter-lite/
Sit Stand Desk Converter Lite
$24989cm x 59cmMax load: 15kg
Sit Stand Desk Converter
$26970cm x 50cm13 - 45cmMax load: 15kghttps://www.takeaseat.sg/standing-desk-singapore/sit-stand-desk-converter/
Sit Stand Desk Converter
$31988cm x 33cm12.3 - 49.5cmMax load: 15kg
Standing Desk Plus$36980cm x 52cm18.4 - 43cmMax load: 15kghttps://www.takeaseat.sg/standing-desk-singapore/standing-desk-plus/
Standing Desk Large$39989cm x 59cm15 - 50cmMax load: 15kghttps://www.takeaseat.sg/standing-desk-singapore/standing-desk-large/

The most affordable standing desk converter in the market will be takeAseat’s ergonomic laptop desk at $158.

Does It Make Sense To Invest in a Height-Adjustable Desk?

Given that there is no confirmed timeline on when we will be able to resume to pre-COVID times where we can head back to our offices as per usual, it is important to find ways to make sure that our home is conducive for work.

If your current setup is preventing you from working comfortable, getting yourself a good chair or work desk is definitely essential.

If we were to look at the cost of going to a chiropractor in Singapore, the initial outlay on a good table may outweigh the multiple sessions in the long-run.

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