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How to Stretch Your Dollar During Your Hotel Stay

profileXue Miao

Ever since I turned 25, I seemed to have entered the rite of passage into true adulthood.

I started to embrace discounts to a greater degree, and instead of feeling embarrassed being called out for my auntie tendencies, I started to wear this auntie title proudly like a crown.

What are even full-priced items now?

Besides chiong-ing for sales and discounts, I make sure to make my money’s worth for anything that I spend on.

This means stretching my every dollar, especially on things that are on a slightly higher SES side.

Now that we still can’t vacay but can start to staycay, some of us might be looking into spending our weekends lounging in white fluffy beds.

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Apart from purchasing your hotel deal with the best credit cards, it doesn’t hurt to make it a little bit more… worthwhile, right?

(I mean, if you’re a reader of Seedly, there’s a high chance we’re feeling the same.)

Here are some things you can doing to maximise the value of your beautiful, luxurious stay.

TL;DR: How to Stretch Your Dollar During Your Hotel Stay

1) Grab Em’ Toiletries (Especially the Branded Ones)

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Starting off with the most basic of the basics.

If you’re not bringing home toiletries yet, what are you waiting for?

To make you feel better, the cost of these toiletries that hotels happily replenish daily for us are already factored into the hotel room price which we’ve paid for.

As such, we are definitely welcomed to swipe them off the shelves.

In addition, there are some hotels that offer LUXURY toiletries during your stay.

Source: TripAdvisor

Aesop, anyone? (This is at Capella Singapore, btw.)

If you’re staying at a luxury hotel (many of them are offering great deals now), the chances of you scoring branded toiletries would be high.

Now, besides toiletries, what are some things you can bring home too?

Things like notepads, pens, disposable slippers, and snacks at common areas are usually safe.

However, not everything is meant to be taken.

If you’re intending to bring home bathrobes and towels, I think that might be crossing the line.

As Ross from Friends so eloquently puts across,

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2) Request for Early Check-In and Late Check-Out

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Good times always seem to fly by.

Especially if you’re only booked for a night for your staycation.

So if there’s a possibility of having your staycation slightly extended, GO FOR IT.

One thing that I always do is to request for early check-in or late check-out.

While this definitely subjected to the hotel’s availability, it doesn’t hurt to just try asking.

I’ve managed to score a few early check-ins and late check-outs merely by asking.

If the rooms are available the day before your check-in or after your check-out, most hotels would be happy to extend this privilege.

A few more hours for you to enjoy the facilities or even just lay on the bed thinking about life.


3) Mention Any Special Occasions If They Are Just Around the Corner

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If you’re going on a staycation at a date near to any special occasion, it might be worthy to drop a note to let the hotel know about it.

If you’re lucky, hotels might try to make your stay a little more special, such as sending a sweet little note, or even decorating the room.

Or you might even get your room upgraded. 😉

If you’d like, you could put it across not as a ‘what can we add-on’ in case you’re recommended paid services or meals, but more of an ‘it’ll be wonderful if the hotel could arrange something to make our day more memorable’.

Source: Tenor

4) Check Out All That’s Offered at the Hotel

You might think that you know all that’s offered at the hotel you’re staying, but you might be surprised sometimes.

Always get a list of activities and amenities that are offered by the hotel.

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Sometimes, there are certain amenities that you would have free access to, such as jacuzzis, dry cleaning services or even private tours or classes.

Hotels like The Fullerton Hotel also offer free complimentary transfer services to the CBD.

For families who are going on a staycation, there might also be perks or services catered for kids – such as welcome packages, daily kids activities or kid-friendly amenities to enjoy together.

5) Plan out your Staycation Itinerary

I’m one who likes to potato at a corner and watch the world go by.

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Especially in a comfortable hotel room, it is tempting to not leave the sheets at all.

As a result, you might find yourself spending a good ol’ chunk of your staycation staring at the TV in your room.

To maximise your stay, it might be helpful to plan a staycation schedule.

Something like a school timetable, but a non-boring one. 

After finding out about the available amenities and their opening hours, you can choose to run in the gym in the morning, visit the club lounge in the afternoon, or dip in the pool in the evening.

Spend your time wisely and utilise all that’s offered to you to get your maximum value. 💯👌

6) Treat the Concierge as Your Best Friend

Source: Larkable

It is usually the concierge’s priority to make every guest’s stay a memorable one.

Before check-in, one thing you can ask the concierge is that whether there are any rooms (at your price point) that has a better view, or more closely located to available amenities.

They are also the ones you will contact when you need extra help in any matter, such as getting additional toiletries or changing towels.

If there is anything you might need assistance with, they are the ones who will be there for you.

It is also often noted that an extra effort in acknowledging the staff by their names and being courteous would help in your chances of successful requests.

Always, always be polite during your requests, as this would up your chances in getting your requests fulfilled (and also because nobody owes us anything). 😊

7) Follow up If You Have Issues With Your Stay

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If you did not have the most pleasant stay, be it from noise or cranky appliances in the room, it is possible to feedback to the hotel for such issues.

More often than not, hotels would look into finding ways to improve your situation or work on some form of compensation.

This may come in different forms, such as discounted food vouchers or a credit to your hotel account.

Do note that this is NOT a given by all hotels.

However, do voice out if there is something that has been bothering you during your stay.

For this, I would only do it if it were to REALLY happen, and not lie just to get something out of the hotel. (unlike the free slice of cake, sorry hotels.)

8) Join Free Hotel Loyalty Programmes

Hotel loyalty programmes are often overlooked, but can be very useful especially if you’re someone who likes frequent staycations or travel.

By joining these programmes, you can earn hotel rewards points which might get you entitled to:

  • Complimentary club lounge benefits
  • Dining credits
  • Free hotel stays
  • Guaranteed early check-ins and check-outs
  • Room upgrades
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Hotel loyalty programmes usually exist in tiers, where members get to unlock more benefits as they advance to higher tiers.

The best thing is that most of these memberships are free!

Some popular loyalty programmes would include:

  • Accor Live Limitless
  • Hilton Honors
  • IHG Rewards Club
  • Marriott Bonvoy

These programmes have a large global network, and you would be able to find them at the various countries when you travel.

Given that we still can’t travel now, another way to earn points besides booking your staycation would be by dining at the hotel’s restaurants.

Do note that it would be more worth it to stick to one (or two) of these programmes, given that the benefits would usually start rolling in at higher tiers.

Therefore, you can choose to focus on the one that you would usually frequent.

All in all, the most important thing I’ve learnt when it comes to staycations is to ASK.

Ask for freebies, ask for available services and amenities.

As one of the most overused quotes that’s printed on motivational posters, the next time you are planning to book a staycation, remember:

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