Ultimate Compilation of Hotpot Delivery Promos

Ultimate Compilation of Hotpot Delivery Promos

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Now that the Circuit Breaker Period has been extended till 1 June 2020.

And a lot of F&B establishments are suspending operations.

It’s becoming a REALLY trying period, especially for those of you who live to eat.

SpongeBob Crying Facedown On The Ground And Absorbing His Tears
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I know that some of you might be getting tired of hawker food or food delivery

So how about something that can be shared and will cheer everyone up?


How about some hotpot delivery?

And some hotpot delivery promos for that extra cheer?

TL;DR: Hotpot Delivery and Hotpot Delivery Promos

It’s hard being stuck at home when you’re all about that hotpot life.

If you need a pick-me-up during this Circuit Breaker Period, here are some hotpot delivery options and hotpot delivery promos which you can use!

Hotpot Delivery in SingaporeSelf Pick UpDeliveryDelivery HoursHotpot Equipment RentalMinimum OrderSurchargeContactPromo
Beauty in The PotKinex and Star Vista outletsFrom Kinex and Star Vista outlets11:30am to 9pmNot available during this period$50$10.20
(if min order not met)
Order online

6284 8820 (Kinex)

6262 1692 (Star Vista)
Free delivery with minimum order of $50
Haidilao Hot PotPlace order at nearest branch30 mins to 2 hours
(5km from 313 branch)

Note: indicate the number of diners during checkout at the "Add Remarks" column
11am to 3pm

4pm to 8pm
Not available during this period$98
(if min order not met)
Order online

6509 4111
35% off for self pick up
Hotpot Master1 Enterprise Road, Singapore 629813Book 1 day in advance11am to 8pmAvailable
($10 per piece)
$100 for ala-carte$80
(delivery, collection, setup display with tablecloth, porcelain tableware, hotpot equipment and side stand)

(drop and go delivery)

(delivery to CBD, Sentosa, Jurong Island, and Changi District)

(Fri to Sun)
Order online

6225 0552

9666 4078
23% off Super Value Set for 4 to 6 pax ($98; U.P. $128)
Mr Steamboat-Same-day delivery available (limited slots)12pm to 10pm
(last slot at 8pm)
Available for 50 pax and above
($20 for one set of wok and multi-pot)
$168-Order online

9683 6616

9380 6108
$70 off 4 - 6 Pax Package ($168; U.P. $238)

$70 off 8 - 10 Pax Package ($218; U.P. $288)

Note: free delivery included
Savour Seafood-Good for steamboat and bbq9am to 4pm--$10 delivery
(for orders below $55)
Order online

9119 1993 (David)

6694 5996
Free delivery with minimum order of $55

Free 100ml hand sanitiser with minimum order of $100
The Steamboat SpecialistBlk 15 Woodlands Loop, #04-57, Woodlands East Industry Estate, Singapore 738322Recommend booking at least 2 working days in advance10am to 8pm-$50$10
(if min order not met)
Order online

9824 9948
Free delivery with minimum order of $50
ZairyoNot available during this periodCan place orders 20 days in advanceMon to Fri
10am to 8pm

10am to 5pm
--$10 delivery
(for orders below $100)
Order onlineFree delivery for orders $100 and above

Note: it’s best if you have your own hotpot equipment like hotplates and induction stoves because most of these options are ingredients-only!


Haidilao Hotpot Ingredients and Soup on Table
Source: Haidilao Singapore

When it comes to hotpot, the first name on everyone’s minds is… Haidilao.

And while they can’t come into your home during this period to set up the rented cooker and entertain you with their dancing noodle servers.

You can still get your hotpot fix through their Haidilao delivery service, which is dispatched from their 313 outlet.

The minimum order for delivery is $98.

If you don’t meet the minimum order, you’ll have to contend with an $80 surcharge (ouch).

Haidilao Hotpot Delivery Promo

Alternatively, if you’re one of the few who are lucky enough to live across the road from a Haidilao (FYI: totally possible since there are outlets in heartland malls like Bedok Mall and Century Square).

You can also arrange for a Haidilao Self Pick-up instead.

Best of all? The nice folks at HDL will give you a 35% discount off your final bill when you pay and collect your meal at your chosen Haidilao outlet.

FYI: this promo runs till 4 May 2020.

Beauty in The Pot

Beauty in The Pot Soup and Ingredients
Source: Beauty in The Pot

The name Beauty in The Pot is synonymous with collagen soup.

If you’re craving some of that nourishing beauty collagen goodness (as the wife calls it), you can always order it through their Beauty in The Pot delivery service.

Note: the broths are only available if you order their home delivery sets (which serves 3 to 4 people) and you’ll get the Beauty Collagen and Spicy Nourishing broth (non-changeable).

Beauty in The Pot Hotpot Delivery Promo

The minimum order for delivery is $50 otherwise there’s a $10.20 surcharge.

But if you can meet the minimum order (which isn’t too hard, really) you’ll get to enjoy free delivery islandwide.

HotPot Master

HotPot Master Hotpot Delivery Setup
Source: HotPot Master

The hardest parts about hotpot are buying the ingredients and washing up after you’re done (yes, I’m lazy like that).

If you wish to skip all of that, just order HotPot Master delivery and they’ll take care of everything for $80.

You’ll get the whole she-bang with a tablecloth, porcelain tableware, equipment and side stand.

However, hotpot equipment will have to be rented for $10 apiece (read: not ideal if you’re budget-conscious).

And if you’re thinking about just renting the equipment and don’t need their friendly staff to do the setup for you — because you want to be extra careful during this period.

You’ll still need to pay the $80 delivery fee because they’ll have to deliver AND collect the equipment after you’re done.

HotPot Master Hotpot Delivery Promo

Live alone or just want hotpot when everyone else wants fried chicken?

HotPot Master has an Executive Lunch Set which comes with a personal pot and tableware (starts from $28.80).

FYI: they’ve got vegetarian options too!

But if the whole family’s in the mood for hotpot, they’re offering 23% off their Super Value Set (for 4 to 6 persons) for $98.

Mr Steamboat

Mr Steamboat Hands Holding Ingredients and Hotpot On Table
Source: Mr Steamboat

The great thing about ordering from Mr Steamboat is that it’s really simple.

Just pick a package based on the number of people you’re sharing your hotpot with.

And you just pick whatever you like for one flat rate.

FYI: they don’t provide rental of induction cookers or hotpot equipment for orders under 50 people.

But if you already have your own hotpot set, then Mr Steamboat is your go-to resource for your hotpot needs.

Mr Steamboat Hotpot Delivery Promo

From now till 31 May 2020, you can enjoy $70 off the 4 to 6 Pax Package ($168; U.P. $238) or the 8 to 10 Pax Package ($218; U.P. $288).

Savoury Seafood

Savoury Seafood 6 to 8 Pax Steamboat Bundle
Source: Savoury Seafood

If you haven’t heard of Savoury Seafood, it’s because it’s a well-kept secret that I’m going to reveal today.

They’re a wholesale seafood supplier which also dabbles in steamboat ingredients.

Best of all, they’re pretty affordable.

The 6 to 8 Pax Steamboat Bundle costs $60 and that gives you 10 different ingredients including pork belly, pork collar, prawns, cuttlefish ball, seafood tofu, and even sliced abalone!

Savoury Seafood Hotpot Delivery Promo

They’re offering free delivery for orders above $55.

And a 100ml bottle of hand sanitiser if you spend more than $100.

The Steamboat Specialist

The Steamboat Specialist Ingredients On A Plate
Source: The Steamboat Specialist

Besides the usual steamboat ingredients like assorted yong tau foo, fish balls and Fuzhou balls, which you can order online through The Steamboat Specialist delivery service.

The Steamboat Specialist also offers premium meats at wholesale prices like ribeye ($13 per kg), tomahawk steaks ($40 per piece), and pork jowl ($20 per kg).

The Steamboat Specialist Hotpot Delivery Promo

There’s usually a $10 delivery charge for orders under $80.

But during this Circuit Breaker Period, The Steamboat Specialist is free delivery for a minimum order of $50.


Zairyo Steamboat BBQ Pack Ingredients On Counter
Source: Zairyo

If you’re in the mood for something a little more Japanese.

Maybe you could try ordering some Japanese produce from Zairyo and have your own shabu-shabu party.

The 2 to 4 Pax Steamboat BBQ pack costs $92.

Which works out to be about $23 per person for fishballs with roe, kurobuta pork belly slices, udon, tiger prawns, patin fish slices, squid, clams, and scallops.

And that’s nubbad lah.

Can save this for those “treat yourself” days.

Zairyo Hotpot Delivery Promo

You can enjoy free delivery for orders $100 and above.

Since the 2 to 4 Pax Steamboat BBQ pack costs $92, just add some Japanese desserts.

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