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Li Chun 2021: Best Auspicious Hour To Deposit Money and How To Avoid the Queue!

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Li Chun Starts on 3 February 2021

Known as “the Beginning of Spring”, Li Chun 立春 2021 falls on 3 February this year.

During Li Chun, it is believed that by depositing money into your bank account during a certain auspicious hour assigned to your Chinese Zodiac, you will get to enjoy good fortune for the rest of the year.

In Singapore, we have a culture of queueing to deposit money on Li Chun, which is perfectly in-line with Singaporeans’ favourite hobby of queuing.

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With the pandemic still lurking this Chinese New Year, we recommend that you practise social distancing while queueing at the ATM.

Here’s the best time to deposit money this year!

The Best Time to Deposit Money This Li Chun 2021 According to Your Chinese Zodiac


  • The most auspicious hours to deposit money will be on 4 February 2021, from 9am to 11am. This is for all the zodiacs, except Rat, Ox, Snake and Rooster.
  • Li Chun stretches from 3 February 2021, 10.08pm to be exact.
  • It stretches all the way to 4 February 2021, 9pm.
    Hence, if you need the notes deposit machine for other needs other than for luck, do avoid this timing.

Breaking Down the 2021 Li Chun Timings

For strong believers of Li Chun, who do not have that fitness or will to be queueing for hours just to deposit money, we got your back!

Upon researching the auspicious hours for all the Zodiacs, we managed to recognise some of the peak hours where we believe most people will want to be depositing their money.

Do take into account that there is usually a spike in number for babies born in the year of Dragon. Other Zodiac might wish to avoid timings that coincide with the “Huat” auspicious time slots of those born in the year of Dragon.

Time"Huat" timing for which Zodiac?Total number of Zodiacs in this timing
9pm - 11pm
(3 February 2021)
Tiger, Rabbit, Goat3
11pm - 1am
(4 February 2021)
Ox, Dragon, Monkey3
(Including Dragon)
3am - 5am
(4 February 2021)
Horse, Dog, Pig3
5am - 7am
(4 February 2021)
Goat, Dog and Pig3
7am - 9am
(4 February 2021)
Rat, Monkey and Rooster3
9am - 11am
(4 February 2021)
Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Dog and Pig8
(Most 'Huat' hours)
11am - 1pm
(4 February 2021)
Tiger, Goat, Dog3
1pm - 3pm
(4 February 2021)
Rabbit, Horse and Pig3
3pm - 5pm
(4 February 2021)
Rat, Dragon, Snake3
(Including Dragon)
7pm - 9pm
(4 February 2021)
Tiger, Rabbit, Horse3

We noticed that the Li Chun peak hour or busiest time slot will be on 4 February 2021 from 9am to 11am.

Of course, we do not recommend queueing at the ATM due to the pandemic, hence, we stated a few possible solutions below where you can deposit money at the comfort of your home.

Auspicious Colours for Each Zodiac Sign in the 2021 Year of the Ox

Each Zodiac Sign will also have their auspicious colours which you may consider wearing to deposit your cash.

ZodiacAuspicious Colour
RatBlue, Black, White, Gold
OxBlue, Black
TigerYellow, Brown, Red, Orange
RabbitGreen, Yellow, Brown
DragonGreen, White, Gold
SnakeRed, orange, White, Gold
HorseGreen, Yellow, Brown
GoatRed, Orange
MonkeyBlue, Black, Yellow, brown
RoosterWhite, Gold, Yellow, Brown
DogGreen, Red, Orange
PigBlue, Black, Green

How Much Is an Hour of Your Time Worth?

It is a common sight to see Singaporeans queuing at the cash deposit machines hoping to make it in time to deposit some cash during their auspicious hours.

My personal experience in the past involves up to one and a half hours of queuing.

Note: I’m not really the most superstitious guy around, but it was during office hours with my colleagues. Hence, I’m cool with it. Anything to shave a few hours off work!

Taking a step back, it will be good to pay extra attention to how much is one hour of our time worth to see if it makes sense to queue for the annual Li Chun Cash Deposit Movement.

Assuming an individual:

  • Work 9 hours a day from 9am to 6pm.
    Sleeps 7 hours a day (a healthy amount of sleep according to science)
  • Willing to queue behind 15 people, with an estimated queue time of 1 hour 4 mins for a $100 gift certificate.
  • Willing to pay up to $50 to sort out this mess of arranging these screws into their respecting category.
  • Willing to pay $50 for cab fare to prevent waiting for a bus that is arriving in 2 hours.
  • Earns the median Singaporean salary of about $3,861
  • Willing to work through Chinese New Year with 100% overtime pay.

With the above, your one hour of spare time will be worth $55.

Which means that for every hour you spend queuing, the opportunity cost is $55.

Hacks to Avoid the Queue This Li Chun

Given the advancement in technology, there are definitely ways we can hack around the process and make us queue lesser.

Improving the Current LI Chun Process With E-Wallets

Our current procedure involves:

  • Queuing at the ATM
  • Taking money out of our physical wallet
  • Depositing money into the bank accounts

This process, however, results in long queues at the cash deposit machines and time wastage while queuing:

Source: The New Paper 

With the advancement in technology, and without compromising on the actual mechanism on how money travels:

  • Transfer some money into your E-wallet, eg. PayLah
  • Transfer money from E-wallet back to your bank account or savings account
  • All in the comfort of your home.

What To Do With Your Money From Li Chun?

No idea what to do with your money from Li Chun? Seedly has all the suggestions you need.

You could try investing it through some robo-advisors or some of the best online brokerages:

If you’re keen on just some fuss-free savings, why not pick a good bank savings account or get higher interest rates with some Insurance Savings Plans?


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Still have more questions after reading the article? Fret not, ask our community here!