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How Can You Save Money While Travelling

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Long Weekends In 2019

We are halfway into the year, if you have yet to clear your leave, maybe it is time to plan something out!

To help you with it here’s the remaining long weekend for the year 2019.

Long Weekend 2019

How Can You Save Money While Traveling

Simply because we all need a getaway from work sometimes.

Woke salaryman, save money while traveling

The woke salaryman

Woke Salaryman, Short trips not worth it

Woke Salaryman, use sites like skyscanner to get good prices.

The Woke Salaryman Flyer Miles

Also, arm yourself with the right promo codes and money saving tools when applicable.

The Woke Salaryman fly off-peak

The woke Salaryman, hiking and camping overseas

It’s like working out and holiday all in one. Win-win!

Buk with friends, save on accommodation woke salaryman

More reasons to catch up with your old friends amidst your busy schedule.

Explore Asia Woke salaryman

Supermarket food when overseas Woke Salaryman

Tips and hacks to save on travelling, Woke Salaryman

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