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How Much Does It Cost To Be A "Crazy Rich Asian" For A Few Days?

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” I hate Crazy Rich Asians.”


I was too fast to judge, and it threw whatever judgements I have right out the window, 10 minutes into the movie.

I have never been so wrong about a movie. It was hands down one of the best movies I have ever seen this year.

I went into the theatre not knowing what to expect and left wanting more of it. Singapore is presented really beautifully in the movie, and it is only fair to pass judgement on it after you have watched it.

Without letting the wet blanket of Kevin Kwan’s defaulting on his NS Obligation get in the way of the success he deserves, this article prefers to put a light touch to the movie by combining it with one of Singaporean’s favourite past time, travel.

How Much Will It Cost To Be “Crazy Rich Asian” For A Few Days?

With most of the setting taking place in Asia, here are some insights into the costs, should one look to live like a “Crazy Rich Asian” for a few days.

The Merlion Park

source: hollywoodreporter.com

In one of the scenes, Nick and Rachel met up at Merlion Park to have a serious conversation about their relationship. It is a good place to breathe in Singapore’s skyline and the best part of it is that it does not cost you a single cent.

Cost: FREE

Newton Food Centre

When we talk about Singapore, a feature of our food and hawker centres is a must. When Nick Young (Golding) returns to Singapore from his long stay in the states, he went to Newton Food Centre to satisfy his cravings for Satays, Hokkien Mee, Fried Oyster Omelette, Chilli Crab and many more.

The Newton Food Centre should be no stranger to Singaporeans who are looking to indulge in some sinful local treats once in a while.

Cost: Estimated less than S$20 per pax
BBQ Sambal Stingray – S$12
Fried Oyster Omelette – S$5
Hokkien Mee – S$6
Satay – S$0.60 each
BBQ Chicken Wings – S$1.30 each
Chilli Crab – Depends on Market Price

Four Seasons Resort

Both the bachelor and bachelorette party scenes took place in Langkawi. Langkawi is actually an hour plus flight from Singapore and the return tickets can go as low as S$204, for Singaporeans looking for a short getaway.


Araminta Lee’s bachelorette party scenes were shot at Four Season’s Resort in Langkawi.

Waking up in the morning, swimming in a personal pool and having breakfast on the deck is something the resort has to offer. Depending on the type of room you asked for, the price can range from S$932.28 (US$680) to S$3,071.04 (US$2240) on average per night.

source: Four Seasons

Should one be looking to get on a luxury getaway, why not?

Costs: S$932.28 to S$3,071.04


source: SHOUT

While the movie transforms the whole Chijmes into this whole Rolls Royce filled, jungle-themed fairytale dream wedding, Singaporeans can go to Chijmes any other day.

Simply check out the Happy Hour promotions that are going on at the bars located there, enjoy the architecture over a cold pint of beer.

Costs: Less than S$15
Margarita Specials (Tues) – S$13 (Berlin Bar & Restaurant)
2 Bottles of Asahi Special – S$19++ (Renga-ya)
Draught Beers, House Wines & House Pour Spirits – S$10 (Harry’s till 7pm)

Raffles Hotel

source: Bloomberg

When Nick Young and Rachel Chu have to check in at a hotel in Singapore, I was actually secretly hoping that it will be somewhere more affordable so that I can experience the hotel for myself too. Well, who am I kidding?


The two lovebirds’  home is Singapore is none other than the Presidential Suite of luxury colonial-style Raffles Hotel. While the place is currently undergoing some renovation works, we found out that the usual rate is at S$10,310 per night.

Costs: S$10,310 on average per night



By a stroke of luck, I was having oysters and cocktail at Humpback right before I caught the movie, hence finding this place extremely familiar.

The scene where Rachel and her best friend Peik Lin was catching up over cocktail is located at Bukit Pasoh Road, opposite the Reading Room. The oysters are at S$7 each and cocktails at an average price in Singapore.

Costs: Below S$30
Happy hour (Tuesday 5pm – 7pm): Cocktails at S$19 each and Oysters at S$2 – S$3 each 
Cocktails at S$22 and oysters at S$7 each

Gardens By The Bay

source: Vogue

The scene of the after wedding party of Colin and Amaminta was shot in front of the Supertrees at Gardens by the Bay. On usual days, the venue is free for visitors and makes a really good dating place at night with the ever-changing light of the Supertrees adding on to the romantic ambience.

Costs: FREE



Remember the scene where they threw a party on the top floor of Marina Bay Sands? From the place they were sipping champagne, the infinity pool was just right beside it.

That place is none of other than CÉ LA VI, which is a universally known French phrase that translates into “THIS IS LIFE”.

It is a club lounge in the day and at night, it transforms into a nightclub.

Costs: Entry fee S$20 (redeem 1 drink)

Further reading: An Insight on The Houses Starred In “Crazy Rich Asians”

Two properties featured in the movie caught our attention, and from there, we did a little research. If you have yet to watch the movie, do keep a lookout for them too.

Be-Landa Residence

source: Architectural Record

The house featured in the movie where Eleanor’s bible study group is now the official dream home of many.

It was the brain-child of Kuala Lumpur-based 29 Design, a firm which was co-founded by American architect Stephanie Maignan. One of the main challenges to its construction is that the house is located on a really steep slope (thirty-five degrees). The house belongs to a Dutch family, Jan and Ineke Hofstede.

Cluny Park

source: DestinAsian

The Goh Mansion in the movie is actual property in Singapore. It is a mansion located at Cluny Park. The actual property though is not so much gold-plated.

source: Eliza Thompson

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