How To Save Over $200 On Your Mobile Plan

First up, this article will only be useful if you usually get the latest phones when you re-contract your mobile plan. If you don’t, I’m sorry, but you should probably stop reading here.

Okay. I will now presume you own an iPhone or Samsung S/Note. For the purpose of this article, I will be focusing on the service offered by StarHub. If you’re on SingTel or M1, no worries, as their prices are similar and will work out around the same in the end.

Here’s the thing: many of us sign up for a 2 year postpaid mobile contract because

1) it’s the best deal we know of
2) we’ve been signed on to it for the longest time and it’s convenient.

You see, if you did your research before re-contracting, you’d have found out about this thing called a SIM only plan. Basically, it works like the normal plans except you don’t purchase a phone through the telco. Hence, the name, “SIM Only”. (I’ll teach you how to lay your hands on the iPhone 7 later.) It’s also contract free, though it wouldn’t be much of a benefit to you if you’re planning on living in Singapore for the long term.

Without further ado, let’s move on to the exciting part – the calculations.

Note: I won’t be touching on variables such as local outgoing call minutes because let’s be honest, mobile data trumps call time and SMS limit. Alright, moving on.

  • Assuming you’re on a 4G 3 plan which means you get 3GB worth of monthly data, your plan will cost $42.90/month.
  • Over 24 months, this will accumulate to $1,029.60 ($42.90 x 24).
  • And if you get an iPhone 7 128GB on a 4G 3 plan, the phone itself will cost S$746.

Now add all that up, and you will spend a total of S$1775.60 for a 24 month 4G 3 plan & a brand new sexy 128GB iPhone 7.

That’s a lot of money, isn’t it? Great. Now let’s move on to the calculations for a SIM Only plan. Here are the prices for the SIM only plans.

  • Based on the 4G 3 plan where you will continue to get 3GB of monthly data, your monthly subscription fee will cost $21.45.
  • Over 24 months, this will accumulate to $514.80 ($21.45 x 24).

Alright so, a SIM only plan doesn’t give you a phone. But there are many ways you can lay your hands on one! The obvious one being off the Apple website or one of their official resellers, but there are other cheaper options.

When the iPhone 7 launched, there were many people selling brand new sets on Carousell for more than $100 off the retail price. The reason for this? People who recontracted but didn’t want the phone. Well, there’s where you can get your phone. The retail price of the iPhone 7 128GB when it launched was $1,218, and you could easily find the same unopened sets going on Carousell for about $1,100. So…

  • A brand new iPhone 7 128GB for $1,100

This will bring your total cost for the 2 years to $1614.80 which gives you immediate savings of $160.80!

I know the title says savings of more than $200 but hold up. I earlier mentioned that the SIM only plan is contract-free. Which means you shouldn’t feel obliged to change your phone every 2 years. So if you’re not in urgent need for a new phone, wait for a couple of months for the price of the newly launched phone to drop. This way, you can save more!

Was this hack useful? Share it with your loved ones and friends! If your whole family migrates to the SIM only plan, you can easily save at least $1,000! Just remember to download the Seedly app when you get that new phone 😉

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