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How to Survive a Bad Job Market: A SeedlyTV Special Episode

profileKenneth Fong

2020 has been pretty rough so far.

And the COVID-19 pandemic is just ‘icing’ on this Cake of Doom.

Besides wreaking havoc on the global economy.

It has caused many businesses to shut down.

And many more have laid off staff or have frozen hiring.

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Basically, job prospects across all industries and sectors have been hit really bad.

For fresh graduates — who couldn’t even attend their own graduations — they’ll be graduating into a bad job market.

For those currently stuck in a lousy 9-to-5 with low pay, they’ll find it even harder to find a better job in this COVID-19 strained labour market.

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But hey, it’s NOT the end of the world.


Things will get better.

But until then, we’ve got to find ways to survive in order to win this battle against a bad job market.

From lowering your job and salary expectations.

To accepting short-term contract offers and rejections.

We present…

Winning The Battle Against A Bad Job Market

A special SeedlyTV episode to help you better prepare yourself as a job seeker and increase your chance of securing a job.

During this SeedlyTV episode, we’ll share actionable advice as well as answer job search and career-related questions like:

  • What do job seekers need to know about the current job market?
  • Why is it dangerous if job seekers stay unemployed for too long?
  • What can we do to leave an impression during an interview since virtual job interviews are becoming more common?
  • Will a low starting salary affect your career, especially for fresh grads embarking on their first job?

And many many more.


We’re pretty sure that you’ve got questions of your own.

So feel free to ask your questions now!

And be sure to tune in on Tuesday, 30 June 2020, at 8pm as our guest speakers will answer them LIVE.

Ask your questions now!

Not sure why you should watch this episode of SeedlyTV?


We’re featuring guests speakers who can resonate with your job-search problems and offer real career advice and help.

Here’s a snapshot of who they are.

The Thought Collective

The Thought Collective is a group of social enterprises which aim to create a new generation of socially-minded Singaporeans.

For this SeedlyTV episode, we have Tong Yee (Co-founder, The Thought Collective) who is a sought after public speaker, trainer, and thought leader who shares his insights with various national level committees.

He will be speaking about what fresh graduates need to know about the current job market, how it is changing, and what to watch out for.

If you’re looking to score a job, he’ll also be sharing about how you can stand out amongst the numerous candidates.

And give valuable tips like how to leave an impression during a virtual job interview.


Glints is a career discovery and development platform which has helped over a million young professionals discover their dream careers.

Goh Duo Geng (Special Projects Lead, Glints) will be sharing the macro trends in the APAC and Singapore job market and how does that apply to you in your job search.

(Hint hint: you might have a better shot if you know which industries or businesses are actively looking to hire)

And if you’re a fresh graduate or a mid-career job seeker looking for a job or a job switch right now.

He’ll share more about what you can do to improve your chances during your job search.

Jeraldine Phneah (Seedly Community Member)

Source: jeraldinephneah.com

Jeraldine is a Seedly Community member who contributes actively on the Seedly platform.

She has voiced her opinions on topics like how to build rewarding careers and how to navigate difficult times like this COVID-19 pandemic.

On her personal blog, she has shared job search tips like what are the best job portals in Singapore for millennials and how to optimise your LinkedIn profile.

Discussed sensitive topics like whether it is disadvantageous to graduate from a private university in Singapore.

And how effective is MyCareersFuture — a government initiative to help Singaporeans find jobs smarter — as a job search portal.

Look out for her during our SeedlyTV episode as she’ll be sharing her personal experiences and lessons! 

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Whether you’re a fresh grad, a mid-career jobseeker, or would like to explore your options in the job market (read: because your job sucks).

We’ve included the best career and job search-related content and resources from local personal finance sites and platforms like SG Budget Babe and The Woke Salaryman!

To help you with your job search and to get your career on track!

Sounds good?

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