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How I Turned My Hobby Into a Side Hustle

profileDion Lim

As an undergraduate, the amount in my bank account is constantly dipping.

The burden of having to pay for meals, tuition fees and hostel fees…it all adds up. 

Basically, I am always in deficit.

Unlike most working adults, undergraduates like me don’t have a regular income — apart from my part-time job at Seedly. 

Which leads in to how I turned my hobby into a side hustle. 

How I Turned My Hobby into a Side Hustle

I’ve loved doodling and drawing since young. 

With a strong interest in cartoon art, I ventured into graphic design and digital drawings. I even (tried to) started my own art account. 

 But I’d never considered it as a career before. 

To me, drawing is simply a hobby to relieve stress and spread positivity featuring cute characters and motivational quotes for my friends in school to cheer them on.

Going through a quarter-life crisis last year made me determined to explore the working world even more. 

Though most people thought I was being hardcore by taking on a freelance job on top of my studies, I was pretty insistent on it.

Call me stubborn, but I wanted to learn new things (and earn some quick bucks on the side).

The opportunity came by when my boss asked me if I knew any freelance illustrators. 

I volunteered to try out for the role despite not having prior experience. 

Fast forward two months, here I am producing comic-articles on topics close to my heart.

Just like the one you are reading now.

It’s something I’d never imagined I would do, but am extremely glad I did.

What Are Some Side Hustles Worth Considering?

Whether you’re figuring out what your hobbies are — or are hoping to make a smol sum from doing what you love — here’re some jobs worth considering.

1. Be a GrabHitch Driver

I still remember a conversation with a GrabHitch driver — he mentioned he enjoys driving at night to relieve stress. 

At the same time, he decided to hitch people to earn a quick buck along the way. 

Pro-tip: If you’re a working adult who often drives to work, consider driving a Grab as it can help to cover some of your petrol costs!

I mean, you are going to be travelling a distance to begin with anyways!

2. Sell Hypebeast Shoes/Designer Bags/Clothes

If you’re always on-trend or an avid fashion lover, this might be the side hustle for you!

A common misconception is that people who regularly buy all dem hypebeast shoes, designer bags and high-end clothes are probably broke as heck.

On the contrary, these people can earn up to $50,000 a year! 

I’m not lying; I know of some people who’ve done that. 

Upon buying them, you can even get to wear them for a few days or so (with the tags still attached, if you’re hoping to fetch a higher price), then earn a profit by later reselling these clothes or shoes. 

Note: If you’ve always wanted a Rolex, maybe now’s a good time to buy it. 

3. Be a Freelance Photographer

Having a feed of Instagrammable photos is all the rage now.

Given that smartphones now have almost replaced the DSLR camera, many of us have become professional photographer-wannabes.  

Some of my friends have taken their interest in photography a step further by setting up their photography Instagram accounts to showcase their shots of places, people and even animals!

Whether your friends need a photographer for  graduation or pre-wedding shoots, you can help them while gaining more experience at the same time.

It’s a WIN-WIN. 

So, for those who have a passion in photography, take on the opportunity if it arises! 

4. Start a Baking/Catering Business

Back in secondary school, I was lucky enough to have friends who could bake.

Some of them have since opened small baking businesses, occasionally for 21st birthday parties.

There you go! You don’t always have to just keep giving out your bakes to your friends for free.

5. Be a DJ / Musician

For this, inspiration came from my boss.

He shared that DJ-ing started off as a hobby recreationally but has now become a side career on weekends. 

I’ve also seen many creative artists posting song covers online, including on streaming platforms such as Spotify, which earns them between $0.006 to $0.0084 per stream. #supportlocal

6. Try Freelance Writing

For those who enjoy writing your thoughts on trending topics, consider being a freelance writer for media companies! Who knows, you might just make a successful career out of it…or become the next J.K. Rowling!

7. Get Lean While Being a Fitspo Instructor

If you are a gym or fitspo fanatic, consider being a fitness instructor to earn some side income from it.

Or try being a zumba  or yoga instructor. 

8. Professional Sleeper/ Eater

Well, there’s no free lunch in this world, right?

Freelancing as a Whole

Think about it — if you’re already making an income from your hobby, it’d mitigate some of your expenses, too.

As much as freelancers get to earn some quick cash on the side, they usually aren’t exempt from income tax.

Ultimately, it is possible to turn your passion and hobby into a side hustle — maybe even a career — as long as you enjoy what you’re doing.

About Dion Lim
Busy undergrad by day, an aspiring entrepreneur by night. Fuelled by floorball and doodling, I chomp on bite-size pieces of finance to prep for an adventure that won’t make me yawn.
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