Integrated Shield Plan Rider Comparison

Integrated Shield Plan Rider Comparison: How Can I Cover Myself More?

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Integrated Shield Plan (ISP) covers a big part of your hospital expenses (bills), however, you have to pay the deductibles and co-insurance of your hospital bill first.

Integrated Shield Plan Rider:

  • Plans provided by Insurance Companies
  • Covers deductibles and co-insurance
  • Comes with added benefit (sometimes)

The Breakdown of your Hospital Bill

Hospital Bill consist of Deductilbles, Co-insurance etc.

Your hospital bill can be broken up into three parts, sometimes four:

  1. Deductibles
    You are required to pay the first $3,500* of your hospital bill
  2. Co-insurance
    You are then required to pay the next 10% of your hospital bill
  3. The rest of the bill
    If you have an ISP, this portion will be covered by both Medisave and your private insurer.

It usually ends here, but there will be one more part, if you exceed the insurer’s limit.

  • The amount above Claim Limits

For you to reach the claim limit, your hospital bill would have amounted to at least $1 million in that year.

You can read about the respective claim limits each insurance company has, we have done a comprehensive comparison of the benefits that each ISP offers.

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* According to the ISP for Private Hospital.

In that article, we have looked at ISPs and compared them across 6 insurers, have you noticed that you are exposed to the deductibles and co-insurance?

If you are only covered by the main ISP, here are what you are exposed to:
(meaning the amount you have to fork out from your pocket)

  1. Deductibles (Exposed!)
  2. Co-insurance (Exposed!)
  3. The rest of the bill (Covered)

How can we protect ourselves from the “ceilingless” hospital bills?! Answer: Rider.

Integrated Shield Plan Rider

  • ISP Rider is an add-on to your Integrated Shield Plan
  • Covers your co-insurance and deductibles – well it used to be an ‘as charged’ benefit.
  • Most of the time, on a reimbursement basis (you pay first).

After the recent announcement made by the Ministry of Health in March 2018, any new policy for riders will include a new co-payment feature starting from April 2021.

New Co-payment Feature

  • At least 5% of your hospital bill from your own pockets
  • Capped at $3,000 with conditions set by your insurer

Existing policyholders with ISP rider will still be covered ‘as charged’ for their hospital bill until further notice.

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ISP Riders Offered by Respective Insurers

Covers DeductiblesCovers Co-insuranceCovers Deductibles, Co-insurance, and more
IncomeAssist Rider
(+ Additional Benefits)
-Plus Rider
AIA SingaporeMax Essential A Saver
Covers Deductible*
(+ Additional Benefits)
Max Essential A
Great EasternTotal Health Platinum Select
Covers Deductible*
(+ Additional Benefits)
Total Health Platinum
PrudentialPRUextra Premier Lite
Covers 50% of Deductibles
(+ Additional Benefits)

PRUextra Premier Saver
Deductible: You pay the first $1,000 per policy year
Co-insurance: Covered 5% (Private), 10% (Public)
PRUextra Premier
Aviva-MyHealthPlus Plan 1
AXABasic Care
Covers Co-insurance and Deductibles only
General Care Rider Plan A

*Conditions apply

For this article, we will be looking at these riders:

IncomePlus Rider
AIAMax Essential A
Great EasternTotal Health Platinum
PrudentialPRUextra Premier
AvivaMyHealthPlus Plan 1
AXAGeneral Care Rider Plan A

Benefits of ISP Riders

A quick breakdown of some of the benefits offered:

  • AXA offers personal accident benefits
  • Great Eastern offers income benefits
  • Prudential offers disability benefits
  • Aviva offers dental benefits
  • TCM benefits after offered by Great Eastern, Prudential, and AXA.
  • Prudential offers the highest premium
  • Aviva has the cheapest premium

These are the benefits entails in each of the ISP Rider:

Covers Co-insurance and DeductiblesYYYYYY
(additional bed in hospital for family member)
Emergency Accident Outpatient Treatment-YYY-Y
Post-Hospitalisation Home Nursing-YY---
Post-Hospitalisation Alternative Medicine
(for Cancer and Stroke)
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)--YY-Y
Get Well Benefit
(Income to you)
Confinement in a Hospice --Y---
Purchase Medical/Mobility Aids--YY--
Disability Waiver Benefit---Y--
Extension of Post-hospitalisation treatment & stay in Community Hospital----Y-
Accidental inpatient dental treatment----Y-
Additional Critical Illness Benefit----Y -
Covers Fractures, Dislocations and Sports Injuries
Coverage for Dengue, Hand Foot Mouth, Food Poisoning
Planned Overseas Medical Treatment-----Y
Premium (Annually)
Ages 21-30428396502573-610124415
Ages 31-40559-567441604619-698129458

Welllllllll, that’s a lot of different benefits…

Ultimately, they seem to even out – for the parts the insurer lacks, they tend to offer something else in return.

When the riders are bundled up with the main ISP, the riders sometimes top up the existing coverage the ISP has.

  • For example, Aviva extends their post-hospitalisation benefit coverage which makes them as competitive.

But let’s not get overwhelmed by the immense benefits they are offering, the main functionalities of an ISP rider that we should be looking at are:

  • To cover the deductibles and co-insurance

Everything else should be a bonus, having more benefits increases the premiums as well, let’s look at Great Eastern and Prudential, they do offer many different benefits in their rider but this leads to their premiums being the highest.

I Don’t Need These Extra Benefits

These are the riders that you should be looking at:

Covers DeductiblesCovers Co-insurancePremiums (S$)
IncomeAssist Rider
(+ Additional Benefits)
-Ages 21-30262
Ages 31-40273-303
AIA SingaporeMax Essential A Saver
Covers Deductible*
(+ Additional Benefits)
Ages 21-30205
Ages 31-40215
Great EasternTotal Health Platinum Select
Covers Deductible*
(+ Additional Benefits)
Ages 21-30227
Ages 31-40260
PrudentialPRUextra Premier Saver
Deductible: You pay the first $1,000 per policy year
Co-insurance: Covered 5% (Private), 10% (Public)
Ages 21-30395
Ages 31-40447
AXABasic Care
Covers Co-insurance and Deductibles only
Ages 21-30322
Ages 31-40

*Conditions apply.

There are conditions set by the insurer for you to fulfill before they cover you, some of these conditions are but not limited to:

  • AIA: Using their insurer’s panel of providers
  • Prudential: Paying the first S$ X first
  • Great Eastern: Getting a pre-authorisation

The plan offers for AXA that offers coverage for deductibles and co-insurance only, although it is not the cheapest, it is very straightforward.

Premium Discounts

Different insurers offer different discount schemes that help reduce your premium, but I did not include in this post at all because I feel they should be an added bonus instead of a driving factor. If you are interested, you can look at their respective website or ask your Financial Advisor for more information!

It was very difficult to compare them to each other as some insurers offer more benefits compared to others. But I have tried my best to break it down for you.

Before you commit to any plan, do check with your trusted Financial Advisor as well. If you do not have a trusted Financial Advisor, speak to everyone possible till you find someone you can trust. We have an open community for you to get your questions answered and to hear from different perspectives as well.

I’ll see you in the next one, till then!

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