Investment Blogger Miss Niao Shares Her Portfolio And Money Advice For Young Working Adults

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The Best Time To Grow A Tree Was Twenty Years Ago. The Second Best Time Is Now.

Despite being a young 27 years old, Miss Niao addresses interesting issues such as “How it feels like to date someone frugal” and “Tips for young investors”.

There is no good time to start your investment journey other than now!

What Percentage Of Your Monthly Income Do You Invest?

It depends. I do not invest every month but accumulate the savings over a few months before buying a stock usually. As of now, as I am quite aggressively investing about 50% to 60% of my monthly income. In terms of my entire net worth, it is only 15-20% now but I am slowly increasing it since I just started investing this year.

What Are Some Of The Areas You Look Out For When Choosing The Right Instrument To Invest In?

Definitely expense ratio and the trading costs. I always minimize my cost for every investment that I make.
Having recently done an analysis on my Investment Linked Policy and cancelling it, I appreciate how fees can eat into your profits significantly.


Can You Share With Us A Quick Overview Of Your Portfolio?

Right now, Nikko AM STI ETF takes up about 28%, 45% in REITs (First REIT, AA REIT, Starhill REIT), and the rest of the portfolio is split equally between Keong Hong and ComfortDelgro. You can get more information and the exact figures from my portfolio here

As I am an advocate of value investing at the moment and also a declared Best Friend Forever (BFF) of Warren Buffett ( according to my BF, I watched almost all his YouTube videos). I mainly follow what he preaches.
1) Low P/E, P/B ratios
2) Decent dividend yield
3) Wide Moat
4) Stay with your circle of competence
5) Good margins (usually with low capital companies, but it depends)
6) Calculated risk and margin of safety.
Unfortunately, I do not believe that I have the numbers right now to prove that what I’m doing is working. So do take whatever I say with a pinch of salt.

Any Advice For Singaporeans Who Are Just Getting Started On Their Investment Journey?

Be humble, stay patient and be in control your emotions. I think that there are many ways to make money, but only a few ways to lose it, so don’t make hasty decisions and do calculate your risks. Oh and don’t forget, read Miss Niao if you can! :p

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